Leftist “Watchdog” American Oversight: FOIA Requested AZ Audit Text Messages – NOTHING To See But They Say It Is HUGE: It’s NOT

Original article. Wow! It must really be bad for them to use so many tricks from their playbook; name-calling, hiding, distractions, deceptions, etc. etc. All of these antics won’t change the facts one iota.  They must know exactly what’s coming!
By Jordan Conradson
Published September 5, 2021 at 3:00 pm 547 Comments

American Oversight, “a nonpartisan oversight watchdog” that uses FOIA and litigation to target Republicans, recently received requested documents from the Arizona audit.

American Oversight is a tool for the Democratic party that has targeted the audit of the 2020 election.

Influence Watch reports:

American Oversight (AO) is an activist and litigation organization focusing on filing open records requests targeting Republican interests, especially the administration of President Donald Trump. The organization was launched in March 2017, following and in response to the election of President Trump’s inauguration and is headquartered in Washington, D.C.[1] As of January 2019, all of its investigations and litigation are directed at Republicans; it claims to be “the top Freedom of Information Act litigator investigating the Trump administration,” with more than 1000 open records requests and 56 lawsuits filed in 2018.[2]

While promoting itself as a “non-partisan” watchdog, American Oversight frequently appears explicitly partisan in its choice of investigative projects.[7]

As of the end of 2018, at least 11 of American Oversight’s 17 staffers and three of its four board members have known career histories with major left-wing organizations, Democratic Party campaigns, or Democratic officials.

On Wednesday, American Oversight released a biased review of the messages in an attempt to discredit the audit process. The report focuses on five different topics of their findings.

They used the messages to skew the truth by leaving out key conversation details and creating all sorts of conspiracy theories about the process.


Here, they attack Congressman Paul Gosar for inquiring about the ongoing investigation and having knowledge of some privileged information. They mention his involvement with Jan. 6 Trump rally.

They have nothing on Congressman Gosar.

They go on to say the former National Committeeman of the Arizona Republican Party Bruce Ash emailed Tommy Hicks, the co-chair of the Republican National Committee, and

asked that the RNC help finance the defense against Democrats’ legal challenges to the “audit.” The latest records include more instances of audit allies attempting to get help from the national party: On July 17, audit spokesman Randy Pullen sent a text to Ash saying, “Need guns, lawyers, and money. Have any?”

1) Ash’s e-mail said, “The pressure the Democrats are [p]utting in the process are quite extraordinary. They need assistance… I hope you might be able to source some much needed financial and legal assistance.”, after mentioning that the RNC hadn’t provided a dime. 

Democrats have dumped all of their resources into stopping this audit and covering up the crime. Remember the DNC’s Russia collusion hoax? Where is the issue in asking the RNC to help with an election integrity investigation?

2) Below, see the full messages from Randy Pullen to Bruce Ash. AO portrays a false image of Pullen based on a joke that he made. AO makes him sound like a criminal.

These people literally have no sense of humor. This isn’t a bank robbery scheme. He then said “Fun is about to start. Looks like AG going to step in,” followed by “we will see”.

Three days prior on July 14, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich requested evidence of illegal double voting in the 2020 election from Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. He later was notified by Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli that Maricopa County was in violation of the law, which required him to open an investigation into whether or not their noncompliance with subpoenas violated the law. He decided that Maricopa County is in violation of the law. They now have until September 25th to comply or they will lose 10% in state shared revenues, which amounts to tens of millions of dollars.


They’re hollering “Fire!” when there isn’t even smoke.

AO: The new records also indicate that Pullen was in touch with Reince Priebus, Trump’s first chief of staff and the former head of both the national and the Wisconsin Republican Party, as far back as December, before Pullen was officially involved in the “audit.” That month, Pullen texted Priebus to tell him about the potential for a “Forensic audit,” and in March asked Priebus for “suggestions on election audit firms.” (Priebus said he would check.) Another text from Pullen to Ash, sent on March 8, appears to reference Priebus: “I texted Reince and ask if he would like to help out on the audit,” Pullen said, then followed up to say they were speaking later that morning.

Randy Pullen was helping to advise Karen Fann and point her in the right direction “from the get-go”, according to Fann. In December, he simply told Priebus about the court rulings in the audit’s favor. It seems he was just keeping him up to date on the progress in Arizona.

He later asked for auditing firm suggestions, saying “We got one shot at this audit and it needs to be done right… any suggestions?”. He wanted a real audit that was done right, in contrast to the previous “audit” that was performed by the County and uncertified auditors, who certified the machines to begin with. This “audit” was also performed on small samples. They did not even check the entire system or all of the ballots.

Maricopa County and radical leftist Secretary of State Katie Hobbs later claimed that the Senate auditors tampered with the machines, leaving them damaged and compromised, which meant they could never be used again. The County then filed a $2.8 million dollar claim against the Senate to cover the cost of the “compromised” leased equipment. Dominion made more money off of us.


If their audits were accurate, why did they buy new machines without performing those same audits first, to see if anything happened? 

This further proves that their audits are completely useless.


The typical leftist Ad Hominem…

In this section, they begin by referencing undisclosed communications on a privileged log with Dr. Shiva, “an election conspiracy theorist and anti-vaccine activist”.

This further proves that their audits are completely useless.


The typical leftist Ad Hominem…

In this section, they begin by referencing undisclosed communications on a privileged log with Dr. Shiva, “an election conspiracy theorist and anti-vaccine activist”.


This audit is a result of the lack of trust in our elections. The fact that they label everybody a conspiracy theorist and refuse to show us the receipts only drives further doubt.

A majority of Americans do not have faith in the 2020 election.

This audit is far more impartial than the County’s “audit” of their own election, with handpicked vendors to audit their own work.

The same people calling Senate audit supporters conspiracy theorists are the same people who STILL believe the Russia collusion hoax.

Next, they attack AZGOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward and Gail Golec, a local Arizona Patriot. 

AO: Golic recommended that Logan visit a site to purchase the livestock drug ivermectinText messages indicate that upon hearing the news, Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward also told Fann that she hoped Logan had “gotten some Ivermectin and Zithromax.”) Golic also exchanged texts with Bennett in April, in which Golic said that the National Guard needed to be deployed to protect the audit from Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Notice how they purposely drop the “Dr.” before “Kelli Ward”? Dr. Kelli Ward is a real medical doctor who specializes in family medicine with over 25 years of experience. Ivermectin is not a livestock drug.

Ivermectin won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2015 and is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines. Prescribed to over 3.5 billion people, Ivermectin has one of the best and longest safety profiles in the history of medicine.


Golec had worries that radical leftist terrorists like BLM or Antifa might attack the audit, so she was raising her concerns to Ken Bennett.

In May 2020, following the death of George Floyd, BLM/ANTIFA rioters violently destroyed and looted Scottsdale Fashion Square mall, causing millions in damage. This was a real potential threat. Those people are crazy!

They also found texts from “conspiracy theorist” Liz Harris, who “has been organizing direct canvassing operations that experts warn could amount to voter intimidation.”

Asking someone if they voted in the last election is not voter intimidation. If that is voter intimidation, then canvassing BEFORE an election to demand people vote for you or your candidate is voter intimidation, too.

AO: On Dec. 16, Harris forwarded to Pullen a Dec. 16 text from “Bobby” requesting multiple decades’ worth of detailed voter information from all 15 counties in Arizona, not just Maricopa. Harris’s canvassing operations have recently been in the news again, with Harris denying any formal connections to the audit.

Good! Maricopa County ALONE has admitted that they sent 110,000 mail-in or absentee ballots to what turned out to be the wrong addresses. This needs to be reviewed for fraud.


“Bobby” could be Bobby Pitton, another who believes this election was stolen after what he’s seen.


Some of Trump’s lawyers have been involved since the beginning, including Christina Bobb, who has been 100% transparent about her audit fundraising source voicesandvotes.org. They would never have a problem with her donating to Planned Parenthood or another leftist organization.

AO: Another Trump lawyer, Cleta Mitchell, was also looped in on a number of communications.

Both of these ladies are under investigation by the radical left for their involvement with the audit and audit fundraising. They have done nothing wrong but take action.

AO: Pullen also received a text on April 22 from Jeff DeWit, the former CFO of NASA, who previously served as Arizona treasurer, in which DeWit said he was preparing to send $175,000 to Guardian Defense Fund, the organization set up as a legal defense fund for Gosar, state Rep. Mark Finchem, and former state Rep. Anthony Kern following their attendance at the Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” rally. DeWit asked Pullen, who was the fund’s treasurer, where to send the money; Pullen responded that “200 would be better but take what I can get.”

Pullen followed this with “Sh*t is hitting the fan. TRO filed by Democrat party. It is BS but not a surprise. Need the money for adding more security and for national legal team”

They included this out-of-context message to make randy look like a greedy criminal again. If you read all of the texts, this clearly just banter.

The lying AZ Family used these messages to headline an article, making it seem like Randy was in a panic over “security lapses”, that were actually fabricated by reporters. They even altered images to make the letters capitalized and make it seem like it was an urgent matter.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the Temporary Restraining Order(TRO) by Democrats and Steve Gallardo, the single Democrat on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. 


They then suggest that Jeff Dewitt is in contact with President Trump. What’s wrong with that? 

President Trump is not funding this audit. There is more than enough grass roots support from Americans to fund the audit.

They’re digging into all of the financials of the audit, but they just can’t find anything against it, only limited facts to drive conspiracy theories.


AO: The Senate originally provided $150,000 for the election “audit,” but in the months since, the total cost ballooned to at least $6 million, thanks to outside donations. Records included in Tuesday’s document production reveal how quickly the price tag rose: Among other payments, more than $400,000 went to private security contractor Law Enforcement Specialists, and the American Voting Rights Foundation sent $500,000 to contractor CyFIR and $250,000 to StratTech Solutions. Another e-mail from early August involving Sigman, Mitchell, and representatives of Wake Technology Services Inc., which left the operation in May, shows that AVRF wired $250,000 to Sigman to cover costs. 

The audit cost money. Nobody denies that. AO fails to mention the audit would have been a lot cheaper if Maricopa County had complied with the Arizona Senate, but they did not, and the audit is still continuing as a result.

Maricopa County also refused to perform a joint audit with the Senate, which ended up costing the Senate money for litigation, etc.

Concerned patriots around the country have gathered support and have been able to fund this audit through private Donations. The audit only cost the Arizona taxpayers $150,000.

The Senate never hid this, either. It has been known since the beginning what this cost the taxpayers, and that the price tag was rising as the County put up roadblocks.

How much did the Russia Collusion Hoax cost the American taxpayer?


AO: Cyber Ninjas was hired by the State Senate in the spring, and questions remain about how the firm was selected, given its lack of election experience and previous statements by Logan in which he advanced conspiracy theories about voting machines.

After hearing that Pro V&V — the company that performed the Maricopa County-led “audit” — also certified the machines prior to the election, Karen Fann started from scratch and contacted State Legislators from around the Country. This is where she learned that there are no best practices or guidelines for election audits anywhere in the country, which is very alarming.

She worked hard to find a firm that could perform an audit of this magnitude. She picked Doug Logan, who is not a conspiracy theorist.

“Lack of election experience” is just another attempt to discredit CyberNinjas, an application security company. They are here to ensure that the voting machines were as secure as Dominion claims.

The other contractor, CyFIR, is led by a team of computer forensic practitioners with decades of experience serving the Federal Government (Special Forces, FBI, DEA, CIA) and Fortune 500 companies.

There is no single national auditing standard according to the EAC.

They then declare that Karen Fann’s communications contain conspiracy theories: “On Aug. 23, Fann forwarded to Bennett, Pullen, and Logan an article about a report on missing Wisconsin ballots.”

This is not a conspiracy theory. The Gateway Pundit reported on this story, which was first published by The Daily Signal.

Finally, it was revealed that Pullen shared some findings with Justice Gableman in Wisconsin. He put these into “Three big political points”, which would justify an audit in other counties that used Dominion equipment.


Number 1:

Our audit procedures have been challenged by BOS, Recorder, and AZSOS. This is what U.S. Election Commission says: “There is no single national auditing standard & methods can vary from risk limiting, fixed percentage, tiered audits, or combination of one or more types.”

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Number 2:

All the issues with errors and problems discovered in the ballot boxes bring into question the procedures applied by the county.

Number 3:

Based on the findings reported by CyFIR CEO on Thursday, regarding the Dominion equipment and software, it is evident that County officials did not have control over system and were dependent on Dominion to manage election.

American Oversight’s Final Verdict: We can’t trust these conspiracy theorists.

The truth is that there is no evidence of wrongdoing and they’re just making this all up in order to drive doubt in the coming audit report. They are horrified.


They call everybody involved a conspiracy theorist, in a sad deflection and denial of the truth. They are attempting to shame anybody that supports the audit, their classic scare tactic.

These are the same conspiracy theorists who pursued the Russia Hoax and the bogus Impeachment hoax against President Trump.

This is not a conspiracy theory. It is a true conspiracy and soon we will know the truth.

These are the same conspiracy theorists who pursued the Russia Hoax and the bogus Impeachment hoax against President Trump.

This is not a conspiracy theory. It is a true conspiracy and soon we will know the truth.

** End **