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Ep. 3084b-Did The Patriots Take Control Of [DS] Agenda? Election Interference, Nov 3rd, All Systems Go

Original video. Putting things in context and the pieces together. For each Biden Family crime exposed, the [DS} opens another hoax on President Trump.

Silk’s J6 Speech about J6 (a MUST WATCH) included in recording: “Dr. Stella Discusses Her Plandemic Preparedness Kits”

Original video. Integral part of the 2020 coup. Her speech occurs right after audio recording of Jake Lane.

Diamond and Silk

By Diamond and Silk, 31 May, 2023

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Gateway Pundit Interviews Jan 6 Antifa Whistleblower Landon Copeland from Prison – Claims 100+ Fellow Antifa Members Involved, Large Organized Planning Session of Hundreds on Jan. 5 (AUDIO)

Original article.

By Jim Hoft, Jun. 2, 2023 12:50 pm, 449 Comments

Disclaimer: We can neither confirm nor deny the allegations by Mr. Copeland at this time. We can confirm that several of our contacts in the ‘DC Gulag’ who spend time with him believe his statements to be factual. We will update with any new information as we continue to investigate this report.

Landon Copeland Jan. 6 Prisoner DC Gulag – Antifa

Andrew Copeland was sentenced to three years in prison in May 2023. Copeland already served two of those years while awaiting trial. Copeland reportedly pushed one member at the police on Jan. 6, he picked up a police shield during scuffles with police and he was filmed pulling on a bike rack in a tug-of-war with police.

For this he will serve three years in prison..

Copeland previously made headlines when he screamed at DC Judge Meriweather during a previous hearing in 2021.

Copeland’s attorney told the court he didn’t think his client was competent at the time.

Andrew (Landon) Copeland is now serving time at the DC Gulag in Washington DC where he has made friends with several Jan. 6 political prisoners.

Recently, Copeland penned a letter and admitted to J6 prisoners at the facility that he was Antifa and that there were 100+ Antifa members present on January 6. We have included his letter below.

We already knew that Antifa disguised itself that day in MAGA gear.  Antifa Leader John Sullivan was arrested that day.  Sullivan led violent Antifa protests in DC earlier in 2020.  He was immediately released after his arrest in 2021.  Three Antifa protesters from Michigan, including BLM trans activist Logan “Leslie” Grimes, who was riding in a car with two Antifa agitators with an illegal firearm, were caught and released and did not face trial.

On Friday morning The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviewed Landon Copeland who called from the DC Gulag.

Here is what he told us.

Jim Hoft:  Tell me about your activism. You said something before we started recording about being a member of Antifa, is that correct?

Landon Copeland: Yes, I’ve been a member of Antifa since 2006. That’s when I was introduced. I was going to college at the time. Originally, I made, back when – you could use whatever name you wanted to create a Facebook page, and then only college students could be part of Facebook whenever it first came out, and I made the first Antifa Facebook page… And then it was during the Obama election that I really took to Antifa more than just making a Facebook page. We were out there handing out all kinds of flyers and different things of the evils of the patriot act and the different things that had occurred more recently…

On Free Elections-

Landon Copeland:  This is the most important issue of our time, is voter fraud. For a long time, people really haven’t had confidence in their vote, and now here we are really seeing it at work to where now they’ve used essentially court legislation instead of actual congressional acts to change voting laws, if you get what I’m trying to say.

On Antifa and January 6-

Landon Copeland:  One of the things that I kind of wanted to get into here was the ideological pursuits of Antifa. We’re really anti-government. We have been for a long time. The beginnings of the black bloc was all the way back in the 2004 election, the Bush back in 2004 against Gore…

…I didn’t go to the Trump speech. I went and took my girlfriend, my pregnant girlfriend, to lunch because she was hungry, because we’d been standing around all day since 06:00 in the morning. And then we came back and we just kind of followed the herd of people over to the capitol. I was not really aware that we were doing anything over to the Capital except for just marching in a circle and being loud…

…Well, whenever we got up there, the police were shooting people with rubber balls and attacking people with batons. And, I got shot with a rubber ball and assaulted with a baton myself. I did everything I could to try and separate the people from the police. I even took a knee between the police line and the individuals, the people at one point trying to essentially try to make a mistake that, hey, look, you guys are attacking us and we’re not here to hurt people. I mean, I know everybody there. I know myself especially. I would have been willing to walk through a metal detector. I would have been willing to be strip searched to get through that building if they would have just let us. I think one of the problems was Muriel Bowser The night before midnight, I think she did something where she shut down all the buildings to where you couldn’t go into buildings…

…One of the things that we were instructed to do at the Trump rally was, go there, don’t blackout, don’t be there to fight. Let’s try to make some concessions with the Proud Boys. We see that this voter issue is a serious ordeal, and we need to figure out what we can do to essentially bring us together because we want the same thing, the libertarian right and the anarchist antifa left. Essentially, we want limited government…

On other Antifa Activists at the US Capitol-

Jim Hoft:  Were you familiar with other Antifa activists who were there?

Landon Copeland: Yes, absolutely. I don’t want to go into any names or anything like this, because technically, because I’ve come out of it, I can’t even really socialize with those other members really anymore… I don’t want to endanger their well-being.

…There was meetings beforehand. There was text messages. There was Facebook messages. There was all kinds of stuff. But I was fortunate enough that the Facebook page that I had was taken down for paid speech or something like that before Uncle Sam really was able to delve into my Facebook page too much.

The Antifa Pre-Meeting-

Landon Copeland:  There was a lot of talk, phone calls, different things between members that I knew that were going there. At the pre-meeting, there was approximately 250 of us that were at the Pre-meeting.

Jim Hoft:  Was that an online meeting?

Landon Copeland: No, that was an in-person meeting.

Jim Hoft:  Where was that? In Alexandria, Virginia, like, the night before? A couple of nights before. What happened? Yeah. That’s crazy.

Landon Copeland:  Just exactly what you saw the Proud Boys do is exactly what happened with us…  We actually think that this is a cause that’s really a big deal in our country, and we need to have help and assist Trump supporters, get their voice heard in this instance.

Were Antifa Protesters in Disguise?

Jim Hoft: Did they tell people to dress as Trump supporters?

Landon Copeland: No, that was something like, if you didn’t want to dress, like, any particular way, that was not of any concern with theirs, but as long as you didn’t go blacked out, because we already knew from Charlottesville that the Proud Boys were hunting us real hard and heavy… We didn’t go as a group to this thing. We just had a pre meeting and we said, hey, we’re here to some of us were hanging out a little bit together prior to the event, but not really. It’s not like we went there all in one group together to be like, hey, this is what we do.

On Police Violence at the US Capitol-

Jim Hoft: Did you expect that the police would start firing on the crowds? Is that something you guys expected to happen?

Landon Copeland: The police have never been violent with right-wing protesters. This was so unexpected to everybody that I know because the police and the right-wing have always been, like, hand in hand, you know what I’m saying?…  For us to see the police attack and assault people that are their largest supporters.  I mean, let’s be honest, the right-wing is the largest supporter of police… It’s like biting the hand that feeds you. For us, it was really kind of a relief to see it happen because this is the same kind of stuff that they’ve been doing in Milwaukee, in Ferguson, Missouri, all through this whole thing. The Pacific Northwest in Portland, and in Washington and Spokane, and also in Seattle, whenever all the Black Lives Matter riots and stuff were riots supposedly going on, you know what I’m saying?…  This is the same M.O. that they used for the January 6 is the same that we had seen before. So it was kind of a relief for us to see this happen… It’s like holy cow, it’s not just us that they’re trying o. This is a government thing where they literally incite the violence. They incite people into violence, they attack them, and then whatever emotionalism takes control takes over and property damage and everything happens because of the emotionalism involved.

On Antifa on January 5th and 6th-

Jim Hoft: There are a couple of questions before we run out of time. You had reportedly said that you saw maybe 100 people (Antifa). Was that the morning of January 6 that you think you saw Antifa or was that the night before?

Landon Copeland:  Yes, absolutely. The day whenever we were there at like 06:00 in the morning, there was like 100 different people that I knew were absolutely, beyond a doubt… . They were known people from my Facebook friends on my Facebook and on my social media.

Jim Hoft: Is there any way we can confirm that?

Landon Copeland: I don’t know if my Facebook still exists, but you can go through and see all my friends listed on Facebook and then you just go find the people that ‘like’ the Antifa groups and ‘like’ the anarchical communist groups and stuff like that. And you’re going to start running into people that are really active in a lot of these communities.

Why are you speaking out now?-

Jim Hoft:  What made you come out now and come clean?

Landon Copeland:  First off, I knew that I didn’t want to be considered affiliated (with Antifa) for the trial and sentencing- because as soon as you’re affiliated, because of the gang laws and the gang affiliation laws and stuff, there’s some things that happen to you if you come out as affiliated…  And it’s been one of the rules for Antifa members to never declare to law enforcement that they’re Antifa members…  It’s actually really part of one of our core principles, is being an antifa member.

Jim Hoft:  So you reached out to some Antifa members before you release a letter. That’s pretty bold, but that’s what happened.

Landon Copeland: Yeah. I don’t think you can just speak on behalf of everyone without other people understanding what you’re going to say. That’s the reason why I’ve kept this to the core beliefs of Antifa as best as possible.

On the Pre-Planning Antifa Meeting-

Jim Hoft:  So can you mention where that meeting was the night before? You said that there might have been about 200 people. It was planned and organized, obviously.

Landon Copeland: Yes. Because of street cameras and stuff. I will not put that information out there because that would identify as individuals of this movement. I’m not going to say where that took place. I will say it took place in Alexandria, Virginia, but I’m not going to say where.

On FBI Involvement with Antifa-

Jim Hoft:  Do you guys think that the FBI was putting assets or operatives inside your group before January 6? Is there any concern about that?

Landon Copeland:  Honestly, I don’t know. There’s so much classified information, classified information out there these days that literally our presidents and our vice presidents, when they leave office, they can’t even figure out how to put it where it’s in a safe place.

Here is the full interview from Friday morning with Landon Copeland.

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We also are posting a letter from Landon Copeland.  Landon recently admitted to being part of an Antifa contingent at the US Capitol on January 6.

This was sent to TGP by Jake Lang and Shane Jenkins in Washington DC.

This is an astonishing testimony and letter, that reveals ANTIFA members were deeply involved in January 6.

J6 political prisoner for almost 900 days without a trial, Jake Lang, and his team at – along with J6er Shane Jenkins have retrieved a jaw-dropping admission letter from long-term ANTIFA member Landon Copeland. This is the exact story the Government and unconstitutional J6 Select Committee have been hiding from us for YEARS! Here is the first-hand story along with an actual image of Copeland’s real jailhouse letter:

I, Shane Jenkins, was recently made aware that someone in the C2B unit with us was claiming to be ANTIFA. Landon Copeland is a self-avowed ANITFA member since 2006. We had a two-hour sit-down conversation and discussed everything from why he joined ANTIFA (The Patriot Act) to his military service (Army). I was curious why he served in the military because I thought ANITFA opposed those who served the country. He told me about how he disagrees with war in general and especially the premise around the Second Persian Gulf War. He wanted to see first hand how the Iraqi people were being treated, so he did just that. He served two tours in Iraq.

We had a very in-depth conversation about his political beliefs. Copeland said he is pro-Second Amendment and an extreme libertarian. According to Google, “libertarianism is a kind of politics that says the government should have less control over people’s lives. It is based on the idea of maximum liberty. Libertarians believe that it is usually better to give people more free choice.”

Copeland used the example, “If you want to kill your dog or abuse your children and lock them in a kennel then that is your right.” What I came to understand was that extreme liberty becomes anarchy. Extreme liberty would mean no law which would lead to chaos. To my surprise, he said he supports Donald Trump. Copeland said that Trump was an ‘outsider’ and sought to take down the corrupt establishment. He said that any person protesting against the Second Amendment is not a true ANTIFA member.

He mentioned his activism at all the notable events and many arrests at these events: from Ferguson to Kenosha, Charlottesville to Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).

Copeland admitted that there were 18 fellow ANTIFA members with him at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. He also said from what he has seen, there are approximately 100 ANTIFA members entangled in the legal system as a result of January 6th. To more further prove our point, ANTIFA WAS THERE!

Landon Copeland is willing to talk to Congress and to the media. He asked me to share his letter after he was sentenced. He was sentenced to 36 months on May 8th, 2023. He said he believes he was given a lesser sentence than many other with similar charges because of who he is, an ANTIFA member.

I would speculate that the DOJ knows who he is and what he represents. He doesn’t hide it. I consider myself a good judge as to someone’s intentions if they are lying or not and I detected no deceit from this man. I believe it is of the utmost importance that Copeland’s story be told and shared with the world. We all may have a vested interest in it being told as it may help unlock the whole January 6th mystery.

I have fulfilled my promise to Copeland by releasing his letter, now it is up to you to get the word out. Let Congress know ANIFTA was there and we have the proof. It’s time for them to open true investigations and acknowledge what we already know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please share this with all you friends. With your elected representatives and any media contacts you may have. This may change the course of history.

Here is a transcript of the letter from ANTIFA WHISTLEBLOWER LANDON COPELAND:

We are ANTIFA, we stand diametrically opposed to all centralized autocratic fascist Governments. Our members have attended all of the modern protests in support of the people protesting. We make the attempt to only support movements that favor the sovereignty of individuals. We are only present at the demonstrations we attend to dismay the forcible government suppression of peaceful protest. We have made mistakes and enemies in the past, this is not our intent. We offer an open invitation of alliance to all groups in favor of limited government. We extend our solidarities to everyone incarcerated in recent protests to include The Proud Boys, Black Lives Matter, Make America Great Again, The Oath Keepers, and all other groups including those associated with the January 6, 2021 event. Many of our members are Trump supporters and have been incarcerated because of this event. We cannot win this fight alone and surrender terms of our alliance in an effort to end an American regime that incarcerates us all.
May Freedom Reign Supreme.
Landon Copeland
Active ANTIFA Member since 2006

** End **

New report from Ivan Raiklin and others about J6 truth

Original video. 5/25/23 program.

The Shocking Back Story

Defender of the Republic, 10.3K subscribers, 3,966 views May 25, 2023, Original video.

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EXCLUSIVE J6 FOOTAGE | Defense Attorney Exposes THE EXACT MOMENT the Government Waged Attack: ‘I’ll Tell You Exactly Where Sh*t Went Crazy’ – With VIDEO PROOF – MUST SEE!

Original article. It is extremely important for our country to know about this extreme unlawful attack that were executed by our government on our citizens. However, WARNING, the profanity is offensive. Let’s see some of these crimes prosecuted!!!

Here is the point: There is far more violence from armed government agents than from protestors. And, compare the the violence of these protestors to the Antifa riots (which was minimally prosecuted). It is quite obvious this is a vicious government response to political opposition, which is criminal. It would have been far better if the protestors had left. However, if they had not been attacked they may have left.

Folks, demand equal justice!!!

At about 47:00 of the 1:21:17 video at the end, protestors are pleading with the police to stand down because it is about saving our country (which the police should be supporting, not opposing). It is the government agents who riled up the protestors.

Those who are not willfully ignorant know that the 2020 election was stolen (mountains of evidence back up that fact) with government involvement and this unlawful attack on protestors (attempting to “STOP THE STEAL”) was just another portion of the insurrection against our duly elected; President Trump. Note government agents were the only ones armed. Our country has suffered massive destruction, massive invasion, economic failure, additional injustices, international humiliation, and we are now even facing WW III because of this insurrection. However, this is not the first one. See The Trump-Russia Collusion Conspiracy Was a Coup D’état. Where are the indictments for all those criminals? Our worse enemies are the Deep State.

We have had enough of the lies. Time for a REAL J6 investigation with appropriate indictments!!!

By Alicia Powe, May. 17, 2023 8:00 am, 385 Comments

When the police started shooting people in the face and throwing flash grenades at the unarmed crowd, everything changed on January 6.

The government opened fire escalating the protest. Only one side was armed using deadly: The police.

The crowd became livid as they watched cops shooting deadly rubber bullets, tear gas at civilians and flash bangs or “sting balls” at their heads.

Footage obtained by The Gateway Pundit showcases the unjustified use of deadly force employed by law enforcement against demonstrators protesting the stolen election.


Anyone who wants to get to the bottom of January 6 must focus on the key moment: the precise time the typical protest escalated into “the most investigated demonstration in FBI history,” defense attorney Steven Metcalf told TGP

“This is crucial —  this is crucial — because this is where what everybody is saying” about J6 being a set-up and a fedsurrection “actually matters. But nobody is pinpointing the precise time,” he said. “Everyone is saying, ‘There’s FBI agents in the crowd,’ ‘There’s CHSs in the crowd.’ There’s blah blah blah — I’ll tell you exactly where shit went crazy.

“It went crazy at that precise time when the protesters all standing in the west side terrace and then shots start going off and people are getting hit in the faces… There were a couple of agitators in the crowd don’t get me wrong, but what took it to a whole different level is people being shot in the face with rubber bullets.

“That’s where people who were angry got even angrier and rightfully so.”

Criminal defense attorney Steven Metcalf

Metcalf, who represents several J6 defendants including Dominic Pezzola, the only Proud Boy acquitted of seditious conspiracy charges, has scoured through the hours of footage lawmakers refuse to show the public.

After protesters knocked over a bike rack blockading the building, the moment the government characterizes as ‘the first breach.’ police were positioned in a “riot line.”

Riot line protocol instructs officers to remove agitators from the crowd.

Instead of removing the agitators, police on the riot line were strategically positioned “on the terrace above” to shoot protesters, Metcalf explained.

“The first line [of police] is called the ‘skirmish line. The second line is called a ‘linebacker line.’ What they are supposed to do is when there are agitators in the crowd, specifically, get them out of there,” he said. “And they set themselves up from an elevated position – so they had people on the terrace above.

“They started off with one shooter and then they got a second shooter.”

Snipers poised to shoot at protesters from incline on Capitol terrace.

A law enforcement official identified by government witnesses during discovery as Inspector Lloyd, “wearing a white shirt behind the lines,”  gave the initial orders to shoot a “moderately calm crowd,” Metcalf continued:

Behind the linebacker line is Inspector Loyd. This is what Dominic was talking to TGP about. He said, ‘There was a guy who signaled.’ There were a couple of people pushing the line but ultimately they weren’t doing anything crazy and they ultimately stopped their behavior and everything was somewhat chill at one point.

Lloyd repositions himself, he looks up, he does a circular motion and then points in the direction of the crowd, in a particular direction of the crowd, I can show the hand signals that were done.

They’re all standing there at the West Side terrace and then shots start going off into people’s faces. And then there are five or six people that get shot.

We got video from above and then we got audio above. There was a shooter and a guy recording. From the guy recording next to him, you hear someone telling the shooters who to hit. ‘Hit the guy in the red shirt.’ ‘Hit the guy in the green hat.’ ‘Hit the guy in the brown jacket.’

We got them saying who to hit and the people they were hitting were just standing there.


Protesters, including J6 defendant Ryan Samsel, are seen in the footage attempting to render aid to Joshua Black as blood drips from his face into a puddle on the ground.


“Don’t shoot him in the fucking face!” a man is heard, screaming at the top of his lungs.”

“Is it a rubber bullet?” another protester asks Black.

“I don’t know,” Black responds, pouring water over the wound as the bullet protrudes through the left side of his mouth.

“Motherfucker! We gotta get him out of here, man,” another protester exclaims.

Stunned and outraged, the crowd angrily confront the officers in the police line standing idle as Black bled out.

“You fucking shot him in the face! You’re on our side! You’re on our side!” a man screams in an officer’s face. “We are Americans. You fucking take him and help him!”

“Fucking traitor! Traitor!” another man yells at the cops, as flash grenades erupt.


As Pezzola told TGP, he is heard on footage warning the cops, “You are going to kill somebody if you don’t stop this shit!”

While the injury that nearly killed Black is caught on camera, scores more protesters almost died during the government’s reign of terror on January 6.

Aerial footage played in slow motion reveals exhibits exactly what the crowd was doing when police decide to wage war shooting hundreds of civilians with tear gas, grenades and bullets.


Police showed up to the mega MAGA march on January 6 intent on a killing spree with rubber bullets;  the weapons they used are marked with a warning label that states, “Could cause “death.”

“Now, [Black is] the one who the bullet penetrated. Other people were getting hit in the head. I saw other guys getting hit in the ear. That is not proper protocol. You cannot do headshots with a rubber bullet like that from that vicinity,” Metcalf said. “The firearm officer’s used to shoot the rubber bullets had a warning label. We read the warning label to the jury which stated in sum and substance, ‘Do not shoot in the head or face because it can cause serious physical injury and or death.’

“I asked witness after witness, ‘If these people got shot in the temple would they die? If they got shot in the eye, would they lose an eye?’ Every answer was ‘Yes,’ it didn’t matter whose witness it was,” My witness, [the government’s] witness it didn’t matter, the answer is, ‘Yes.’

“So, now you have deadly force against nondeadly force and then everything was pumped up from there. That’s how we got to people going in the building.”


Confidential Human Sources deployed from the MPD, FBI, CIA, HSI, and government plants like Ray Epps, incited violence during the protest and coordinated to entrap patriots, but the actual terror attack waged by police to agitate and incense the American people on January 6, is the “set-up,” the fedsurrection.

“That’s what people don’t understand,” Metcalf said. “[The shots] set everyone off! Then Dominic [Pezzolla] gets the shield, people were getting shot right by him. Dominic is standing next to Joshua Black in the video…  the guy standing next to Dominic is getting shot — this shit was going on!”

“Everybody is almost there, but they don’t have it right. If you want to talk about a setup, you have to talk about how they figured out a way to agitate the crowd. That’s what it comes down to,” he continued. “Focus on the people who were there and what they were doing at that time. Police could have controlled that situation based on their training and experience, and any reasonable experience from any of these guys, they could have handled this way differently and they didn’t. They shot people in the face. Then Dom gets a shield. Then Dom goes back and he backs up and then is where the flash bangs were thrown at the crowd — at their heads. During Dominic Pezzola’s cross-examination by the government, they tried to downplay the attack by saying it was ‘sting balls’ rather than ‘flash bang.’”

Ethan Nordean, the former leader of Proud Boys Washington state chapter known as Rufio who was convicted of seditious conspiracy on May 4, told the TGP on a call from solitary confinement he was shot in the back by about a dozen times police during on January 6.

The vest he wore to prevent getting stabbed by Antifa kept him safe.

Pezzola told TGP the onslaught of deadly attacks against unarmed civilians on January 6 “felt like the beaches of Normandy.”

Five people were killed on J6, yet no investigation of the situation has been launched by GOP members of Congress. Black Lives Matter and Antifa have yet to protest or burn down cities over the unparalleled police brutality against the J6 “super-predators.

In March, Micki Witthoeft, mother of slain Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, met with House Speaker Sen. McCarthy. McCarthy allegedly told her in the closed-door meeting he has never even seen the footage of Lt. Byrd shooting Babbitt to death.

Previously, McCarthy stated Byrd was “just doing his job.”

The wrongful death lawsuit Babbitt’s husband Aaron announced he would file against U.S. Capitol Police and Lt Byrd for taking Babbit’s life has never been filed and the two-year statute of limitations has passed.

An uncut hour and twenty-one-second video obtained by TGP showcases the full turn of events following the first breach during the J6 protest — from when protesters knocked over the bike rack and police opened fire to protesters breaking windows and trespassing into the Capitol building and Byrd shooting Babbitt.


** End **