More evil from our wayward regime and their REAL J6 Insurrection/Coup (multi-part post) Being rebuilt, see new version

Table of Contents (Reverse Chronological Order)

  1. J6 Footage Is Just the Beginning of the Breaking of the Dam
  2. The True View With : Tina Peters & Ivan Raiklin – Final Part
  3. True The View With : Tina Peters & Ivan Raiklin – 3rd Part
  4. True The View With : Tina Peters & Ivan Raiklin – The Planning & Execution of January 6th
  5. The True View With : Tina Peters & Ivan Raiklin – 1st Part
  6. Here You Go, America: The Gateway Pundit Uncovers MASSIVE J6 DATABASE Engineered by ‘SEDITION HUNTER’ DHS Front Group [Part 1]
  7. Questions for Chief Sund Testimony 3pm Sep 19, 2023!

J6 Footage Is Just the Beginning of the Breaking of the Dam

The True View With : Tina Peters & Ivan Raiklin – Final Part

Original video. 10/10/23. The REAL Coup was completed when the Fraudulent and Illegal 2020 election was allowed to stand by then VP Mike Pence.

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True The View With : Tina Peters & Ivan Raiklin – 3rd Part

Original video. 10/07/23

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True The View With : Tina Peters & Ivan Raiklin – The Planning & Execution of January 6th

Original video. 10/06/23.

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The True View With : Tina Peters & Ivan Raiklin – 1st Part

Original video. 10/06/23. It appears that this video and the one above are the same video. So, the first one must be missing.

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Here You Go, America: The Gateway Pundit Uncovers MASSIVE J6 DATABASE Engineered by ‘SEDITION HUNTER’ DHS Front Group [Part 1]

Original article.

By Alicia Powe, With Benjamin Wetmore, Sep. 20, 2023 3:40 pm, 387 Comments

The Gateway Pundit has obtained THOUSANDS OF HOURS OF J6 FOOTAGE from “Sedition Hunter” online crowdsourcing groups.

Sedition Hunters are typically Antifa activists who define themselves as part of an anonymous group that tracks, identifies, and reports Trump supporters and protesters who attended the January 6 protests in Washington DC to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Defense attorneys representing J6 defendants have access to over 41,000 hours of January 6 footage but are prohibited from publicly disclosing the footage until it is exhibited in discovery in a defendant’s trial.

J6 defendants typically view their discovery for the first time during trial.

GOP members of Congress have refused to release the footage to the American people.

In June, when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green announced just three journalists were granted access to the footage, the Georgia Republican claimed groups like Sedition Hunters would use the footage to “hurt innocent people.”

But The Gateway Pundit has confirmed that Sediton Hunters have obtained nearly all the footage and have spent years documenting every aspect, angle, and dimension of the Capitol Riot.

Below is a copy of a spreadsheet compiled by Sediton Hunters containing links to thousands of hours of J6 CCTV footage, police body cams and more. 

The document outlines minute-by-minute accounts linked to available video, from January 6th.

Open-Source Intelligence, Capitol Security Footage, Bodycams, J6 Deaths After J6 by Alicia Powe

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Questions for Chief Sund Testimony 3pm Sep 19, 2023!

Original article. I hope to add the Ivan Raiklin and Joe Hoft interviews video from The Lindell Report 9/19 when its available. “The Restrict Act” will restrict Truth and Justice even further.

Questions to Ask former USCP Chief Steven Sund during House Admin Testimony


On Tuesday September 19 at 3pm the former US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund will be testifying before the House Admin Committee, Subcommittee on Oversight, chaired by Congressman Barry Loudermilk (R-GA). 

Remember that Tucker was fired from Faux News (likely by Paul Ryan) the day before he was going to air the Sund interview. Was Tucker fired because Chief Sund would have exposed the fedsurrection coup of January 6 and how the Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving may have been complicit? Remember that Faux News Board of Director Paul Ryan’s Sergeant at Arms was also Paul Irving.

Tucker Carlson’s Interview of Chief Sund makes the case that there was an intentional failure that caused the breach of the US Capitol to take place and Yogananda Pittman was involved based on former USCP Lieutenant Tarik Johnson interviews and Sund Interviews.

In the Tucker Carlson interview, without using these words directly, Chief Sund said there was a Fedsurresurrection coup conducted by Yogananda Pittman at the direction of her leaders over at the Capitol Police Board. There was then a thesubsequent cover up by USCP Chief Manger, during which Pittman returned to head the Intelligence and Interagency Coordination Division (IICD) even though over 90% of the Capitol Police Union had no faith in her leadership. Also involved were the USCP General Counsel Thomas “Tad” DiBiase and the office of the Inspector General. Let’s not forget Julie Farnum as well.

So this subcommittee is chaired by Georgia Congressman Loudermilk and three other members on that subcommittee. The committee that’s charged with having oversight over the Capitol Police and the Capitol Police Board. Keep in mind that the House Admin Committee is chaired by Congressman Bryan Steil (WI-01). He is a Paul Ryan loyalist as he used to work for Paul Ryan and replaced Ryan when he went from being Speaker of the House to sitting on the board of Faux News. One of the three subcommittees on the Committee on House Administration (CHA) is the Oversight Subcommittee, chaired by Congressman Loudermilk and includes Congressman Morgan Griffith (VA-09), Congressman Greg Murphy (NC-05) and Congressman Anthony D’Esposito from New York. If I were these members of Congress, I would ask the following questions of Chief Steven Sund:

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EXCLUSIVE: Capitol Police Chief Called Jan 6 Events ‘A Cover Up’ in Tucker Carlson Interview HIDDEN By Fox News.

Original Article.

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund told then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson that events surrounding the January 6th riots at the U.S. Capitol appear to have been a “cover up,” in never-seen-before footage published exclusively by The National Pulse.

In the hour-long interview, Sund laments the behaviors of then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, who he says had intelligence to suggest problems on Capitol Hill, which they failed to communicate with Sund and his cops on the ground.

“If I was allowed to do my job as the chief we wouldn’t be here, this didn’t have to happen,” Sund begins, around 19 minutes into the conversation, during which he describes himself as “pissed off” about being “lambasted in public” over the events. Sund has written a bookCourage Under Fire, about his experiences.

Having served as a police officer for over 30 years, including taking over as Chief of the United States Capitol Police in 2019, Sund explains the events leading up to January 6th, including prior to the incident at the Capitol itself, and the aftermath, appeared to be a “cover up.”

“Everything appears to be a cover up,” says the decorated police chief, explaining that most things to do with his department were political, specifically because he reported to politicians including then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

“Like I said, I’m not a conspiracy theorist,” Sund explains, “…but when you look at the information and intelligence they had, the military had, it’s all watered down. I’m not getting intelligence, I’m denied any support from National Guard in advance. I’m denied National Guard while we’re under attack, for 71 minutes…”

The full interview has thus far been hidden from the public at the behest of Rupert Murdoch’s increasingly left-wing Fox News channel, which unceremoniously fired its prime time host Tucker Carlson allegedly as part of a private settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.

“It sounds like they were hiding the intelligence,” Carlson quizzed, to which Sund stunningly responds: “Could there possibly be actually… they kind of wanted something to happen? It’s not a far stretch to begin to think that. It’s sad when you start putting everything together and thinking about the way this played out… what was their end goal?”

The next portion of the interview, featuring a stunning conversation about Capitol riot “orchestrator” Ray Epps, will be released on on Thursday morning.

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“My Faith in Jesus Christ Is Stronger Than It’s Ever Been – They Have Not Broken Me” – Orphan, Trafficking Victim, and J6 Political Prisoner Isaac Thomas Sends Letter to The Gateway Pundit from DC Gulag

Original article. We know who wins in the end, because we have read the back of the book (the Bible). However, it is still hard to fathom such heartless evil in what God founded as a Christian nation. Please help spread this. It is very important that every person in this country, regardless of party affiliation, understand the very nature of this tyrannical regime. That is the only way they will ever be stopped.

By Margaret Flavin, Sep. 17, 2023 8:00 am, 134 Comments

Isaac Thomas was orphaned at the age of 6 and endured years of abuse and neglect as a child— trafficked through various placements while in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services. 

Thomas emancipated himself at 16 and got involved in political activism.

He was inspired to speak out for other victims of the failed foster care system and went to the United States Capitol with thousands of other Americans to peacefully protest and make their muffled voices heard.

Isaac was only 18 years old when he attended the January 6 protests.

** Please help Issac Thomas here.

Isaac Thomas was the voice for the voiceless on January 6

Following January 6, Isaac found himself in the crosshairs of Antifa Terrorists hell-bent on causing him pain.

He was bombarded with death threats at work- a storm at which, his employer first tried to weather with him, but the pressure soon became too much to bear, and Isaac was fired from his job through no fault of his own.

Following his financial struggles, Isaac fell behind on bills, car insurance payments, rent – his former life was reduced to abject poverty, and he took local small gigs and odd jobs to make ends meet.

He was later hit by a drunk driver, and his car was totaled, stranding him once more financially.

He had to get out, and fast- to somewhere that he could stay in compliance with his bond requirements and try to get his life back together.

Patriots stepped up and a new home, and available transportation were secured for him, but moving states would severely complicate his relationship with the courts.

Rushed and out of time, Isaac had no choice but to pack his things and head for the new home. He would have been homeless back home and wouldn’t have been able to comply with any requirements of the courts, due to lack of resources- NOT lack of cooperation.

Isaac now sits in the DC Gulag awaiting trial.

He is still being abused now by his government.

Isaac Thomas told The Gateway Pundit on Saturday night during a phone call from the DC prison, “My faith in Jesus Christ is stronger than ever. They have not broken me.”

Isaac wrote to The Gateway Pundit to share his story and thank our readers.

** Please help Issac Thomas here.

Dear America,

Have you ever had an epiphany? A moment where everything hits you at once and you just sit there wondering how you made it to where you are? How you’ve survived for this long? Well tonight, as I sit here in cell 19 of block C3A in the DC Gulag, I’m wondering the same thing. My name is Isaac Thomas, I’m one of the hundreds of January 6th political prisoners being held hostage by the Biden Regime. Many of you are familiar with my story thanks to the amazing reporting of The Gateway Pundit. Tonight, I’ve been offered the opportunity to share my experiences with you firsthand.

So let’s start from the beginning: When I was born at Hurley hospital in October of 2002, I was born into a family who didn’t have much. Though my mother and father were poor they had hearts of gold. Both young and unequipped, they welcomed me into the world as their firstborn child with open arms. For the first 3 years of my life things were hard but my mother made sure I was fed, clothed and most of all happy. At the age of 3 my dad got involved in a gang that quickly led to a road of drugs, violence and absence. He left my mother and me alone to fend for ourselves only showing up on random occasions to ask for nothing more than money and sex. Not long before my 4th birthday he introduced my mom to the very addictive and lethal drug oxycotin. From that point forward, life was nothing more than a train without breaks. Unfortunately I was the car stuck on the tracks.

The next few years were miserable. My mothers addiction quickly turned into abuse and anger. I went from her only son to an emotional punching bag. We lost our home and went from drug house to drug house… Anywhere that would give us a couch to sleep on. At the age of six, as I was standing in my aunt Kim’s back yard playing with her puppy, I heard my mother scream louder than I had ever heard her scream before. Something was wrong, I ran into the house to see my mother on the floor crying rivers of tears. “It’s not true, its not true she kept repeating. I would soon find out that the man who left us alone so many years ago, my father, had passed away from a heroine overdose. From there, things only got worse. My mother became more angry and addicted to even worse drugs. The abuse progressed into torture and the hope I held onto that things would one day get better, disappeared.

It wasn’t long before Child “Protective” services came along and decided to take their piece of the pie. For the next 10 years I spent my life even more miserable than I was on the ghetto streets of Flint Michigan. 42 placements in total. 19 emergency shelters, 14 money making experimentation camps, 6 foster homes and 3 relative placements. All while under the “care” and custody of the Department of Health and Human Services, or as I like to call them, the Department of Legalized Human Trafficking.

During my time under the establishments care I was raped, beaten, experimented on with Fauci funded pharmaceuticals and even had my arm snapped in half when being held down by 8 grown men at 13 years old. These deep state pedophiles made 400 dollars a day for me as they tortured me. To them, I was nothing more than a barcode and a hefty pay check.

Now, here comes the good part. At the age of 16 I filed a court filing asking to be emancipated from foster care. Emancipation means I would be granted the same rights as an adult but at the age of 16 instead of 18. In order to do this I had to prove I could take care of myself with housing and a job. Thanks to my amazing aunt deb who offered me a place to stay and helped me find a job, the judge granted me my emancipation on July 19th of 2019. I was finally free and for the first time since I was 3 years old, I was happy.

Within the first couple of months I was able to get my own apartment and a contracted job with Comcast. I can’t lie, it was hard being an adult at 16 but I had never been so happy and grateful. One of the happiest moments of my life was getting to see my mother for the first time in years to show her my apartment and how good I was doing. I can never thank God enough for that special moment because soon I would find out the worse news I had ever heard in my life.

It was a quiet afternoon on May 20th, 2020 when I heard a knock on my apartment door. I had never understood that God awful scream I heard from my mother all them years earlier until I opened that door. There was 2 detectives from the Flint township police department taking their hats off to tell me that my mother had overdosed from fentanyl but this time, she didn’t make it through.

At that moment, all of the anger and hatred I had in me against this terrible, corrupt system came wailing out of me like a tornado siren warning everyone of a coming storm. In the months that followed I became very depressed. I was alone and suddenly afraid of a world where everything I loved was taken from me. Yet somehow, in a way that only God can explain, the lord took all of that pain and provided me a purpose. A mission.

A mission to fix the broken system that had taken everything from me and so many others.

I became interested in politics for the first time in my young life. I quickly found refuge in a movement of God loving American Patriots who were just as upset as I was. On October 19th 2020, 2 weeks before the election, I turned 18 years old. On November 3rd 2020, I cast my first ever vote for the best President America HAS, Donald J. Trump. I had done the research, connected the dots and was sure that our President was going to win the 2020 election. I was right. As election night came to a close I stayed glued to the TV excited to see that our president had won again.

I went to sleep and was grateful to have a chance to help these amazing American Patriots finish draining the swamp. I woke the next morning to a disappointment that I would soon realize as the beginning of the end for our great republic. They had stolen the election from our great President.

The next few months seemed like a nightmare stuck on replay that would never end. As the establishment funded propaganda companies waged war on the American people, God was raising an army of brave citizens who would not be silenced. On December 27th 2020 I won a lawsuit against the men who snapped my arm in foster care. The next day me and my girlfriend headed out of state for our first time ever to go watch the ball drop in new York city and to eventually head to the peaceful protest being held Washington DC so we could watch our president speak and pray that our elected officials would do the right thing. As millions of us stood peacefully outside our nations capitol, police and undercover FBI informants attacked us with rubber bullets, pepper spray and smoke grenades. They beat us with batons and killed 4 unarmed, peaceful protestors.

This enraged the crowd and forced many of us to fight for our lives, otherwise they would’ve killed more of us. After an hour of trying to help where I could, me and my girlfriend left the protest and made our way back home to Flint, Michigan.

** Please help Issac Thomas here.

About a week later 4 FBI SWAT trucks showed up outside my newly rented trailer. They busted into my home and refused to provide a warrant. They took my phone and told me that if I didn’t tell them what they needed to know then they would do things the hard way. I told them the Truth. Hours later they gave me my phone back and said I wasn’t being charged. I didn’t hear anything else from them for the next year. I decided to get a job at an assisted living home and tried to be at peace.

Then in 2022, I decided to enter the race for county commissioner. Despite being 19 years old and only spending 200 dollars on my campaign, I managed to get 1,034 votes. Not long after that I started receiving calls from friends and family telling me that the FBI had started reaching out to them asking for information on me. I can’t lie, it did scare me but I continued pressing forward with our agenda. Over that past year I had also been filing lawsuits and criminal charges against the people who raped and beat me in those foster placements. I was making waves and exposing all of the money worshipping pedophiles that run our government. On January 20th 2023, I retained a prestigious law firm and filed a class action lawsuit against the foster system. One week later, on January 26th of 2023 I was indicted with 10 federal charges for being at the capitol 2 years earlier. I was released on bond and continued pushing forward for justice for me and the many others hurt by the system.

Sedition Hunters quickly caught on and began harassing the assisted living I worked at as well as the landlord of the trailer park I was living in. It wasn’t long before I lost everything I had worked so hard to achieve. In July the government filed their first motion to revoke my bond for driving my car without insurance. I was forced to come to DC for an in person hearing on July 3rd, the day before independence day. Once I got to the hearing I got lucky when the judge adjourned it to August 18th. This allowed me to finish testifying as one of four victims in a criminal rape trial against a man who hurt me during my time under DHHS care. The man was found GUILTY on all 6 counts. His sentencing is scheduled for October 30th.

In the meantime I was evicted from my home and forced to ask pretrial to allow me to go to Texas to start preparing a trailer that was being offered for me. Once my attorney got it approved I headed down there with nothing more than my puppy and a few pairs of clothes. After I left, pretrial asked my attorney to file a notice to the court telling them about my transfer to Texas. They also requested I get a mental health evaluation for God knows what. I was reluctant but agreed to comply and did just that. However, a couple days before the August 18th hearing pretrial and the government teamed up against me by making a number of false allegations. They said I left to Texas without telling anyone and that I hadn’t gotten any mental health evaluations.

This was despite the fact I had text messages from pretrial and my attorney telling me I could go down there. I also had doctors from both Michigan and Texas confirm that I did do the evaluations. Not one but two, one for each state. Trennis Evans and Condemned USA knew I was telling the truth because they have been advocating for me through all of it. They even talked to pretrial prior to me leaving for Texas and assisted me in getting doctors notes proving I did the evaluations they asked me to do.

Because of this, Trennis filed an affidavit calling out each of the governments lies point by point with exhibits of the text messages and doctors notes proving we were telling the truth.

As a result of this, the establishment funded judge, Colleen Kollar Kotelly, issued a minute order banning me from discussing details of my case with Trennis. The worst is yet to come. At the hearing on the 18th the judge reiterated the false claims the government was making. My attorney should have used Trennis’ motion as a guideline for our argument. Instead he told the judge he wasn’t aware of any of this and needed more time to go over it. The judge was rightfully upset and gave us 10 days to figure it out. She told me that in the meantime I needed to find somewhere else to stay in Michigan because she’s denying my request to move to Texas. She also ordered pretrial to schedule yet another mental health evaluation but with one of their providers.

She ended by telling me that until my next hearing on the 28th, I am ordered to stay in DC with my attorney at his apartment. I kid you not, that’s how crazy these people are.

After 10 days of misery, me and my attorney showed up to my 3rd bond hearing in a month’s time span. The judge made the same accusations again and my attorney got up and asked for another adjournment. The judge wasn’t having it so she looked at me and asked if I had found housing in Michigan yet. I provided her a copy of a lease to a 2 bedroom house I was able to find just 3 days prior thanks to a good patriot friend of mine who is also a realtor in my home town. Pretrial got up and objected saying they had no way to verify the lease was real despite it being signed by me and the landlord. The judge asked why pretrial is objecting and they said it was because I had refused to provide the cell phone number to my new landlord. I told the judge that I didn’t want pretrial trying to scare my landlord but that I was willing to provide them the number right there on the record if that’s what was needed. The judge said it was too late and moved on to ask about the mental health evaluation. Pretrial said they hadn’t set one up because I hadn’t signed a release form.

The judge asked me why, I told her I never received one but had no problem signing it if they would send it to me. Yet again she said it was too late and told my attorney he should’ve been more prepared. Then she entered it into the record that she was revoking my bond without explaining how any of this made me a danger to the community or a flight risk. Instead they put me in handcuffs and hauled me off as I looked at my attorney and the judge in disgust. I gave them a nice smile as the door to the courtroom closed behind me.

So here I am, a month before my 21st birthday sitting in cell 19 of unit C3A. Also known as the American Gulag. They believe they have broken me but I write this letter tonight to let everyone know that my faith in Jesus Christ has never been stronger. He has given me this strength and peace that I cant explain with word’s. I know that it will get better. One day. Until then I ask all of you to trust in the lord and his promises. A storm is brewing. His people will not be shaken. Please do not feel pity for me, instead, rejoice in the fact that the lord has made a warrior out of me. After all, what is a warrior without a battle?

I love you America.

Until we meet again,

Isaac A. Thomas

** Please help Issac Thomas here.


** End **

Petty Tyrants In DC Gulag Spin COVID Torture [VIDEO]

Original article. This will probably be outlawed when President Trump returns to office. Of course, he will also release the victims of this tyrannical regime. Everyone who has been involved in commanding, enforcing, allowing etc. this torture should experience it themselves before it is outlawed.

By Alicia Powe, Sep. 17, 2023 4:20 pm, 254 Comments

Jail guards, correctional officers, and even the Director of Strategic Communications at the Washington DC Correctional Treatment Facility struggled to provide The Gateway Pundit explanation for why J6 political prisoners are back in quarantine, locked in their 8 by 12 cells 24/7.

As TGP has reported, jail guards commanded inmates in the “patriot pod” of the DC gulag to return to their cells on Thursday for roll call, an emergency command that orders all prisoners to stand in the doorways of their cells.

The inmates were then reportedly told they would be locked in their cells for the foreseeable future because…the Covid “emergency” suddenly and remarkably made a comeback.

Several J6 political prisoners, who have been unconstitutionally held hostage in pre-trial detention for years, messaged this reporter asking for help and called on Gateway Pundit readers to continue to put pressure on the “public servants” who operate the jail.

J6ers shined a bright light on the torturous conditions inmates were subjected to in the DC gulag throughout the government’s murderous Covid mandates in 2021 and 2022.

National media attention J6 defendants garnered while exposing the cruel and unusual treatment prompted lame-duck GOP members of Congress to visit the jail twice and make empty promises to investigate J6 twice while masquerading as conservatives.

Under the guise of “quarantine,” prisoners in the Swamp are prohibited from contact visitation, lawyer meetings, haircuts, regular showers, and religious services.

For refusing deadly experimental covid gene-editing “vaccinations,” Inmates were previously locked in “the hole” for over a year

Quarantine is also an excuse for authoritarian guards employed with the DC CTF to deprive inmates of food.

Correctional officers fabricated and obfuscated the facts in numerous calls with The Gateway Pundit when pressed on whether Covid regulations are being reinstituted in the gulag.

“If they have Covid, no one can see them,” an Officer who said her name is Clinkscale told TGP.

“Just because you a visitor,” she retorted,” what makes you think you supposed to see them?”

Inmates warn they are being held locked in their cells 24/7, in quarantine, for refusing to comply with Covid testing.

“I am not familiar with [the Covid lockdown],” the jail officer claimed, adding, “There’s no restrictions with those who do not have Covid — they wouldn’t be on the unit.”

Pressed for additional information about the jail’s practice of Democrat DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Covid regulations, Officer [Clinkscale] hung up the phone.

Incompetent petty tyrants run the deep state’s bureaucracy.


Another employee with the DC Department of Corrections, Major [Marr], insists the political prisoners are lying about guards locking them in their cells 24/7 and the unit’s reinstitution of totalitarian Covid torture.

“Mam — mam! Mam! Mam! Mam! I’ve answered the same question multiple times, I don’t know how many ways you want to hear it,” Major [Marr] chided on a call with TGP.

“They are on medical quarantine, they are on modified recreation, they receive their meals. They just cannot have visits,” she claimed.

J6 defendants question why they are not permitted “video visitation” with their families from their tablets, a luxury inmates housed in other cell blocks are afforded.

“I don’t know why they are not having video visits, if they have a tablet, they have access to video visits. Maybe they don’t have money in their account,” Major [Marr] angrily shot back when pressed for visitation details.

“Mam! Mam! Mam! Mam!” Marr repeatedly interjected.

“If you put money in their accounts and they have a tablet, they should be able to have video visits. Call this number back and you should speak to the visitation officer,” she continued before abruptly hanging up the phone in haste.

Political prisoner Jake Lang called TGP to thank the American public for, at least momentarily, putting a halt on the Covid lockdown.

“All the phone calls you guys did really put a lot of pressure on the administration — so they let us out of our cells yesterday morning because of all the phone calls,” Lang told TGP in an exclusive interview. “That was a big victory.”


Lang, who saved Phillip Anderson’s life during the Capitol riot, described the “arbitrary tyranny” J6ers have endured in DC jail throughout the Covid-1984 takeover:

I got here Feb. 4, 2021. I’ve been through it all here. One time they asked us on Jan. 5, they asked everyone to take a covid test, half of us that didn’t take the test were locked in our cells for 14 days. They let us out every 4 or 5 days to shower, for refusing.

[Guards] told us in the beginning that you and your family member both had to be vaccinated in order for you to visit, to see your family here — after 15 months in here not being able to see our families when we first got here.

A few guys here got the shot here, and [correctional officers] still said they couldn’t see their family members. 

They get their rocks off by breaking people, making people take vaccines — making them do this, making them do that.

But we have a faith in God that is unbreakable  – If we remain strong on that, there is nothing that they can do to us. They may be able to imprison your and your body, but never your soul and your spirit.

Zachary Rehl, a J6 political prisoner who was sentenced to 15 years in prison last week, had hopes of finally meeting his daughter for the first time on Friday until guards were ordered to wage more psychological COVID warfare on Thursday.

Rehl’s wife was 6 months pregnant when he was dragged from their home in a predawn raid and terrorized by FBI agents.

The 36-year-old Marine Corps veteran, who was stripped of his GI benefits after fascistic leftist jurors convicted him of seditious conspiracy, has only seen his daughter in photographs since she was born.

After enduring 17 months in solitary confinment, Rehl was released from the Alexandria Detention Facility in June and transferred to a Lewisberg, Pennsylvania prison, where he was housed for ten days.

Rehl’s wife traveled to Lewisburg with their now 2-year-old daughter prepared to meet her dad for the first time.

When Mrs. Rhel arrived at the Pennsylvania jail, she was notified her husband had been transferred to the DC Gulag and housed again in solitary confinement.


Amid another “quarantine” lockdown fiasco, it appears the US government is hellbent on barring Zach from ever meeting his daughter, Mrs. Rehl surmised in an exclusive interview with TGP.



** End **

Please don’t allow it to go this far.

Woman Euthanized in Belgium Heard Screaming by Loved Ones as She was Suffocated by Pillow

Original article. Just consider the progression to get to where we are today. You don’t think this is in our future?

By Margaret Flavin, Sep. 17, 2023 3:20 pm, 950 Comments

Thirty-six year old Alexina Wattiez received the devastating news that she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  In 2021, doctors told her she would not survive another year.  By the spring of 2022, her health had deteriorated to the point that she chose Belgium’s controversial euthanasia program to end her life in what she hoped would be a more peaceful and less painful way to die.

Belgium legalized euthanasia in 2002. The law allows patients suffering from untreatable or unbearable physical or psychological conditions to choose to end their lives.

Newsweek shares, “Belgian law specifies that to qualify for euthanasia, the person must be in a ‘medically futile condition of constant and unbearable physical or mental suffering that cannot be alleviated, resulting from a serious and incurable disorder caused by illness or accident.’”

Unfortunately for Alexina, her death was anything but peaceful. After a cocktail of drugs failed to end her life, European media outlet Le Soir, reported that Alexina was suffocated with a pillow by nurses while her loved ones in another room heard her screams.

Le Soir reported that Alexina’s partner, Christophe Stulens, and his 15-year-old daughter Tracy were there when a doctor and two nurses came to the home to administer the euthanasia protocol.

“After a short night’s sleep, I was woken up by a nurse who told me that Alexina was doing very badly,” Stulens said. “Then the doctor took some syringes and we were asked if we wanted to say goodbye.”

Stulens and his daughter were told to wait outside, so they went onto the terrace, but what they thought would be a peaceful death quickly turned horrific: they heard screaming.

“I recognized her voice,” he said. “Afterwards we saw her lying on the bed with her eyes and mouth open.”

De Telegraph reported that an autopsy found that Wattiez died of asphyxiation, not the euthanasia drug cocktail that was meant to end her life, and that nurses took turns using a pillow to suffocate her.

From Live Action:

The drugs used in assisted suicide are often the same used for executions, and they are frequently known to fail. Additionally, while the process of dying may look peaceful, in reality, there is a serious possibility of severe pain.

As Dr. Joel Zivot, an associate professor of anesthesiology and surgery at the Emory School of Medicine, has previously explained, “The death penalty is not the same as assisted dying, of course. Executions are meant to be punishment; euthanasia is about relief from suffering. Yet for both euthanasia and executions, paralytic drugs are used. These drugs, given in high enough doses, mean that a patient cannot move a muscle, cannot express any outward or visible sign of pain. But that doesn’t mean that he or she is free from suffering.”

In fact, the lungs may fill with fluid, causing the patient to essentially drown while he or she is paralyzed.

“Advocates of assisted dying owe a duty to the public to be truthful about the details of killing and dying,” Zivot continued. “People who want to die deserve to know that they may end up drowning, not just falling asleep.”

The Gateway Pundit reported on the rising culture of death spreading throughout the world, including French president Emmanuel Macron’s work to implement a law on an ‘End of Life Model” in a move seen by his critics as a dangerous first step towards legalizing euthanasia in the country.

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