Kari Lake exposed a secret from her opponent’s past that will ruin Democrats

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Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is locked in a tight race.

But this time the Democrats look like they are on the wrong end of an October surprise.

And Kari Lake exposed a secret from her opponent’s past that will ruin Democrats.

Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is one of the most hapless and incompetent major gubernatorial candidates nominated by any Party in recent memory.

Hobbs comes across as the epitome of a “Karen” and lacks any personal appeal or charisma.

Now Hobbs is haunted by a scandal from her past.

Lake blasted Hobbs as a twice convicted racist over the fact that she participated in a mock slave auction in high school.

“The fact that as a high schooler, she would hold a mock slave auction for spirit week, that’s diabolical,” Lake told Breitbart in an exclusive interview. “It’s not like she went to high school in the 1800s. She went to high school at the same time that I went to high school; we’re the same age, Katie and I. That is diabolical. Who would ever think it’s a good idea to hold a mock slave auction?”

Lake said this is the second time Hobbs was found to be a racist.

Talonya Adams worked under Hobbs in the State Senate and successfully sued for $30,000 after alleging that Hobbs paid her less than a white man to do the same job.

“I’m not surprised because we look at her history here in Arizona … one year ago, two juries unanimously found her guilty for racism and sexism when she paid a woman of color $30,000 less than a male, white male, doing the same job,” Lake said.

Lake added that Hobbs’ problems with race were not surprising since the Democrat Party’s history is intertwined with racism.

In the 1800s, Democrats were the Party of slavery and founded the Klu Klux Klan.

In the 20th century, Democrats opposed the Civil Rights movement and imposed Jim Crow.

And now the 21st century woke leftists in schools and universities teach Critical Race Theory and segregate students based on skin color.

“This is the Party, the Democrats, who’ve been calling Republicans racist for years, and they truly are the Party of racism,” Lake added. “They’re the Party that started the KKK; they’re the Party that opposed the civil rights movement. They are truly the Party of racism in America, and they’ve tried to change history and confuse our young people. The fact of the matter is the Democrats are the Party of racists.”

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