EXCLUSIVE: “The Cartels Will Murder Somebody at the Drop of a Hat… But By Far the [Mexican] Police Are the Worst” – From Interviews with Illegals in Biden’s America

Original article. These poor people believe Joe Biden’s lies. They think they can ignore our laws and stay in our country. Hopefully, they will soon be facing the harsh reality of Biden’s lies when this lawless regime is outed.
By Joe Hoft
Published September 21, 2022 at 7:15 am 73 Comments

Bob Bishop and George Rodriguez were on with Jason Goodman at Crowdsource the Truth to discuss the disaster and invasion at the Southern US Border. 

Bishop and Rodriguez have provided a number of reports from the Southern border to The Gateway Pundit.

Bob Bishop shared a report on the number of illegals crossing the border and Biden’s Administration then shipping them around the country.

Back in January, The Gateway Pundit also reported on the charter flights for illegals from the border to the Northeastern states like New York.

In the interview with Goodman, Bishop and Rodriguez made a number of points.  Here are some of these points from the interview.

Bishop and Rodriguez shared that they are in a unique situation where they can interview the invaders coming into the US.

“The cartels will murder somebody at the drop of the hat but increasingly we’re finding in my interviews with them, we’re finding out that by far the police are the worst.”

We’re also hearing about the jungle in Panama “where people face the greatest dangers”.

The illegals still say it’s worth the risk for the economic reasons.

Biden’s open border is why these people are coming.

The people not able to make a living may turn to crime and many of the illegals have no jobs lined up since coming into the US.

The false promises are coming from Joe Biden.

Bob Bishop’s and George Rodriguez’s interviews with the illegal aliens can be found here.

Below is the interview with Crowdsource the Truth.

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