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Folks, The REAL NEWS is becoming more than one website can keep up with. I hope and pray that you are not still wasting time (being deceived and deceiving others) on Fake News (aka Main Stream Media; MSM) lies. For the subject category, I will try to use this post to point you to sources and key articles to get the truth. I am beginning with the article that triggered this decision. Hopefully, in this way I can keep up with the most important news from the flood of information.


  1. The Epoch Times: Pfizer, Moderna Stock Prices Down Considerably in 2023. Especially see the video (48:18) about patients loosing all of their rights and becoming prisoners to the deadly protocols when entering a hospital (The Truth About COVID Hospital Protocols). It references: “COVID-19 HUMANITY BETRAYAL MEMORY PROJECT.”
  2. The Epoch Times: They Suffered Myocarditis After COVID-19 Vaccination. Years Later, Some Still Haven’t Recovered (massive Special Report).
  3. Search Results for “Vaccine” on this website. “Older Post” goes to next page in the list.


  • Karen Kingston: Substack (The Kingston Report).