EXCLUSIVE: Elderly Vietnam Vet and Biden Political Prisoner BEGS FOR HIS FREEDOM and Help! MUST READ LETTER with VIDEO!

Original article.  On Veterans Day, it is appropriate to learn what Demos think of our veterans.  Power is so important to them that they will treat our veterans this way just to intimidate and hopefully silence these and other other patriots who dare to speak the truth or seek the American Way of government.  In addition to restoring Election Integrity, these crimes against our patriots and citizens must also be stopped!!  There are two letters and three videos in this post.  Please make your voice heard to our elected officials and your friends.  Spread the word.
By Cara Castronuova
Published November 11, 2021 at 8:00 am  1196 Comments


Retired Army Sargeant, Vietnam Veteran and January 6th detainee appeared on “Greg Kelly Reports” last night. 

71 year-old Army vet still in jail over Jan 6 speaks out to Greg Kelly

Coffman sent us an exclusive letter from prison detailing his January 6th journey and his horrific experience in DC Jail where he is being held unconstitutionally with no bond. 

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EXCLUSIVE: Elderly Vietnam Vet and Biden Political Prisoner BEGS FOR HIS FREEDOM and Help! MUST READ LETTER with VIDEO!

By Cara Castronuova
Published November 11, 2021 at 8:00am
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Retired Army Sargeant, Vietnam Veteran and January 6th detainee appeared on “Greg Kelly Reports” last night. https://www.youtube.com/embed/_Yqg9EGaTLY

Coffman sent us an exclusive letter from prison detailing his January 6th journey and his horrific experience in DC Jail where he is being held unconstitutionally with no bond. 

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The 71 year old pleaded for America’s help for himself and the other prisoners in DC Jail, saying to the audience, “We are not domestic terrorists like they are saying, we are patriots and we love America. We need your support.”

When Kelly asked him the first thing he would do when he got out of jail Coffman said- “I’m gonna get me a Mountain Dew and a smoke.”

You can find Lonnie’s crowd sourcing page here.

January 6th Prisoner Lonnie Coffman before his imprisonment at DC Jail.

See Coffman’s letter below:

To all my fellow Americans in God’s beautiful world out there,

On January 6, 2021 I was arrested and taken first to this place I can only describe as a dungeon. But Websters definition does not do it justice. It says, “A dark cell for prisoners”. That is just a start. Its dark alright. With 2 people in a cell about 5×7 with a commode, no sink, no water, and no toilet paper. If you needed a drink you had to get the guards attention and at his pleasure, he would bring you a 6oz cup of water. If you needed to poop you had to call the guard and ask for toilet paper. The guard would take a roll of toilet paper and depending on the roll size, he would roll off maybe 5 or 6 loops and he would leave. If that wasn’t enough, you had to call him back for more. The food, if you were there long enough so they felt they had to feed you, was a cold dry sandwich. The bed was a flat piece of sheet metal with no mattress or bedding of any kind. It was rather dark and the entire place was infested with huge cockroaches. I am a citizen. I am a veteran. I am a patriot. The cockroaches have infested this place so bad that at night you would feel them crawling all over you.

Luckily, I only had to spend one night there. The next day they moved me to the DC jail. Well, at least here I have a cheap plastic mattress with no bedding. I had toilet paper but I could not flush the commode. They had put me in the mental ward, and even though I am not a mental patient I must be treated like one. The mental patients would put anything in the commode to stop it up and then flush it over and over until the whole place flooded. They had put me here for their stupid 2 week quarantine. I had to use my toothbrush handle to eat with while I was here. The guards were so used to just tuning out these nuts and that was how they treated me. They almost drove me crazy because they were treating me as if I was. For 2 weeks I could not even call my family to let them know I had been arrested. Finally, I was moved out of quarantine and in here with the rest of the Jan 6ers on 23 hour/day solitary confinement, but the fun for me wasn’t over. Now I had to try to get these people to get my medication. After being off my medication for 2 weeks, I was suffering from withdrawal in some serious ways. I was taking oxycodone 15 mg four times a day, and I was being treated for depression with symbalta 60 mg a day before I was arrested. I had to get this medicine back in my system.

I spoke to a psychiatrist here and she asked me if I had ever considered suicide, and I simply said yes. Well, here we go again! The psychiatrist said protocol here is that I must be put on suicide watch for a few days. How insane can these people be? So I am traumatized again. I beg the doctor not to lock me away. Instead of doing things to make me better they are pushing me towards suicide. So for about 3 days I am put in this cell that hasn’t been cleaned after the last occupant left. There is food on the floor and food on the walls. There is only one thing in the cell, an awkward looking bed with no cover. I had to remove every stitch of clothing and put on this big heavy robe, no underwear, naked as a jaybird, and a guard at the door to watch me to make sure I didn’t figure out some way to kill myself.

After the 3 days was over, which seemed like 3 weeks, I am returned to my home unit for 23 hour/day lockdown. So now I am thinking that maybe I will get a break from all the stress and anxiety, but no. Because of the lack of a proper diet and the inability to keep myself clean due to the lockdown, it appears that I may have contracted serious skin conditions and jock itch. While these things can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, they are things I know I can deal with once I get my freedom. The food I am being forced to eat is not what I need to keep my immune system at a high enough level to resist virus and pneumonia which tend to kill elderly at a fairly high rate. The cost to the taxpayer is very high for each inmate, and is very adequate to pay for 3 meals a day that are much, much better than we receive. The greed of these contractors is the issue. All we ask is to be treated as humans. Lonnie Coffman 376190

You can help Lonnie with his legal and personal costs here.

Lonnie Coffman’s current mugshot and stats during his unconstitutional detention at DC Jail.

Coffman enjoyed writing us a letter so much that he sent a second shortly after:

Letter #2

To all my friends again out there in Gods beautiful world, my name is Lonnie Coffman, I am 71 years old, and I am being held in the DC jail after being arrested on January 6. I was supposed to go to court yesterday and as the minutes and hours passed by and no escort guard came to take me out of my cell and to court, I began to feel very low and depressed to the point of total surrender. At that point you are ready to end it all, if you only had an easy and painless way to do it. Then I found out that things were not near as bad as I first thought. The problem was a very minor one, even though I had sat there all day letting the possible problems grow inside my head. The problem was just some missing paperwork that had not been received from the court in Alabama. My court for 9/29/21 was rescheduled for 10/26/21.

One of my charges was for weapons without permits. My court being canceled just may be a blessing because today is September 30 and today the DC district court just struck down the unconstitutional gun laws. I don’t know how much it might help me, but it has to be good. Give God the glory, for he blesses us in many ways.

I want to take those who may read this back to my past. I was born at home way back in 1950. My birth was never recorded, so I never had a Birth Certificate. I was the 6th of 9 children. There were 6 girls and 3 boys.

When I was 17 I lied about my age to join the Army. When I joined the military I was being paid $90 a month. That was somewhat of a pay cut because when I was working on farms I was making 50¢ per hour, 10 hours a day. There was no such thing as overtime. No such thing as overtime in the Army either. My…things sure have changed. I was in the Army almost 9 years. I served one year in Vietnam. I swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. I say this to all veterans, we have failed miserably. The Constitution must be reborn. The United States must be reborn. If not, then this great country is lost. And like all great things of the past will be lost to the evils we all know, sex, money, power, because these are what corruption feed off of. My dear and precious friends, the Devil is laughing at us for he seeks to destroy what God loves, and God loves us.

Back to the present now and my current situation. When I came to DC on January 6 I had no idea that the cops would find any reason to seek entry into my vehicle. I parked in an area I had never parked in before. Unknowingly, I was parked right by the DNC office building. This was quite a ways, about 12 blocks from the Washington Monument which is where the rally was to be held. When I found out how far I was from the rally point, I should have went back and moved my vehicle closer, but alas, I did not. After I spent a fair amount of time at the rally, I started back to my vehicle.

On my way back, I stopped at this very small, but lovely little church building. I was only there for a couple of minutes. Little did I know at the time, but that couple of minutes had just cost me 9 months and still counting. So, I left the little church and headed on to my truck. I walked on for about 15 minutes and there was my truck, about 50 yards ahead. All I had to do was cross the intersection and walk another 120 ft, but just before I got to the intersection a police cruiser with lights and siren on came flying from out of nowhere and blocked the intersection, and would not allow vehicles or pedestrians to go any farther. I could see my truck but I couldn’t get to it. I thought to myself, there is only one officer so maybe I could walk by her but I decided not to try.

I started asking some of the other people what was going on and someone said a bomb threat had been called in to the DNC building so they had sealed off the building and my truck. If only I had not stopped to rest at that lovely little church, I would be in my truck and on my way home. I knew there were a few items in my vehicle that the police might have problems with me carrying, but I didn’t think the items were of great concern (wrong). Anyway, I decided to just wait till they cleared the bomb threat.

I met this young Hispanic lady who was in the same situation as me. While we were both waiting we decided to get something to eat. It was very cold and windy and neither of us was very knowledgeable about where to go to get food and warmth. I am now putting this appeal out: If you are the young lady who befriended me in my time of need, please contact me. You were a true friend. You had a phone that could tell us where to find food, all I had was a flip phone. I sincerely hope that you being with me did not cause you any trouble. Also, you knew how to travel on a subway. I am the one who had never rode on a subway before. I believe you said you were from Virginia. I have been through so much since January 6 that you might not remember my name. The following is my address, please write. Even if you don’t write, I want to let you know that you were a great friend when I needed one. In love of a friend, Lonnie

Lonnie Coffman (376190) CTF 1901 E St SE Washington, DC 20003

You can help Lonnie with his legal and personal costs here.

Coffman before detainment at DC Jail.

According to those close to Coffman, his truck was searched on January 6th by police in a roundup of vehicles in the vicinity of the mysterious pipe bomb that was found at the Democratic National Committee. “They found guns and rifles in his backseat,” said his friend Jonathan Mellis. “Guns he always keeps in there and jars of gasoline that were years old. He’s from the backwoods of Alabama, this is normal there.” 

According to Mellis, the government is overcharging his friend who has a public defender and desperately wants to get out of DC Jail and back to his regular medical care at the Veterans Hospital. 

According to Coffman’s Indictment papers,

“On or about January 6, 2021, within the District of Columbia, the defendant LONNIE LEROY COFFMAN knowingly possessed a firearm, namely a destructive device, that is, eleven Molotov cocktails and any combination of parts designed and intended for use in converting any device into a Molotov cocktail, not registered to him in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record.”

“It is absurd what they will concoct,” said Mellis. “This poor man. It was jars of old gasoline he kept in his truck from home and they are calling it Malotov cocktails! It’s so wrong. Lonnie is the sweetest old man you would ever hope meet, he would not or could not hurt a fly. If you met this gentle old man you would fall in love with him. We call him Pops in here, he is life a grandfather to us and we look after him. What they are doing to this man is terrible, somebody has to save him. If he is in here for even a few more years that is a life sentence for this poor man.”

Listen to his fellow inmate Jonathan Mellis’ account of Lonnie Coffman’s case and accusations direct from DC Jail:

It is interesting to note that no suspect was ever apprehended relating to the alleged planting of the DNC or the RNC pipe bombs on January 5th that granted police the permission to search all of the vehicles in the vicinity on January 6th with no warrants. 

“How is it possible that the FBI has not been able to locate somebody who planted bombs on January 5th but hundreds of non-violent men and women have since been persecuted by the FBI for the January 6th protest, some of them just for walking on Capitol Grounds?” asked Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “Some suspect the pipe bombs were planted for other nefarious reasons- possibly to incriminate Trump supporters and give the government an excuse to send police resources somewhere other than the Capitol Building that day.”

According to an article on NPR,

While the suspect’s motive is unknown, former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund testified before Congress that he believes that the devices were planted as a possible diversion ahead of the events the following day. “We were dealing with two pipe bombs that were specifically set right off the edge of our perimeter to, what I suspect, draw resources away,” he said in a congressional hearing. “I think there was a significant coordination with this attack.”

The FBI has since admitted no one group or person conspired to “coordinate” January 6th, so exactly who is this U.S. Capitol Police Officer referring to under oath in his statement? By the FBI’s own admission, it certainly was not Trump supporters or any protesters there that day.

The mysterious pipe bomber is only person who had any premeditated deadly intent on January 6th and yet that person still remains at large during the biggest manhunt of United States Citizens by the government in history.

“Please help us and share our story,” said Coffman. “We all need the America people to know we are not the things we have been labeled since January 6th. We are not terrorists, we are not insurrectionists…none of those things… we are Patriots and we love our country- we even sing the national anthem every night at nine o’clock and we just need the American people to know that is the truth of the matter. And we need the American people to support us.”

Listen to Lonnie and the DC January 6th Detainees sing “The Star Spangled Banner” just last night here:

You can find Lonnie’s crowd sourcing page here.

Lonnie Coffman with his family before his imprisonment with no bail at DC Jail.
Cara Castronuova

Cara Castronuova is a co-Founder of C.A.P.P. (Citizens Against Political Persecution and The People’s January 6th Commission. She is an Activist, Investigative Journalist, 2-Time Boxing Champion, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Television Personality. You can follow her on Instagram & Twitter @CaraCastronuova. She is currently banned on Fakebook. You can contact her via the C.A.P.P. website at www.CitizensAPP.us or www.caracastronuova.com if you have any tips or would like to volunteer.

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