Canvass report of Maricopa County’s election is out and it is, indeed, SHOCKING

Original article. Why you can’t depend on azcentral. What is laughable in this hit piece is to consider this journalism! Or, perhaps they left out the part about projections because they don’t understand the concept. Either way the reporting is at a minimum worthless, but more probably intentionally deceptive. They also falsely reported on the 3-volume Audit Report of Fraud in the 2020 election. See a pattern here?

Opinion: The conclusions of a canvass of Maricopa County voters are laughably ridiculous. So, naturally, the unhinged wing of the GOP calls it evidence that the election should be decertified.

Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic
Published 10:04 a.m. MT Sept. 9, 2021 | Updated 9:48 a.m. MT Sept. 14, 2021

James Knox and Liz Harris address volunteers in Queen Creek on Aug. 28, 2021.
James Knox and Liz Harris address volunteers in Queen Creek on Aug 28, 2021. Ray Stern/The Republic

Well, the so-called evidence from a door-to-door canvass of Maricopa County voters is in and the conspiracy crowd is abuzz with excitement.

“173,104 Lost Votes,” the canvass report proclaims, in bold, red letters.

“96,389 Ghost Votes.”

This, after talking to not even 5,000 voters.


This canvass isn’t part of the Senate’s long-awaited, thus-far unproduced audit. It was conducted by Liz Harris, a Realtor and unsuccessful Republican legislative candidate who decided to launch her own “Voter Integrity Project” last December, assembling volunteers to knock on doors.

Her SHOCKING conclusions – hey, that’s the way the far-right gossip rags are portraying it – were enough to prompt a Republican legislator who is hoping to become Arizona’s next secretary of state to call for decertifying Arizona’s 2020 election.

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