EXCLUSIVE – TGP Interview with Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene: The Federal Government Is Weaponized Against Its Own Citizens, GOP Must Take Control Of House To Save America

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By Alicia Powe
Published March 2, 2022 at 6:45 pm  1028 Comments


The American people and the Consitution are under siege by the federal government as the installed, illegitimate commander-in-chief and Democrats in Congress weaponize nearly every federal agency to target patriots, warns Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

“It is clear that Joe Biden is mentally incompetent and had dementia because he has no clue what he is talking about. Business owners are struggling so much right now because the cost of supplies has gone up. It’s impossible to cut your cost as a business owner when everything is costing you more to business — the cost of supplies that are difficult to get, the cost of labor has increased as our government has paid people to stay home for so long it’s hard to get people back to work,” the Georgia congresswoman told the Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview following her response to Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

Joe Biden is not only old and senile, clearly suffering in his elder age, but he’s also completely incompetent. He’s completely disconnected, completely disconnected from what Americans are going through,” she said.

Data released by Pfizer on Tuesday confirming the Biden administration’s mandate of experimental Covid 19 vaccines is to blame for the death and injury of thousands of Americans.

“The side effects being reported by the Pfizer vaccines, that list is terrifying and it’s not any list that someone talking really fast could go through in a short commercial on television. It’s pages and pages of horrible side effects, health conditions, strokes, all kinds of horrible problems coming from a vaccine that most Americans didn’t need to take, but were forced to take by Joe Biden,” Greene said. “We have many people that we need to hold accountable and that happens through investigations. We have to reveal the truth of what everyone’s done, where our tax dollars have been spent. For example, the origins of COVID 19 in the Wuhan lab and who is responsible for that.”

While the Biden and the Democrats responsible force Americans to get double and triple vaccinated, resulting in countless deaths of innocent people, the party that champions totalitarianism is criminalizing the First Amendment and dissent, Greene argued:

In regards to the pretrial January 6 defendants that are truly being abused and are being treated like political prisoners of war, everyone needs to be held accountable for that. That should never happen in America. Every single person deserves the right to a fair trial and should be treated as they are innocent until they are proven guilty.

As one of two, there is two of us, me and Congressman Louis Gohmert, only two out of 435 members of Congress have actually been to the DC jail, seen the conditions that these men are being held in. I’m appalled and I’m disgusted at a President of the United States that would be so clueless and disconnected from what’s happening in the same town that we are all in. It just shouldn’t happen. It is so shameful.

Also, there is a family mourning this week as one of the January 6 defendants committed suicide as he faced more charges coming from the Department of Justice.  This was a guy that never committed a crime, had graduated from college, was living a pretty much normal American life, his family said he was a great guy. But he did go into the Capitol on January 6 and the courts, the prosecutors — everyone basically persecuted him so much that he went into darkness and ultimately committed suicide.

In our country, we have the right to protest, right? That’s one of the great things about being American, we have freedom of speech — we used to. Now, you only have the right to protest depending on how you vote. So, if you’re a Republican or a Trump supporter and you’re upset about the election, you’re not allowed to protest or be mad or say anything about otherwise you are condemned by the media and condemned by the Democrats who are in control.

While just a handful of courageous Republican members of Congress refuse to kowtow to Democrats, the crimes committed against the American public by Pfizer, the CDC, the FDA and corrupt lawmakers will only be investigated when the GOP gains control of the House in 2024, Green continued:

“We have to take back the house in 2020 because our plan is to do these type of investigations and they need to be done,” Greene admonished. “Too many people have died.”


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