HUGE EXCLUSIVE: AZ Corporation Commissioner Jim O’Connor Sends Letter Demanding ALL County Supervisors, Recorders, Election Directors, And Sheriffs “Immediately Cease Use Of ALL Electronic Voting Machines”

Original article. Is this the end of voting machines in AZ? In the Lake vs Hobbs case, I guess the judge didn’t have standing, or maybe he was ONLY standing around for month before making a decision. “Contact your county elected officials to demand compliance with this request.” And, it appears that both sides agree (see the video at the end).
By Jordan Conradson
Published September 1, 2022 at 9:04 pm 216 Comments

Arizona Corporation Commissioner Jim O’Connor sent a letter Tuesday to all Arizona County Supervisors, Recorders, Election Directors, and Sheriffs, demanding they immediately cease the use of voting machines in the upcoming 2022 General Election.

“I spent two entire days listening to testimony given publicly at ‘The Moment of Truth Summit,’ with reports from all 50 states including Arizona, which had teams of presenters giving updates to the election maladministration conducted nationwide,” O’Connor stated in his letter after outlining the Commission’s investigative authority and expressing his desire for the cessation of tabulating votes using corrupted machines.

O’Connor told The Gateway Pundit that the machine vulnerabilities must be fixed. “our country as we know it is over before the end of the calendar year if we don’t stop this stuff, because we will not have people serving in office who had been elected by We the People of all parties. That will not be the case. They’ll be selected.”

This letter comes just days after The Gateway Pundit reported that Trump-Endorsed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Trump-Endorsed candidate for Secretary of State Mark Finchem’s lawsuit to ban black box voting machines in Arizona’s upcoming election was shot down in court.

In a July 21 hearing, cyber security expert Clay Parikh testified on behalf of the plaintiffs in this lawsuit. Parikh is the lead information systems security officer for the ground missile defense system for Northrop Grumman.  Prior to that, he worked for Lockheed Martin and Leidos through their merger as the deputy cyber manager for the Army Corps of Engineers.

From 2008 to 2017, Parikh also worked as a security tester, and security subject matter expert for Wyle Laboratories and Pro V&V.  Parikh claims to have tested hundreds of voting systems, including the Dominion and ES&S voting machines, throughout his career as part of the certification process for the EAC and Secretaries of State.  He holds a CISSP certification (Certified Information System Security Professional), as well as certification as an ethical hacker and a certified hacking forensics investigator.

Additionally, The Gateway Pundit reported on a Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency report that revealed massive security vulnerabilities and the potential to install malicious code in Dominion voting machines that were used in Arizona and Georgia.

According to Ballotpedia, The 5-member Arizona Corporation Commission is the “quasi-executive regulatory agency in the Arizona state government. The commission is Arizona’s state regulatory body for non-municipal utility companies, including energy, heat, trash, water, and communications firms. It also oversees the incorporation of businesses, securities regulation, and railroad/pipeline safety.”

Commissioner O’Connor told The Gateway Pundit that he is raising this issue as a statewide elected official and calling it to the attention of all public officials. “There were over 1,400,000 Arizonans who put me in office, and I’m serving there using a lot of common sense and doing the best I can for my fellow Arizonans without respect to party,” said O’Connor.

“I have seen enough evidence over the last almost two years to convince me beyond a shadow of a doubt that we voters cannot be assured of a sound, real, true result because of the vulnerability of the machines,” he continued. “The attacks are happening all over the place.”

When asked how he would respond to idiotic excuses by elected officials who say that “hand counts are impossible,” O’Connor stated, “We’ve done hand counts for a couple of 100 years. So I would say there’s ample evidence that your statement is erroneous.”

The full letter from  Jim O’Connor is below.

To my fellow elected officials:

As you all may recall your Corporation Commission is responsible for the regulation of all Securities Broker Dealers and Registered Investment Advisory firms doing business in our State, in addition to our other duties. We routinely audit these businesses assuring the public of these companies’ compliance with our regulations designed to protect the public.

On a regular basis we find bad actors operating in our state causing harm to our state’s investors. We perform examinations and investigations, hold hearings, determine guilt, impose sanctions, levy fines, and then refer criminal activity to our Attorney General’s office for prosecution. Your commissioners act in a judicial capacity in this function of government.

I site that judicial role as the basis for my strongest admonition and encouragement for all of our Counties to immediately cease use of all electronic voting machines for this November’s General Election and beyond. These machines have been shown to be unreliable and cannot be secured, as evidenced by the recent primary election in El Paso County, CO which conducted a hand recount of 100% of the paper ballots revealing a 62% error rate using their black box tabulation machines.

Recently, I spent two entire days listening to testimony given publicly at “The Moment of Truth Summit”, with reports from all 50 states including Arizona, which had teams of presenters giving updates to the election maladministration conducted nationwide.

The majority of presenters were well credentialed cyber security experts with decades of experience in election forensics. I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt, no one can make a legitimate claim that our election machines and equipment are exempt from a cyber-attack creating an election outcome that cannot be trusted.

In your capacities as County Supervisors under ARS 16-442 you have permissive authority from the Secretary of State in that you MAY chose to use electronic voting machines. There is NO REQUIRED authority mandating you to do so. Each County may chose for themselves.

For the sake of every legal voter without regard to political party, I herein urge each of you in your respective positions to act immediately to secure our November election by use of paper ballots processed by hand count. You each have the solemn duty to uphold your oath of office to defend our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. That duty call is now.

May God empower each of you to do the right thing and renew your love of our State and our Nation.

Contact your county elected officials to demand compliance with this request.

Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake also gave the following statement to The Gateway Pundit. The Democrats are expected to do everything in their power to rig and steal another election from MAGA Republicans.

Leaders from both political parties have raised concerns over the use of electronic voting machines and their vulnerability to cyber attacks. I applaud Jim O’Connor for his work to rid Arizona of easily corruptible voting machines. Even if we do the hard work to correct all of the issues with our elections—as long as we continue to allow our sacred vote to be counted by electronic voting machines with corruptible software that is easily manipulated and whose components are manufactured by our adversaries then we will never truly have honest elections. The voting machines simply must go.

Even the most liberal Democrats agree!

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