“Carries Just as Much Legal Weight as a Letter Written in Magic Marker by Bozo the Clown” – Liberal Writer Shreds Jan 6 Committee “Referral” on President Trump

Original article. Agreed!! They just forgot to wear the clown noses.
By Joe Hoft
Published December 20, 2022 at 3:45 pm 447 Comments

Liberal writer Michael Tracey called out the Jan 6 Committee’s “criminal referral” saying it’s a joke.   

We all knew this for some time.  The Jan 6 Committee wasn’t created according to the Constitution or House agreement.  Nancy Pelosi who was involved in the actions on Jan 6 at the US Capitol created the committee herself.  Republicans appointed to the committee were ignored so Pelosi picked her own “Republicans” – Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

Cheney was destroyed in her recent attempt to run for reelection in what was reportedly the worst defeat for a sitting member in Congress in history.  Kinzinger was a bit smarter and did not run.

The Jan 6 Committee ignored why 1 million people showed up in Washington DC that day.  They ignored the fact that Pelosi refused to bring in troops to protect the Capitol ahead of time even though President Trump requested troops to be on hand.

The committee ignored the crimes committed against Trump supporters that day.  The committee also ignored the four Trump supporters who died that day.

The committee never dug into the corrupt uncertifiable election.  They ignored all of that.

They also ignored President Trump’s calls to go peacefully and the many Feds who were there that day.  Ray Epps was never even brought in.

But yesterday, the Jan 6 committee released something they called a criminal referral.

One liberal was clear to point out what this really was – it was a clown show that created a document that they hoped would get people excited.

Michael Tracey shared on Twitter:

What’s being called a “criminal referral” by the Jan 6 committee carries just as much legal weight as a letter written in magic marker by Bozo the Clown. Has no basis at all in any statute or House rule, they just put out a Word document and made up a serious-sounding name for it.

They didn’t even attempt to invoke the one statutory authority they do potentially have at their disposal, the criminal contempt statute (2 USC § 194). So they just wrote their equivalent of a long Substack screed, and hoped the phrase “criminal referral” would get people excited

Here are his tweets:

This proves again that it’s hard to make something respectable out of a clown show.  Jokes are usually all you get. 

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