HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Arizona Supreme Court Sends Essential Part of Kari Lake Election Lawsuit Back To Trial Court! – ORDER INCLUDED (multipart post)

Original article. Let’s pray that the judge has the courage to do the right thing the second time around.

PLEASE, PLEASE, see the video of Jordan Conradson’s (of Gateway Pundit) interview of Kari Lake in the second part of this post to understand the power of prayer and the crucial situation our country is in.
By Jordan Conradson, Mar. 22, 2023 10:31 pm, 623 Comments

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate for Arizona Kari Lake speaks at a rally on Sunday. (@KariLake / Twitter screen shot)

The Arizona Supreme Court issued a new order on Wednesday, sending a key piece of Kari Lake’s Election lawsuit back to the trial court for further review.

“IT IS ORDERED denying review of issues one through five and seven. The Court of Appeals aptly resolved these issues, most of which were the subject of evidentiary proceedings in the trial court, and Petitioner’s challenges on these grounds are insufficient to warrant the requested relief under Arizona or federal law,” states the order.

“IT IS FURTHER ORDERED granting review of issue number six to the extent count three of the complaint challenges the Maricopa County Recorder’s application of signature-verification policies during the election. Issue number six asks, “Did the panel err in dismissing the signature-verification claim on laches[,] mischaracterizing Lake’s claim as a challenge to existing signature verification policies, when Lake in fact alleged that Maricopa failed to follow these”

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Kari Lake’s lawsuit went to trial in the Maricopa County Superior Court on the issues of missing ballot chain of custody and Election Day machine failures. The issues regarding fraudulent mail-in ballots and signature verification were tossed and were not considered in trial.

Kari Lake hinted at the “big news” on Twitter earlier this evening.

Her team released a tweet saying “stand by for a statement” and embedded a Trump gif: “YUGE”

Read the full order here:

OrderRePetitionForReview_4731530_0 by Jordan Conradson on Scribd

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Kari Lake Discusses AZ Supreme Court Conference and NEW Rasmussen Poll

Original video. See the power of prayer!!

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Judge Sides With Signature Verification in Arizona Election

Original video.

By The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson, 23 March, 2023

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