Inhumane Torture of millions orchestrated by the U.N. (multipart post)

The Biden regime initiated it, US citizens pay for it, unaware victims suffer it, the United Nations continues to orchestrate it, the United States is being systematically and willfully destroyed by it. It is referred to as the Crisis of our Southern Border. In addition to these articles, browse the Center For Immigration Studies. Keep in mind, this is potentially what is coming to your community. I am still looking for their footage of the Darién Gap passage.

Oscar El Blue and Ben Bergquam are out of the jungle. The following is what Oscar wrote in Spanish on his Instagram last night.  Here is the post on GETTR.


There is no talk or documentation of how the SENAFRONT rescue, they also assist in combating drug trafficking, human trafficking and safeguarding their nation. This has been the most difficult test in my career as a journalist, reporter, and communicator. If you are a journalist who covers migration, this is the test, three days of much suffering, exhaustion, dehydration, going through multiple rivers, swamps and mountains. Of course I wanted to see what so many thousands of migrants feel but also emphasize in what the authority of Panama does to stop this crisis created by the United Nations, globalist groups and NGOs. Thanks to my colleague Ben Bergquam who at all times demonstrated strength, will and great professionalism, our Real Americas voice news media. Gentlemen, an ladies, after having crossed the DARIEN I can tell you, DON’T DO IT! Protect your life and your family.

Real America’s Voice Correspondents Escorted Through Darrien Gap by Special Forces

Original article.
January 26, 2023 by Kari Donovan

Ben Bergquam, the correspondent for Real America’s Voice and host of Law and Border, has had a risky journey through the Darrien Gap from Colombia to chronicle the ways people are being derived by the United Nations and other nonprofits and Non-Government Organizations (NGO)- to the United States from Southern and Central America.

“Crossing the Darien Gap with Senafront special forces to show the truth the open borders left and the mainstream media don’t want you to see! Stay tuned to RAV News,” Bergquam reported, adding: @RealAmVoice for my and@Oscarelblue’s epic journey! Special thx to @Michael_Yon


Follow more of Ben’s story here on Frontline America:

Stay tuned for more details as they become available

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Shocking Exclusive: Leftist NGOs Destroying Indigenous Paradise, Leave These ‘Little Guys’ Abandoned and Trashed

Original article. Please take the time to click the pictures. Some link to articles/videos that are very important to read/watch.
January 20, 2023 by Kari Donovan

Ben Bergquam and Oscar El Blue, both correspondents for Real America’s Voice, reported to Steve Bannon on his War Room program about the unfair treatment of Indigenous people along the path of what the UN and the US are using to drag others through to where they want them to be- in what they call a ‘controlled flow’ of migration.

Frontline has covered the work of the leftist NGOs that benefit from promoting these migrations.

Frontline covered the details of ‘controlled flow” with journalist Michael Yon in April during their investigations in the Darrien Gap: (Click the image, then click Replay for 25 min video. Alejandro Mayorkas of DHS is aiding and abetting this globalist agenda.)

The left’s utopian ideas of taking economic migrants from their homelands, where socialism and Communism have destroyed the quality of life- to relocate them to the United States and other well-developed Westernized countries- is leaving a string of humanitarian crises around the world.

On Friday, the pair told Bannon about their investigations on the land where the Guna tribe are living. Their lands, their quality of life, their culture and their natural resources have been destroyed by the massive amount of careless and reckless traffic they have seen by economic migrants who use their homeland as a stepping to get to the United States of America.

“The tribe invited us into their Village, and they are pissed to put it bluntly. These are the indigenous people the UN claims to care about, and it is happening while Davos is going on! It is shocking! While these climate change- Nazis are running around the world pretending that they care about the environment and climate and environment, this is what we found down there. We’ve got some footage of this beach that has just been completely trashed. We’re down here with Matt Braddock and he came up with the term Paradise trashed. It’s absolutely what happened. But it’s not just the trash. They, this trash is from these illegals that have invaded their land, but it’s not just the trash. It’s the misery, the suffering, the sexual assaults, all of that stuff coming the violence, that’s coming along with it,” Bergquam told Bannon.

“And it is the pandemic, and illness like malaria, where these migrants are just destroying these communities and the Democrats in the open borders left could not care less.”

El Blue added: “The tribe wants to preserve their culture. Number one, their culture and this Mass migration has interfered with their culture and it is just contaminating the whole beach. And also they have cut the Coconuts, It is their main industry of transportation, and also Commerce with Colombia. And the migrants have been cutting the Coconuts of the trees and affecting them out enormously. Where The tribe doesn’t want mass migration. They told us that -We didn’t want it. It came to us, and it and we didn’t know how to stop it. And now it is just the whole territory,” El Blue said.

Bannon added his point of view: ” It shows you what an important service you’re doing for everybody for the world to show what’s going on there. That’s most tragic. In every country it is the little guy, it’s little guy that has their Community and has had their Village destroyed, their stores, and their family. It’s the same everywhere.” (Same routine as previous video.)

And mainstream media refuses to show the natural consequences of this massive human migration. On Friday, on the War Room program, the three men discussed what the left is hiding from the world- which is a direct result of the United Nations and of the radical open border policies of Democrat Joe Biden:

For more on Ben Bergquam and his work:
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Real America’s Voice Law and Border

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For more reading (also MUST see the video in the article this links to):

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Asst. Principal Solicited Donations from Teachers and Staff to Pay Off Coyote for Illegal Alien Student in Rhode Island High School

Original article. Could this principal be this ignorant from only listening to Fake News? Listen to the radio program. First, think about the dangerous situation this child is in and what they have already been through to get to this point. Then, think about the school. Could the Coyote organize an attack on the school because of non-payment? Next, think about this illegal immigrant consuming our tax dollars for a free education. All orchestrated by our corrupt government identified at the top of this entire post. Citizens of the U.S.A. stand up and be heard!!! This insanity and torture must be stopped.
By Kristinn Taylor
Published January 27, 2023 at 5:51 pm 189 Comments

An assistant principal at Mount Pleasant High School in Providence, Rhode Island sent an email to teachers and staff this week soliciting donations to pay off the debt to a coyote owed by an illegal alien student at the school. The email by Dr. Stefani Harvey asked for $2000 by February 1st to help pay off the $5000 debt to the smuggler. On Friday school principal Tiffany Delaney shut down the fundraiser as “not appropriate” and said donations would be refunded.

Mount Pleasant High School, Wikimedia Commons

Text of Assistant Principal Stefani Harvey’s email (Harvey’s Twitter bio reads: “Black educator, queer, activist, poetry, Roxbury bred, save our streets, dismantle school to prison pipeline, I hear you, speak your truth.”):

Hello Team:

Please see the message below regarding your consideration for an urgent matter to support one of our own students here at Mount.

We have a student who came to America with ‘Coyote,’ which is a group that helps people. This group gives you a time frame to make a payment of $5,000 to those, who bring them to the states. Our student needs our urgent support to raise another $2,000 to reach his goal of $5,000 by February 1, 2023.

Please consider helping if you can by donating on Friday. Melanea will be around to collect money.

Text of Principal Tiffany Delaney’s email:

I was informed there was an email seeking financial support for one of our students. I appreciate the faculty and staff contributing to a cause that supports a student, but the nature of the request is not appropriate. All funds contributed will be returned and we will seek more appropriate methods to support our students.

The email were posted online by a concerned parent school activist in Rhode Island, Nicole Solas. Authenticity of the email was confirmed by the president of the Providence Teachers Union Maribeth Calabro in a radio interview Friday morning with Matt Allen on WPRO-AM/FM. Calabro said some teachers thought the email was a hoax but that after discussions they realized it was serious and was told by school officials it was real.

A producer for Tucker Carlson contacted the school, “I called the school about the vice principal who was raising money for a human trafficker. I wanted to know if the police are involved and how common this is. The person who responded refused to give her name, said they are investigating themselves, and hung up the phone.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported a school spokesperson claimed the email was a hoax:

“That is a fake email. We are on top of that. We are trying to figure out who generated that and why. We do not have a student that is being human trafficked,” the school official, who did not identify themselves, told the DCNF.”

Last October the school opened a food pantry on campus for students and their immediate family, reported WJAR-TV (excerpt):

A new school-based food pantry at Mt. Pleasant High School promises to ensure students to get the nutrition they need.

“I am so super excited over this food pantry. This is an opportunity for us to help the families here at Mt. Pleasant, something I’ve been deeply wanting to do,” said Tiffany Delaney, principal at Mt. Pleasant High School.

“80% of the students at Mt. Pleasant High School are identified as economically disadvantaged,” said Johanna Corcoran, executive director at We Share Hope, a nonprofit organization that retrieves surplus food for those in need. It is behind this initiative.

…”There are a lot of students that sometimes, honestly, this is their only meal, so they come here for breakfast and lunch, and this is just an extension of what we’ll be able to offer them,” said Delaney.

This food pantry will be open to all students at the high school and their immediate family during school hours two days a week.

Harvey joined Mount Pleasant about a year ago according to a school newsletter dated January 24, 2022 (excerpt):

In early December, we welcomed Assistant Principal Dr. Stefani Harvey to MPHS. Dr. Harvey was most recently the Redesign Fellow at Hope High School and previously worked in several building and central office administrative roles in the Boston Public School system. Dr. Harvey brings many years of experience with her to Mr. Pleasant. Dr. Harvey will work directly with 10th grade families and various departments at MPHS>

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