More Than $100 Million In Unused Border Wall Panels Rusting Away In Texas (VIDEO)

Original article.  This is how much Joe Biden cares about your money, your safety, your future, …  In addition to this, Biden is Spending $3 Million Per Day to Not Build the Border Wall.  Not to mention the dozens of ways open borders are destroying our country and costing us many more $Millions, loss of lives, assaults, drug deaths, … caused by unvetted criminals  from all over the world who are flooding into our country.  U.S. border arrests top 1 million in fiscal year 2021.  That is just the ones that were caught and most likely released into our country (another part of the Biden destruction).  We have no idea how many are flooding in via the wide open gaps that can not be patrolled because our overrun Border Patrol is baby sitting kids and trying to manage the flood of illegal immigrants.  Didn’t he take an oath to protect and defend our country and our constitution???  How was that carried out in Afghanistan?  What should be done about this before we no longer have a country?


We are currently witnessing what is possibly the worst crisis at the southern border in our nation’s history and the Biden administration shut down construction of the border wall.

Even worse, the materials used to build the wall, which have already been paid for by taxpayers, are now lying in a field in Texas, gathering rust.

The Biden administration doesn’t care. They are proving that through their lack of action.

The New York Post reports:

$100 million in border wall materials rusting away in Texas: report

More than a $100 million worth of taxpayer-paid border wall materials have been discarded and are going to waste in Texas after President Biden ended construction of the barrier when he entered the White House in January and canceled contracts for its construction, according to a report.

A Fox News drone captured footage of around 10,000 steel panels — enough to build 100 miles of wall — rusting in the sun in Pharr, Texas, since January.

Only about 14 miles of the wall was built before former President Donald Trump left office.

“Keep in mind, taxpayers have already paid for this,” ​reporter Bill ​Melugin said on “America’s Newsroom.”

“It’s bought and paid for and nothing is happening with it​,” he added.

The news crew also took video of where the wall abruptly ends in La Joya, Texas, ​leaving an open space that illegal immigrants can easily walk across.

“Basically, it’s useless,” ​Melugin said. “We watch these migrants just walk around it all the time. It’s not doing anything, and the border agents out here are having to run around left and right as runners are constantly coming through.”

Watch the video below:

It’s just stunning. The solution to the border crisis is lying right there. All paid for. And Biden won’t use it.

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