“His Kind” Is YOU !

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April 5, 2023 | Sundance | 499 Comments

Now it’s Glen Youngkin.  Virginia Governor Youngkin said in a release on Tuesday that he will lead a Virginia delegation to Taipei City, Taiwan, Tokyo, and Seoul, South Korea, from April 24-29.

Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, John Bolton, Asa Hutchinson, Glen Youngkin… The Republican wing of the UniParty is throwing everything possible and pulling every level within their control, including last night’s outcome in Wisconsin, in order to retain the illusion of political parties as the source/solution within a nation collapsing.

None of what DC Democrats, Republicans, the RNC or DNC presents is true or real within the landscape of the conflict tearing our nation apart.  This is where the battle between pretending and reality is taking shape.  I am not sure how we get this message communicated when the communication networks are purchased as part of the fraud.

On the positive side, every day more people are becoming aware of their false assumptions.  Every day the social compact between citizens and elected officials is being scrutinized.  Every day more people are starting to realize everything they thought about the construct of government in the United States is something entirely different.

We send politicians to stop the madness of government, but nothing changes.  Why?

Washington DC is a Potemkin village.

We focus on the visible, but the constructs that impact us do not originate from the false facade.  There’s something behind that facade, and what we see is…. entirely… a facade.  That’s why sending the politicians doesn’t change the outcome.  To get to the core of the issue, we must first stop looking at the Potemkin village, and instead look behind it.

Legislation, rules, regulations and laws are not written by congress.  The paperwork comes from the assembly of legal and lobbyist foot soldiers on K-Street.  That’s where the ink is put to the paper, and the legislative outcomes first originate.  K-Street is where the corporations, multinationals and financial organizations control the process.

If the corporations behind the DC facade want to shift the money, they proactively write the rules, regulations and laws that steer the actual policy outcomes to their financial target or destination.  Their wealth expands, and they reward the participants, the politicians.

Most of the entry level politicians are oblivious to where the corporations have proactively moved; however, a few of the politicians -the leadership groups- know exactly where the destination of the legislative intent is going.  The latter are tenured in the power structure behind the facade.

Two private domestic corporations, completely unaffiliated with the constructs of constitutional government, known as the RNC and DNC, require membership in order to participate in the pretense of American democracy.  The same financial entities that fund the K-Street operation, fund the private political clubs.

We The People, voters, are engaging in their construct to send ‘representatives’ into a political construct that is a facade.  The financial entities on K-Street, those who position wealth and generate the rules to maintain it, are the same financial entities that fund the mechanisms of the two private corporations (RNC/DNC).

The United States system of government is now operating to maintain this construct of common benefit.

The institutions within our government are now operating with the primary purpose of maintaining this system.  Maintaining the Potemkin village is their first line of defense, to stop any larger awakening from recognizing the futility of sending ‘representatives‘ into the woodchipper.

All of the institutions we discuss are mission-focused on preserving the system as described.  The intelligence community, the federal police, the federal courts and every institution and subsidiary agency within this construct now operate to preserve the DC system.  A system where the core of the originating activity does not take place in the Potemkin village of our focus.

The two political parties, two private corporations, funded by the multinationals and financial interests, are intended to keep us focused on the village.  As long as we focus on the false front, the system can operate as designed.  The financial institutions behind the village retain and hold the power; the politicians -many unwittingly- fulfill their role, and the bread and circuses are maintained.   This is the baseline for what comes next.

In 2016 we disrupted the system.  We threw an anvil into the woodchipper when we nominated then elected, Donald J. Trump.

His kind” is you!

Trump didn’t come with the private club approvals.  The private RNC corporation, meaning the people within it who control the operations of it, was not okay with the non-approved member getting the 2016 nomination.   The multinationals and financial donor institutions who control the RNC corporation were furious.

The DC corporations who are at the epicenter of the power structure in Washington DC, did not and do not approve.

The woodchipper could not handle the anvil we threw in it.

Immediately, all of the mechanisms of the system, a system entirely designed to defend and protect itself, were laser focused on removing that anvil.

This battle is not an issue about political parties. The same interests that are funding Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley or even Glen Younkin are not focused on political parties.

The multinationals, billionaire donors, corporate constructs and Wall Street financiers are not concerned about political parties. Their issue of priority is self-preservation of a system, this system – built and exploited upon the backs of American workers, created to keep We The People within controllable boundaries, while preserving their status.

This fight, within the American system of government, is not an issue of political parties. The same people funding Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley or Glen Youngkin will just as quickly support California Governor Gavin Newsom or Former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice in the general election of 2024.

Their unified opposition, the only person they cannot permit to succeed, is the one person who threatens the system they seek to preserve. That person is Donald John Trump.

Removing Donald Trump from the equation is not about political battles between parties. Removing Donald Trump from the equation is mitigating the existential threat he represents because his specific policies and outlooks are focused on America First.

President Trump represents the interests of the American people; that makes him dangerous to Big Club’s life of affluence, influence and control.

Republicans and Democrats cannot permit Trump to succeed, but the powers these interests use to achieve their goals are derived from We The People.

We can change the dynamic.  They can be defeated if we withdraw our consent.

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