EXCLUSIVE: WaPo’s Deep State Brit Jon Swaine Claims Trump Team Tried to Uncover Vulnerabilities in Election Systems Which Might Be Used by Bad Actors Implying Therefore We Shouldn’t Try and Find Them?

Original article. When you think they could not be worse, they go from liars to a complete joke!!!
By Joe Hoft
Published August 16, 2022 at 7:00 am 58 Comments

Deep Stater and now WaPo writer Jon Swaine produced another garbage masterpiece on Monday along with a couple of other actors at WaPo.  When the Deep State needs garbage they bring in the Brit with connections to the Steele dossier. 

In January, TGP reported that Brit Jon Swaine worked for the far-left Guardian where he was reporting on Russia, Russia, Russiagate, all the time.  Swaine even put together a piece with Luke Harding who is one of the chief developers of the bogus Steele dossier which was used to support the made-up Russia collusion story.

Swaine eventually worked his way to the Big Time garbage dump – the Washington Post.  There he was called on again to push the garbage narrative planted by Deep State Don Berlin.  Swaine was the writer of choice in this corrupt Deep State narrative to claim President Trump committed sedition.  This was just another example of the dark and ugly Deep State and Democrats projecting their own sedition onto the President.

Deep State WaPo and their Brit reporter Jon Swaine are at it again.  On Monday they released another garbage report from the deep state saying that President Trump’s attorneys copied election system software in three states in an effort to find flaws in the software.

Swaine even made a performance on MSDNC to discuss the Deep State story.  Swaine claimed Sidney Powell was strategizing how to overturn the election – not that she was attempting to save America from a communist takeover of the US election process.

Next, Swaine discussed the vulnerabilities and potential vulnerabilities in the election systems and said they could be identified and hacked if bad actors get to them.  He implies that this didn’t happen in 2020.  Then Swaine talked about the election systems and vulnerabilities and he doesn’t have a clue as to what he is talking about but his accent makes up for it with the mindless few who still watch MSDNC.

Ultimately he claims we shouldn’t look for vulnerabilities in voting systems because bad actors might use them.   Um… this is why you want to find them, Jon.  He really makes no sense and shows he’s not too bright.

Also, Katy Tur shows that she still doesn’t have it either. 

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