Media is Backing Away from Arizona’s Democrat “Valley Girl” Candidate Katie Hobbs

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October 24, 2022 | Sundance | 94 Comments

National media are backing away slowly from Arizona Democrat gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, using her refusal to debate Republican candidate Kari Lake as the justification.  However, the reality behind the slow exit appears related more to the sheer “valley girl” ineptitude, than the debate decision.  Hobbs is a terrible candidate.

Despite her current role as Arizona Secretary of State, you only need to watch her efforts to present herself to an audience, any audience, to see the construct of a progressive political candidate who has no qualifications to run a state office.  More exposure only highlights the ineptitude.

A good example of the media’s current slow-exit position is represented in this exchange on ABC’s Good Morning America.  WATCH:

If the Arizona election is a fair and honest election, Kari Lake should easily defeat Katie Hobbs.  Only the most die-hard progressive moonbat could consider Hobbs a qualified candidate for governor.  She’s really that bad.  Arizona Republicans, Independents and the remaining few intellectually honest Democrats need to ensure Valley Girl Hobbs does not achieve higher office.

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