Joe Biden is Creating a “Perfect Storm” Disaster for America

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By Larry Johnson
Published September 23, 2021 at 7:00 am 354 Comments

Did you ever see the movie The Perfect Storm? It tells the story of the Andrea Gail, a ship caught unexpectedly by a monster hurricane. All members of the crew were perished, along with a pilot of a Coast Guard rescue copter. I think Joe Biden is sailing our ship of state, America, into a perfect storm. The difference between the sundering of the Andrea Gail and the peril that looms for America is that the ship’s captain did not know he was sailing into a hurricane.  Joe Biden and his team of derelicts are choosing to put America at risk.

Let’s start with the draconian vaccination mandate. This is forcing members of the military, including those in our most elite special operations forces, to resign rather than subject themselves to unproven, problematic COVID vaccines. It makes absolutely no sense to require young, healthy men and women to get vaccinated against a disease that is killing the elderly, the obese and those with co-morbidities such as heart and pulmonary disease.

A more immediate concern is the impact on our health care system. The United States is now in the midst of a new wave of COVID infection that is putting more people in the hospital and killing more patients than the wave that hit us last November and December. The data from Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida provides a good predictor of what is going to happen in the blue states up north. Less than 1 person a day died during the November/December wave. Now? Four plus per day. We have had as many people hospitalized with COVID in the 45 days as we did in the 250 days from November 17, 2020 to July 22, 2021.

So at the very time that hospitals are going to be swamped with new COVID patients, not to mention those with the non-COVID influenza, nurses and physicians and technicians and cleaning staff and others needed to run a hospital are being forced out. Do you think this will make it easier to handle a new tsunami of COVID? Hell, no.

All of this takes place as Joe Biden squanders the United States’ position as the leader of the free world. Within the last week, he has damaged our long relationship with France. In an unprecedented move in U.S./French relations, the French recalled their Ambassador after Biden blindsided them in signing a deal with the UK and Australia that scuttled France’s plans to sell submarines to Australia. Then to top it off, Biden’s press handlers rudely interrupted and cut off the UK’s Prime Minister’s chat with the press during an Oval Office meeting.

Then there is the border. Completely out of control with tens of thousands impoverished illegal immigrants flooding into the United States along the border with Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. None are being tested for COVID. None are being required to get the jab. Yet, they are being shipped throughout the United States and being given hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars. Homeless veterans do not get these services. Why should they? They just put their lives on the line for the United States. Biden is now sending a clear message–your service to this nation counts for shit. He is only getting the checkbook out for people who are not Americans and have not sworn fealty to the Constitution.

The blowback from the COVID crackdown also is going to cripple the economic recovery and fuel inflation. People being forced to leave their job will cut back on expenditures and the businesses and companies that compelled them to leave will have trouble producing at the same level.

Turmoil is on the horizon and you and your family should prepare for major disruptions to the economy and even the food supply. (NOTE–I am not affiliated in any way with any company selling disaster preparedness kits and food. But we have now learned we cannot trust our Federal Government to act competently and to uphold the law.)

I wish I could offer you some hope of a quick turnaround. But I fear that, like the ill-fated Andrea Gail, we are sailing into a storm that will be terribly destructive to the country I love.

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