Kari Lake & Congressman Paul Gosar Bring Awareness To WMDs: Chinese Fentanyl

Original article.  “president” Biden is killing our people.  However, try to imagine the damage that will be done by the Terrorist he has spread throughout our country to unknown locations.  Beyond that, it is impossible to imagine the total damage this invasion, he has orchestrated, will do to our country.

More people have died from overdose than from COVID.”
Published May 19, 2022 1,344 Views


CCP Fentanyl is POISONING Americans.
Enough was confiscated in the SW sector last year to kill every Man Woman and Child in the USA 7x over. That was what we stopped–imagine how much got in.

We must secure our border and STOP the cartels and Narco Terrorists who are controlling our border. Take a look at the Fentanyl Round Table that Congressman Gosar assembled to educate us on the gravity of the situation.

Participants include Police Chief Larry Hall, City of Buckeye, Sheriff Doug Schuster, Mohave County, Sheriff Mark Lamb, Pinal County, Dawn Mertz, AZ HIDTA, Larry Tracey, Youth4Youth, Thomas Sauer, MacArthur Group, and Tom Van Flein, Chief of Staff, Office of Congressman Paul Gosar.

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