FBI Called To Assist ‘Criminal Investigation’ Into Voting Equipment

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by Kari Donovan, September 30, 2022

Election transparency has been outlawed by the Democrats, who refuse to acknowledge one of our nation’s top ethical principles- that being that citizens have a right to know what our government is doing.

Democrats have long dreamt of the day when they could have centralized-federal power over local and state elections, one which they control- and that day is here for them.  Watch them engage the FBI against the American people once again.

Recall the seven principles of ethics are beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy, justice, truth-telling, and promise-keeping. So where are the Democrats at – with ethics when they refuse to allow American citizens any transparency into the procedures of the voting machines- basically claiming that citizens do not have a right to inspect ballots, citizenship, elections, or election processes?

Republicans are not allowed to look at voting machines. And that is after not being allowed to watch the voting tabulation, of a significant election, by any other means. Remember, Republicans were kept at bay while Democrats tabulated the hand counting as in 2020 as well.

All questions about what they were doing were demonized.

And now they are criminalizing the process of auditing the tabulation machines. As a result, under Democrats, there is little left of what made the United States of America special and unique.

CNN carried an alarming story of government overreach, as a local Georgia government called the highly politicized FBI to investigate concerned citizens investigating more suspicious voting machines.

“Georgia state elections board seeks FBI help in a criminal investigation of voting system breach after 2020 election, reported Zachary Cohen for left leading CNN, adding:

“The Georgia State Elections Board revealed Wednesday that the board has asked the FBI to participate in an ongoing criminal investigation into the voting system breach in Coffee County because of similarities between what happened there and incidents in other states.”

“The conduct in Coffee County is similar to conduct in Antrim County, Michigan, and Clark County, Nevada,” elections board Chairman William Duffey Jr. said, citing two other places where pro-Trump operatives gained access to voting systems with the help of sympathetic local elections officials after the 2020 election.”

Both Antrim County and Clark County have been the intense focus of the Democrats and their media partners to discredit concerned citizens in those two areas, who are looking for answers to very odd election results. CNN often reports stories to personally discredit the elected officials and the ‘election integrity candidates’ in those places, meaning to scare people from proper civil engagement with elections boards and cast doubt on any results of their work.

CNN hints that they have a ‘smoking gun’ sort of situation that comes from reports about texts from Mark Meadows, President Donald J. Trump’s former Chief of Staff.

The texts revealed “direct White House communications with pro-Trump operative behind plans to seize voting machines in Georgia.”

More from CNN:

“The Georgia elections board revealed it is investigating communications between local election officials in a second Georgia county and SullivanStrickler – the same cybersecurity firm hired by attorneys working for former President Donald Trump to access voting systems in Coffee County in January 2021.

The board has received documents that include an “unexecuted engagement agreement” for SullivanStrickler to forensically image voting systems in Spalding County, Georgia, Duffey said.

The move represents an escalation by state investigators in Georgia, raising new questions about whether the same group of individuals involved in the Coffee County breach sought access to voting systems in other parts of the state as well.

Duffey said it remains unclear why Spalding County was interested in having SullivanStrickler conduct this kind of work but that the board is investigating whether there is any link to what happened in Coffee County. It is also unclear if voting systems in Spalding County were breached.

Duffey noted that he has asked for an update from the FBI regarding the status of its participation in the state-level Georgia probe related to Coffee County but does not yet know what the bureau is doing, if anything, at this time.

CNN has reached out to the Justice Department and FBI about the request.

CNN previously reported that a Republican county official in Georgia and operatives working with an attorney for Trump spent hours inside a restricted area of the Coffee County elections office the day it is known to have been breached.

SullivanStrickler, which court documents show was hired by former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, previously said in a statement to CNN that it was “directed by attorneys to contact county election officials to obtain access to certain data” in Georgia and also “directed by attorneys to distribute that data to certain individuals.”

SullivanStrickler says it did not image any Spalding County equipment.

“We did not image any equipment in Spalding County,” said Amanda Clark Palmer, an attorney representing SullivanStrickler, on Wednesday. “We will continue cooperating with law enforcement on any investigation as we have done up until now,” Palmer said.

This action, bringing the FBI federal authorities- into state elections oversight procedures-  takes place less than 40 days from what is anticipated to be a brutal smackdown of the disastrous Democrats who the FBI is trying desperately to keep in power.

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