Former Hollywood Liberal Explains Why She Walked Away From the Democrats and Became a Conservative Christian in EPIC Video

Original article. Demos have really exposed who they are recently and its not going well for them. When you take the time to get the truth, things really clear up for you.

By Mike LaChance, May. 10, 2023 8:15 am, 0 Comments

A woman named Natalie Jean Beisner, who claims that she had a political conversion during the COVID pandemic, recently released a video that has gone viral.

Beisner claims that she is a former actress who lives in Hollywood and has been saved, and is now a conservative Christian.

She talks about the damage of the COVID lockdowns and the hypocrisy of allowing the radical left to riot after small business owners were forced to close.

In her video, she makes it clear that she does not expect others to agree with her religious conversion, but stresses the idea that the radical left must be opposed.

She associates her political change with the Walk Away Movement, which was started by Brandon Straka.

Here is a partial transcript of her video, from her own tweet:

I have been a Democrat my entire life. I live in Los Angeles. I was an actress for years. I voted for Obama, then Clinton. I couldn’t wait to vote against the ban on gay marriage. I supported Planned Parenthood. I called JK Rowling “TERF.” I read books like THE NEW JIM CROW in an attempt to “educate” myself. I was a Democrat through-and-through, and more than that—I was even onboard with wokeism, with equity (as opposed to equality), with intersectional feminism, etc. These people had me pretty much hook, line, and sinker.

Then in Summer 2020 I was encouraged to go out and engage in “firey but mostly peaceful protests” but was told it was still unsafe for me to go to work. That didn’t make sense. Nothing around me made any sense whatsoever. And I really needed to go back to work.

Whenever I brought this up, I was told I was being selfish or even “racist.” Indeed, whenever I saw talk—whether online or on corporate news—of those who took issue with lockdowns, it was always framed as an issue of selfishness, even of racism. For some reason, liberal folks had this idea that anyone remotely concerned over lockdowns was a wealthy white woman who was just bored and wanted to get her hair and nails done.

I felt like screaming at everyone, “who do you think does hair and nails?” Hairdressers and nail artists, whose jobs are ESSENTIAL TO THEM. Everyone is an “essential worker” to himself and the people who may depend upon him.

What bothered me the most wasn’t that these people disagreed with me, or that they had different ideas on how best to handle covid or BLM unrest—what bothered me the most was that they absolutely refused to recognize I might have any honest reasons for disagreeing with them.

Watch the whole video below, this is powerful:

This woman’s experience is undoubtedly shared by millions of other Americans.

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