EXCLUSIVE: Lawless Maricopa County Updates Election Results by 5,000 Votes — Then Shuts Down — Says They Will Post More Results Tomorrow Night — WTF IS GOING ON?

Original article. Just comparing this to 2020 when counting stopped, it sounds like they are trying to figure out how to get the results they want. The voting must have overwhelmed the algorithm again and they can’t figure out how to get the results they want without blatantly exposing their fraud. Time to face the music!!! And, it appears that machines are slower than the hand count that France recently completed on Election Night. THE MACHINES MUST GO!!!
By Jordan Conradson
Published August 3, 2022 at 10:14 pm 1622 Comments

First, here is a related interview: Is Maricopa County’s Lagging Vote Count a Repeat of 2020?

Something stinks. Bad.

Maricopa County, Arizona, finally released another ballot count shortly after 7 pm on Wednesday and promised more results tomorrow after 7 pm.

This is outrageous. The polls closed yesterday at 7 pm, and they’re still counting? We call bullsh*t.

They were late. The Gateway Pundit reported that they had not updated the results on their webpage after claiming they would.

The election was on Tuesday, but they’re still counting into Thursday. What the hell is going on?

Election day revealed major concerns and possible fraud in the election system.

Earlier, The Gateway Pundit reported that the County is stalling the election for Governor and that they had not updated their results since the middle of the night last night.

They stopped the counting after Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake pulled ahead from a 10-point deficit.

It looks like they are trying to steal this election from the Trump-Endorsed candidate for Governor.

Maricopa County just published the unofficial results of only about 5,000 votes and will continue counting tomorrow.

How much time does it take for the computers to tabulate the votes? Not this long.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Kari Lake is the clear winner for Republican Governor after a huge comeback based on the statewide results. However, the State and leftist media refuse to call the race for Kari Lake.

What are they waiting for?

The Lake Campaign told The Gateway Pundit, “we don’t know why Maricopa county is taking so long to count the ballots, but we expect our lead to keep growing when the county finally gets around to announcing the results. We’ve won every other county and expect to win Maricopa as well.”

Maricopa County’s website still shows that Kari is behind by 1%, but she won in all other counties across the State.

Investigative citizens have seen trucks pulling into the County Elections Department and people walking in with computer bags. Who knows what they were doing at this point?

This is bullsh*t. We cannot trust these people with our votes.

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