Holding our election organizations accountable (multi-part post)

On 8/25/23 the Liz Harris team had a key guest speaker who focused us on what We The People need to pursue to be effective toward Fair, Secure, & Transparent Elections. BTW, I found the doc link under another video below (which may be the same video according to their length). Please periodically check back as the post evolves.

153 ARIZONA CORRUPTION EXPOSED: Our Elections Are Unconstitutional & The Court Case Has Been Filed! Learn How The LegislaTURDS Have Violated YOUR Rights & THEIR OATHS | Affidavit Mommas & Daniel Wood

Original video. Please see the long list of links under this original video. I may post them here later.

Save My Freedom with Michele Swinick, 5.61K followers, (I haven’t found a date)

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Daniel Wood on the Court Case For the People of Arizona

Original video. See JotForm doc.

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