CAPITOL PUNISHMENT, the documentary of the truth of Jan 6. Everything They Told You Is A Lie.

Original webpage.  You can purchase and watch the movie on that original webpage.  It is worth paying to watch this documentary tonight while the Communists put on their Sham Show.  Nick Searcy’s Documentary shows the truth.  To the Demos and RINOs this is just another hoax to keep President Trump out of office, no worse than stealing the 2020 Election.

The movie trailer follows:

A fantastic discussion revealing many more facts and points in this Nick Searcy interview. He gets into other movies he has done, especially on abortion. He also helps some of the victims of the Jan 6 hoax. The interview begins about 3:37.

These brave people who stood up to tell the truth for this movie are being persecuted, some VERY severely, because of their patriotic stand. Folks, if we allow them to intimidate us, they are winning. These are “the faithful who are preserving our Republic.” Civil Disobedience – Disobedience to Tyrants and obedience to God. To all the politicians pushing this hoax, they are just as guilty as the jailors torturing the victims in the DC Gulag. We are called to pray for them too. I pray that they repent and seek God’s forgiveness before it is too late. The Righteous Judge is The One to whom they will answer. Dt 32:35, Rom 12:19 & Heb 10:30. When the Bible repeats something three times, you can be absolutely certain of it.

Mike Huckabee interviews are always interesting and this one has more details. “There were probably 2 Million people there.”

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