J6 Political Prisoners at DC Gulag Leak Heart-Breaking Video from Inside Jail Praying and Singing National Anthem – VIDEO

Original article. These political prisoners are far more righteous and patriotic than the current illegitimate administration which is an embarrassment to our country on the world scene. Hopefully, Congress will expose the truth and release them soon. Then, the REAL perpetrators of the crimes against these patriotic Americans will be PROPERLY PROCECUTED. In addition to prison sentences, I think those perps should be required pay proper reparations to these victims and their families for the hell they have been put through. NOONE SHOULD EVER CONSIDER DOING THIS TO OUR CITIZENS AGAIN!!!
By Jim Hoft, Mar. 5, 2023 6:40 pm, 282 Comments

The January 6th political prisoners have been held in prison now for over 700 days for their actions on what now appears to be a federal operation at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

As more video is released it becomes clearer by the day that the assault on the US Capitol was a coordinated, planned and designed attack on the American public with the full support of the Democrat Party and national media.

There is now evidence that it was the Capitol Police who started the violence against unsuspecting protesters that day.

Now there is heart-breaking video that was leaked from inside the DC Gulag showing political prisoners praying and singing the National Anthem. Many of these men have now been in jail for over 770 days without trial.

This is a national disgrace.
Where are the courageous men and women to stand up against this tyranny?

Thank you Midnight Rider for posting this.

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