EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Rep. Paul Gosar Calls For Hearings On J6 Footage, Says “Stay Tuned” For the Investigation and Prosecution of Pelosi, Cheney, Milley, Mayorkas (VIDEO, multipart post)

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By Jordan Conradson, Mar. 12, 2023 9:30 am, 827 Comments

The Real Victims of January 6

GOP Congressman Paul Gosar recently told The Gateway Pundit to stay tuned on the real January 6 investigation and the prosecution of officials like Nancy Pelosi who were involved in the political persecution of good Americans.

Gosar encourages all Americans to contact Weaponization of Government Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to support and encourage them in the ongoing investigation into January 6.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona is leading the charge for Republicans in launching an investigation into General Mark Milley and Nancy Pelosi over the staged riots on January 6, 2021. Earlier this year, Gosar tweeted, “Remember – we will conduct a real investigation into J6. The effort to attempt a coup between traitor Gen. Mark Milley and Pelosi will be reviewed and exposed.”

Late last year, Gosar also told The Gateway Pundit in an interview that the new GOP-led House will make inquiries into January 6 and the FBI’s involvement in the plotted coup.

However, as Mike Davis told Steve Bannon in the War Room, the Weaponization Committee is “structurally set up to fail.” The committee has just five staffers and a budget of only $2 million, whereas RINO former Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s sham Jan 6 committee had 98 staffers and $18 million, and $48.5 million and 178 staffers were dedicated to the Watergate Committee, says Davis.

Speaker McCarthy must follow through on his promises that the new Republican House will investigate the January 6 protests, violence, and Nancy Pelosi and what she knew.

This is especially important as Tucker Carlson recently aired newly released footage from inside the Capitol on J6 showing Jake Angeli or Jacob Chansley, the “QAnon Shaman,” being escorted through the Capitol on Jan 6. Peacefully! Back in December 2021, Jordan Conradson of The Gateway Pundit had the chance to speak with Angeli from the Alexandria Detention Center in Virginia, where he was being held in solitary confinement with real criminals, including illegal immigrants guilty of drug trafficking.

Carlson also released footage of Officer Sicknick, the one officer they claimed died that day, walking around the Capitol healthy after the lying Democrats and establishment RINOs claimed he was murdered by Trump supporters.

Protesters inside the Capitol weren’t destroying the Capitol. They were peacefully protesting the Stolen 2020 Election after being led into the building by Capitol Police, but the media repeatedly lied with nonstop coverage of alleged violence by patriotic Americans.

The Gateway Pundit helped raise nearly $2 million to help fellow Americans like Jake Angeli feed their families and fight the trumped-up allegations in the DC Kangaroo courts. Even leftist Rolling Stone magazine was forced to admit the impact we have had.

This week, The Gateway Pundit officially petitioned Speaker McCarthy to release the J6 footage to our research team and the families of the January 6 victims and prisoners. Read the full letter we sent McCarthy here!

When asked if Congress will hear the newly released tapes from January 6 in committee, Gosar told us, “We have to.” He continued telling us that the truth is a “complete 180” from the narrative promulgated by Liz Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrats and that we should “stay tuned” for legitimate investigations into these two as well as treasonous General Mark Milley and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Contact Congressman Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy to encourage a well-funded investigation into January 6. “Let’s really turn up the volume,” said Gosar!

While in Washington, D.C., over the weekend, The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson and Rep. Gosar chatted about the Weaponization of Government Committee, the GOP’s January 6 investigation, and reparations for the real victims of January 6.

Watch below:

Conradson: When are we gonna see real hearings on the January 6 footage from inside the Capitol, and are we gonna see justice for people like Jake Angeli, mothers like Ashley Babbitt’s mother, and people who are going through this horrible political persecution?

Gosar: We have to because the limited tapes that Tucker has been releasing show a complete 180 from what was presented here with the J6 committee. Even the admission today by Benny Thompson that he didn’t see these tapes and left it to staff tells me who ran that committee. Was it staff, or was it the members themselves? But it was a total lie. When you start to see particularly officer Sicknick, who they had said already passed away, but he shows up in the crypt actually ushering people through and putting poster boards away, and it’s after they say he was dead, something’s wrong here. And this is not just J6. This has to do with the COVID hearings going on and the China hearings. This is a three-shot one that we have to get to the bottom of. And I tell people, “don’t believe me. Watch the tapes. You make up your own mind.” That’s why I’ve been pushing for two years for these tapes.

Conradson: Like Jake Angeli, right? We see him being led through the Capitol by Capitol Police Officers. What can be done about this to sort of give him reparations, or again Ashley Babbitt’s mother, whose daughter was murdered in the capitol? what can be done to repair those damages?

Gosar: Well, the first thing is acknowledgment that we were rotten with fraud, and we need the American people to start calling and asking and hoping to plead that Congressman Jordan really starts making the impact; hiring the attorneys, getting everybody is subpoenaed, because we need to get the bottom of this and it shouldn’t stop here. We also need to bring Miss Pelosi in, in regards to her dictation prior to, because she set the standard and the stage for this. So, we need to petition my colleague and friend, Mr. Jordan. Let’s really turn up the volume. Let’s help him get this going. Let’s help him get the subpoenas out and start dragging people in here. America needs that one law that serves everybody; nobody above the law, everybody below that same law.

Conradson: With Jim Jordan’s Weaponization Committee, you know, I’m hearing that he’s only got five staffers, a $2 million budget. This is in comparison to the January 6 committee, which had roughly 100 staffers, $20 million budget, or even Watergate. You know, they had roughly 200 staffers and close to a $50 million budget, what can be done to really pressure them to put more into this committee?

Gosar: One of the promises that the Speaker made was this very aspect. We were promised the same type of tooling that would go with it. It’s not because of the will or lack of will by members of Congress that are on that committee. It’s just a lack of trying to make sure that the money’s there. You know, we can’t have another Benghazi. We can’t have another fast and furious. We can’t have another IRS attacking conservatives. We need people to be held accountable. I’m held accountable, you are too. So, they need to have the same thing happen. And we need to put this all out to the American people because we are the people we are the government.

Conradson: You were talking about Nancy Pelosi. If you guys were to look into Nancy Pelosi’s ties to the January 6, what they’re calling an insurrection, they’re standing by their narrative everywhere they go, same with Liz Cheney; is there a chance that you guys could prosecute certain members of Congress, Congress, or former members of Congress over January 6?

Gosar: I would not leave it at just that. I think there’s also military that are involved. And I think that their, you know, heads have to roll. Otherwise, you condone this lawlessness, and that’s what America sees. We see lawlessness in Chicago. We see lawlessness on our border, we see lawlessness everywhere. and that’s part of the precipitating actions that Congress is allowed.

Conradson: So are you looking into any inquiries, or resolutions of inquiry into Mark Milley or Mayorkas over their handling of our national security?

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“Ray Epps CLEARLY Was Working for Somebody…The Core Claims About Jan 6 Were a Lie” – Tucker Carlson Discusses the Truth About the Jan 6 Files with Clayton Morris at Redacted (VIDEO)

Original article.
By Joe Hoft, Mar. 12, 2023 8:30 am, 851 Comments

Tucker Carlson met with his former fellow host at FOX News, Clayton Morris, at his online show ‘Redacted.’  In this interview that was released on Saturday, they discussed many things including the Jan 6 tapes and all that transpired before and since that time. 

Tucker Carlson at one time hosted FOX and Friends Weekend with Clayton Morris and Abby Huntsman.  Tucker eventually went on to do his own cable news show at FOX News that is the top show on cable news.  Abby Huntsman left FOX to become a host at The View, a toxic far-left morning show, and Morris started Redacted.

His guest this week was Tucker Carlson.

The two discussed the January 6 protests and media lies from that day.

At the 28:00 minute mark below Tucker started to really get into the Jan 6 files. He shared that his team asked for the files.  Speaker McCarthy, who Tucker says he’s never been a fan of, provided the files.  “For the record, I have been highly, highly critical of Kevin McCarthy”, Tucker shared.

Of the relevant footage, we’re not aware… I don’t think there is anyone who could have manipulated it…

The two things I know is no one got in our way… We ran all of our clips by Capitol Police before putting on TV… only in one case they said we don’t want you to show the details of this door…

I thought the whole thing was ridiculous, this security risk bullshit…

The main problem we had is we didn’t have facial recognition software.  So I’m allowing for, we missed stuff, I’m sure we missed a lot of stuff.  We did our best and we spent a long time doing it…

But what we couldn’t do, which is the main thing I wanted to do, is show that there were FBI agents in the crowd.  And there were, the FBI’s admitted that. But it’s obvious to me they played a pivitol role.

Ray Epps, CLEARLY was working for somebody.  He’s not a pure civilian.  He encouraged violence and then the Jan 6 committee, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, Bennie Thompson, Adam Schiff, they all defended them, as their friend.  He’s not an insurrectionist, he’s an ally.  How do you explain that?  It violates common sense…

The Ray Epps thing isn’t organic, sorry…

The core claims about January 6 were a lie.  It’s not a violent insurrection, a deadly insurrection.  It’s a violent political demonstration.  One of many in the year that took place from January 2020 to January 2021…

Clearly Nancy Pelosi wanted this to happen…

Anything you’re not allowed to ask questions about is something you should ask more questions about.

Watch the entire interview below.

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