How the AZ House turned good into evil (multipart post)

16 ARIZONA CORRUPTION EXPOSED – The CIA, China & Sinaloa Cartel In Partnership For Years Committing Election Fraud, Theft & Many More Crimes! Brannon Howse, Pete Santilli, Alex Newman, Col. John Mills. THIS IS HOW YOUR COUNTRY OPERATES!

Original video. Folks, we are back with an update that I missed when it came out. Original video on Brannon Howse Live 3/01: Exclusive: CIA, China, Drug Cartel and Election Theft.

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Folks of Arizona. You should fully understand how your government has been working against you. The purpose of this post is to show you how Liz Harris represents We The People better than anyone else in the AZ House and that is the very reason she was expelled. See Today (4/24/23), the MCBOS has the opportunity to right that wrong. Let God be the Judge of their actions.

Purpose & Scope of the 2/23/23 presentations Liz set up for the combined House/Senate hearing.

Original video: ARIZONA HERO LIZ HARRIS: Wrongfully Expelled From The House Of Representatives On 4/12/23 – The Day The LegislaTURDS STOLE Your Voices, Freedoms & VOTE! The State Is DEAD So Let’s Take It Back!


  • 9:30 Liz goes into the source of the idea, the purpose, the events and planning leading up to the 2/23 presentations.
  • 33:18 Liz leaving the Capitol building (note her supporters). Describing the deceptive voting process and how they railroaded her with false accusations. Who stands for We The People? Who supported taking our representative from us (see below)? How the process used illegally obtained, partial (thereby misleading) evidence to blindside Liz and impugn her integrity. It proved NOTHING!! It only misled people. BTW, she was paid nothing for all the work see did for 3-1/2 years before this position.

You know what to do.

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