Former Democratic Operative Dr. Naomi Wolf the U.S. Sliding into a Totalitarian State and Why She Fears The Fall of 2022 Could Bring a Huge National Crisis

Original video.  Naomi Wolf has been interviewed many times by Steve Bannon.  In those interviews on War Room, she has revealed the dangers and proven damage resulting from the mRNA vaccines she and her 3,000 highly credentialed volunteers have found in the 55,000 pages of documents, that Pfizer intended to hide from the public for 75 years, until a court demanded their release.  This appears to be the first time Brannon Howse has interviewed her.  Her website is:

You can get the Brannon Howse Sabotage The Movie and Siege here.


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Dr. Naomi Wolf Reports on COVID Vaccine Data in Pregnancy, Lactation

Published May 17, 2022, 720 Views


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