HUGE NEWS! Florida Redistricting Map Eliminates Gerrymandered Seats – Gives GOP 20-8 Advantage Including 4 New Republican Seats

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By Jim Hoft
Published April 14, 2022 at 11:16 am  260 Comments


Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida lawmakers are moving to pass a redistricting map that gets rid of previous gerrymandered seats and gives Republicans a 20 to 8 advantage.

The new map proposed by Governor DeSantis will give Republicans 4 new seats in the US Congress.

Democrats are threatening legal challenges to the map. According to Creative Loafing State lawmakers will return to Tallahassee next week for a special session after DeSantis vetoed a congressional map passed during this year’s regular session.

Anthony Sabatini joined The War Room on Thursday to discuss this proposed map. Sabatini says this is expected to be passed next Wednesday. Anthony Sabatini added, “This gets rid of the Democrat advantage in one day.”

Anthony Sabatini is running for Congress in Florida in 2022.

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