EXCLUSIVE: David Lara Explains The “Playbook” of Ballot Traffickers In Arizona After Discovering Ballot Mules In San Luis, AZ

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Watch “2000 Mules” the investigation into the 2020 ballot trafficking conspiracy.

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The Gateway Pundit recently spoke to David Lara, an Arizona citizen who discovered a ballot trafficking “cartel” in his local community of San Luis.

We previously reported that the Arizona Attorney General received this evidence before the 2020 General Election, but he did nothing about it. RINO Mark Brnovich waited until now to investigate the stolen 2020 Election.

Court documents show that Alma Yadira Juarez, who pleaded guilty to casting ballots given to her by Guillermina Fuentes, was interviewed by prosecutors on August 6th, 2020, two months before the General Election.

Guillermina Fuentes was indicted for obtaining and voting on another person’s early ballot and forging signatures on early ballot affidavits. Alma Yadira Juarez was one of her mules.

This case of voter fraud proves that there is a coordinated criminal operation and that systematic voter fraud is real. “That’s how big this case is. Because it’s not just the voter fraud, it’s how it’s done,” said David Lara. 

In the interview with Lara, he detailed his findings on the Yuma County ballot trafficking ring and the challenges he faced from RINO Republicans, including John McCain. Lara has been investigating this issue for over 20 years!

The RINOs allowed the 2020 election to be stolen and tried to thwart America First Republicans from investigating the fraud.

Lara also explains how RINO-funded nonprofits helped to traffick ballots.

David Lara: Now, what I realized in the ballot harvesting or ballot trafficking, it went back to a case in Arizona, which is Clyde Cuming v. Tony Reyes. Clyde Cuming was the supervisor for this part of the county at that time. Tony Reyes was the Democrat trying to unseat Clyde Cuming. Tony Reyes lost by 30 votes. He challenged, Tony Reyes challenged the election in the superior court here in Yuma county. And then he lost, and then he appealed it and took it all the way up to the Supreme Court. In the lawsuit, it specified that the signatures in the absentee ballots or the mail-in ballots were questionable and that the county recorder did not have the resources to verify that many ballots that fast. At that time, it was a small amount, but that caused a special election, which was two years after that. So the case in 1997, which is a state case, that’s where it actually started because then the ballot harvesters, and it started with Tony Reyes because he’s the one that challenged it, who is the current chairman of the board of supervisors in Yuma County. He’s a Democrat. When he saw the flaws in the systems and how weak it was, then from that point on in San Luis, all of the elections, or I should say most of the elections have been decided by the ballot traffickers or harvesters, and it was ground zero. Now, you can see exactly the playbook. The exact same thing that happened in the swing states in 2020, when the election was stolen from Trump, is the avalanche of mail-in ballots that kicked in at midnight or somewhere around one o’clock in the morning. This is something that has always been done in San Luis, or South County, which is also Somerton and Gadsden.

The reason they do that is the harvesters, after they gather hundreds or 1000s of ballots, they hold on to them. On election day, in the morning, they start to slowly trickle them in. And you have to remember they have a lot of people. So you have 20, 30 people, and they’re trickling in 20, 30, 5 here, and there, and so forth. Then they wait until the last hour or two, and then that’s when they unload the rest of them. The reason they do that is so that the county recorder will get flooded with an avalanche of ballots. Then they’re under the clock to verify 1000s of votes. It is impossible to verify that many signatures that fast in that short of a time. This is the way it’s always done. I mean, it’s well thought out. I mean, the system is perfect.

I’ve always said, and we go back to the defunct ACORN nonprofit, which is the nonprofits, the only way that Trump lost. I think he didn’t lose it was stolen. How can you harvest that many ballots? How can you move them? So many ballots that fast? That’s through nonprofits. Nonprofits that are in low income communities and these are nonprofits that are supposed to be there to help low income communities. But in reality, most directors and I shouldn’t say all them because there are some good nonprofits out there. But the vast majority in low income communities are controlled by what I called warlords, and I say warlords because it’s to benefit them to remain in control of their community. And the only people that can replace these warlords are family members or close associates when they retire. So the nonprofits who actually take advantage of the people they claimed to help and protect are actually the ones who are taking advantage in Hispanic communities and I’m pretty sure in African American communities or any other minority or low income community.

My biggest surprise was when I came up with what I had, and I was proving to the party to the leadership to the party, what I was finding and what was happening, they just looked the other way. It was surprising; they were upset, they were angry. They put up the biggest resistance, and they did not want to help. They told me that’s the way it is. That’s how it works. And what are you going to do about it? I got zero help from the Republican Party.

I was able to bring Ken Bennett to San Luis, and he came down. I explained the situation with the ballot harvesting and what was happening, and he was able to bring in the Department of Justice. Well, the Department of Justice in 2010, and I think pretty similarly now, is really an extension of the Democrat party. Now, the Department of Justice, when the investigators were here, and I explained to him if you are going to knock on doors and you’re going to ask people if this is their signature because that’s one of the things they wanted to do Two things are going to happen. They’re gonna lie to you out of fear, or two the signature is going to be valid, but the problem is that these people that are taken advantage of hand over a blank ballot. In other words, it’s not filled out. They sign it and give it to the ballot harvesters or traffickers, blank. That’s why those ballots are always filled out, straight-ticket, Democrat. Very, very seldom Republican. So that was one of the things that was just so, so disappointing. Now when the Department of Justice came down to San Luis, the first day, within hours of them knocking on doors. There was a flyer that was passed out. It’s in Spanish. And that flyer tells the community, and this is all through San Luis, was spread out, and it explains to the community that they do not have to cooperate with the Department of Justice. They don’t have to open the door. They don’t have to answer questions. They do not have to answer anything. And this was spread out within hours. So I pulled the PAC to see who was financing this particular PAC. It’s Republicans, so Republicans finance this pack, telling the community not to cooperate with the investigation of the Justice Department. This is in 2010. And this is public information. Anybody can pull it up in the county.

Flyer from Vota Libre PAC
Vota Libre PAC Republican donors

I was riding in the backseat with a [McCain] staffer and I had a file. I had a file of evidence and proof regarding this nonprofit I’m talking to you about in San Luis. I was riding with the staffer, John McCain was riding in the front seat and I was in the back. And I told his staffer here’s the envelope or the file, look at it and give it to John McCain. I’ll call you in a couple of days. Well, a few days later when we did speak, he told me specifically, “Oh, it’s regarding Tony Reyes. He’s not going to touch him. He doesn’t want anything to do and he’s not going to do anything,” and he didn’t. Just to give you an idea of how far up the corruption will go. I mean, this is all the way up to DC the RNC

Guillermina Fuentes’s next court appearance is May 12. So either she pleads, or it goes to trial. The difference between this case and any other case that I have seen nationwide, or for 22 years that I’ve been involved, and all the voter fraud cases, it’s always one person that they voted for their dead loved one or their neighbor. And it’s just basically an amateur committing fraud. This is the only case that demonstrates exactly how deep it goes, how it’s done. How many people it involves and how far up the Democrat Party it actually moves. So this is the inner workings of the ballot harvesting or trafficking and how it’s done. That’s why this is the only case. And as the investigator from the Attorney General told me in the beginning, because I did threaten them that if they didn’t do something, all the information, all the evidence was going to go online. And I remember his words very clearly. He said, “please don’t, please don’t. This is a once-in-a-lifetime case. It is so difficult to prove voter fraud. And this is the only time that we will be able to prove it because it’s so difficult, and it is once in a lifetime.” That’s how big this case is. Because it’s not just the voter fraud, it’s how it’s done.

Gregg Phillips called me, and we talked on the phone, and he actually flew, and he came down to two San Luis and met with Gary Snyder and myself. And of course, he wanted to make sure I was legit, and also Gary Snyder, we were for real. After we explained, or I explained my 22 years of what I’d been through and stories and just basically what I just mentioned right now, and some other evidence, then we showed them on the phone, the videos and pictures, and his reaction was he went through the roof when he saw it. And that’s when he called Catherine Engelbrecht, and he said yeah, that these people are for real. It’s true. Since that day until now, we have been in touch, and they have called me asking me different things, how it works. Just a little bit more precise information on how it’s done. And they actually came down to San Luis, and they actually videoed some people, they interviewed me, and we’re actually waiting for the movie to come out. I think the movie 2000 Mules will also prove not only what I’ve been saying but also it will demonstrate in the swing states what has happened and how the theft was committed and how big it is.

The only thing that I would like to share is that all of this could have been prevented. One, Mark Brnovich could have actually made some arrests because we’re talking class four and five felonies. So he could have made some arrests right after the primary, and he could have stopped the theft in Arizona. I strongly believe that. Two, the Maricopa Board of Supervisors could have also stopped. They have not cooperated.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich mentioned these same signature verification issues in his 2020 election interim report, where a massive influx of election day mail-in ballots and “late earlies” crept through the signature verification process. Brnovich reported “problematic systemwide issues that relate to early ballot handling and verification” in Maricopa County.

Due to the massive amount of late mail-in ballots in the 2020 election, the limited training of elections workers, and time restrictions, the AG’s office determined that in Maricopa County alone, 206,648 early ballot signatures were verified on November 4, 2020, with an average time of 4.6 seconds per signature.

Brnovich stated that individuals would be prosecuted for 2020 election crimes, but he failed to mention anything about the Arizona ballot cartel. Dinesh D’Souza’s upcoming documentary, 2000 Mules, will expose this election-changing evidence.

This evidence was presented to Mark Brnovich in August 2020. Why did Mark Brnovich wait until now?

Contact Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to demand immediate arrests and decertification of the fraudulent 2020 election.

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