Democrats SCREAM AND WAIL Like Demons After News Breaks that SCOTUS Is Tossing Roe v Wade

Original article.  Try to imagine the mindset that demands the law support killing of the most innocent and defenseless human beings that God gives us.  I can not comprehend that!  However, that certainly puts anything else they do into proper perspective.  In addition to the Demonic screams, consider what they are saying in the last video: “Abortion is healthcare.”  How twisted a mind to you have to have to consider killing a human being as “caring” for that human being’s health.
By Jim Hoft
Published May 2, 2022 at 10:29 pm  1096 Comments


The US Supreme Court reportedly voted to END Roe v Wade in a DRAFT OPINION by Justice Samuel Alito according to a report leaked to Politico this evening.

The draft opinion was leaked to the press – something that is very unusual.

This ought to be quite the insurrection in the coming days.

So will the FBI set up these leftist protesters too?

More screaming.

** End **