LIVESTREAM REPLAY 7/3/22 – The Globalists In Plain Sight

Original post.  Even though our focus is on saving our country from the massive Election Fraud, we can not forget about the Globalists evil agenda which is used as a tool in the corruption of our elections.


Nadera Lopez-Garrity is head of Children’s Health Defense, Ohio Chapter.  She joins CDM.Press’ Christine Dolan, Host of the network’s Global Conversation – In Plain Sight LIVESTREAM on Sunday July 3, 2022 at 12:30pm edt. The conversation will cover how the W.H.O. global aspirations of directing every country’s health sovereignty, and, if successful, will affect, not just Ohio citizens, but citizens across U.S., and the world.  Lopez-Garrity is the former Vice President and co-founder of Health Freedom Ohio. She has a background in both Journalism and Political Science and has long been active in legislative and community advocacy to ensure Ohioans’ constitutional rights, liberties and health choices are protected.

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