MUST READ: The ERIC False Narrative

Original article. Please do not get distracted from the top priority before the 2024 elections. GET RID OF VOTING MACHINES. Yes, the work in this article is also very important, but it is the machines that use those election database entries who will not vote to create the fraudulent votes (phantom voters). Humans alone can not deliver the massive crimes/fraud identified in the 2020 and 2022 elections.

Especially note the article linked to by the single word “sovereign.” (“The Sovereign Crime of Industrial Scale Vote Fraud” 3/16/21.) After reading that article, remind yourself of the fact that the AZ Legislators STILL have done ZERO about the massive evidence of multi-state criminal activity presented to them 2/23/23 of which Arizona is a BIG part. Election Crimes/Fraud is a part of that activity.

By Jim Hoft, Apr. 27, 2023 8:00 am, 392 Comments

Guest post by Jay Valentine

After 7 states dumped the Leftist-controlled ERIC, its supporters started selling a false narrative that there are no alternatives to ERIC.

What does ERIC do?   It claims to find people who move from one state to another.  It claims to find dead voters.

So what?  That’s not where the fraud is.  Election fraud, 85% or more – is baked into mail-in ballot voting.

What does ERIC do to fight mail-in ballot fraud?

Election fraud from people living in two locations is less than 1% of all election fraud.  Election fraud is overwhelmingly – think 85% – from mail-in ballots tied to people who do not regularly vote.

The big stuff – at-scale election ballot fraud is sovereign – election commissions at the county or state or both levels are in on it.  Election commissions commit election fraud or submissively acquiesce while someone else does it for them.

ERIC doesn’t check for that!

Anyone recall ERIC reporting that in Arizona thousands of zip codes changed days before the 2022 election – when mail-in ballots were going out?  Or that people older than Julius Caesar still vote in several ERIC states?

ERIC is a system that by definition is blind to over 85% of the current fraud in election rolls – yet it remains the core election fraud system for two dozen states!

85% of election fraud comes from mail-in ballots and ERIC does not address that ocean of fraud!

When a Secretary of State clings to a system blind to the overwhelming percentage of fraud, they are acquiescing to voter fraud and lying to their citizens.

ERIC is a convenient black box protecting Secretaries of State and Governors from challenges about fixing election fraud.  Since ERIC owned the moniker “cleaning voter rolls,” hapless politicos for years said “we clean voter rolls with ERIC.”

“We clean voter rolls with ERIC” – said at the same time everyone knows ERIC couldn’t find a fake mail-in ballot operation if it had a lighthouse attached to it.

The politician pays ERIC to clean voter rolls, is immunized from pressure to run a clean election while Leftists gin up fake mail-in ballot scams operating in plain sight – safe in the knowledge ERIC won’t report it.

Ever wonder why Leftists, who fight taking dead people off voter rolls because maybe they might resurrect, support ERIC with such passion?

ERIC doesn’t test for mail-in ballot fraud – and that’s where the votes are!

Doubt me?

We have the data for states AFTER ERIC cleaned their voter rolls.

Unlike ERIC, we are real-time.

Unlike ERIC, we compare property tax rolls and other databases against voter rolls and find what ERIC missed – which is more than they find.

  • Like the 4,000 registered voters in Nevada living in vacant lots and hotels.
  • Or the 107,000 changes to a county’s election database days before the Arizona election.
  • Perhaps one might be interested in the 40,000 inactive voters in Missouri who voted?
  • Maybe the 41 registered voters in the Branson, Missouri hotel?
  • How about the Harris County, Texas voters registered in jail?

The Fractal team found all of these – and thousands more, AFTER ERIC cleaned voter rolls.

You are being sold a fake narrative, that ERIC is cleaning voter rolls.  The narrative, like many psyops is partly true – they help states find people who moved out of state and may have registered somewhere else.

The equivalent is a national database of people who rob convenience stores.  31 states sign up for this “national crime database.”  Governors tout how they are fighting interstate crime.

The leftist press makes a big deal about this new crime-fighting tool.  You the citizen, gobble it up, feeling relief someone is stopping crime.

One day, some geek points out this national database contains only people who rob convenience stores.

If you are a rapist, murderer, bank robber or other miscreant – well, you are not in that database – and by definition, no matter what crime you commit – unless it is at a convenience store, you aren’t reported.

That is the ERIC false narrative you are being sold.

The evil part is there are national Republican voter integrity groups in on it.  They know better, but their first instinct is fundraising. Making voter lists publicly available, real-time – where any citizen can identify voter fraud puts them out of business.

Technology enables any citizen to see voter roll fraud – thus an entire voter integrity industry is disrupted.  For decades, voter rolls were hard to obtain and harder to peruse.  Desktop tools ended that franchise, but the efforts were generally manual and tedious.

After 2020, thousands of curious, angry patriots crawled through voter rolls and found the obvious stuff – dead people, multiple people living at an address – where when checked, did not live there.  This created a little industry of voter integrity teams who now had more data than the national organizations who raised money for white papers and seminars.

In 2022, the ugly truth came home – those fake, dead, moved voters, found by the hundreds of thousands are not coming off voter rolls.  Judges, election commissions, governors said “no way!”  These desktop teams now resign themselves to evening Zoom calls bemoaning their failure to clean voter rolls – as Republicans hurtle to another nasty electoral surprise in 2024.

2024 fraud is baked into the data – now – and anyone can see it in every swing state – just look!  More than enough in every swing state to deny Republicans in 2024.

One would think national Republican organizations would demand real-time views of voter rolls – as a means of stopping mail-in ballot fraud before it crushes them – again.

After all, anyone can see your property tax roll – where you live, how much you paid for your house, its square footage, the year it was built, how much you pay in taxes.

Why not voter rolls?  Why not let citizens see every voter, at every address, cross checked against property rolls – with current security for abused women and others needing special privacy?

This can be done today – we know because we do it about 12 times a week for curious political candidates.

Why not an on-line list, in every state, of every address which cannot by law receive a mail-in ballot?  Update the list every day, and if the voter registration list reports it plans to send a ballot there – flag it!

This would virtually end mail-in ballot fraud!  It would certainly take a huge bite out of it!

Stopping mail-in ballot fraud BEFORE it happens – is an idea ignored by both the RNC and national voter integrity teams.

One would think Republicans might support this – even after we demonstrated it to them.

One would, however, be wrong.

Such as system eliminates the need for a national voter integrity fund raising apparatus – because visibility makes everyone aware – and able to take action.

Ancient Sumerians had a caste of priests whose power and wealth came from their knowledge of when rivers flooded – but when peasants learned it was just the seasons, those priests lost control – and had to find another scam.

ERIC and the Republicans are selling you a false narrative.  They want you to have to go to them for data, for analysis, for their ancient SQL batch reporting – maybe a seminar!

Real-time voter analysis, at massive scale, is here – today!

Identifying every address, in every county in America, profiling it in excruciating detail to determine if a mail-in ballot can go there is possible today!

Any citizen, from a home computer, can identify far more voter fraud in seconds than ERIC found since its founding – today, now.  Any citizen, from a phone, can discover more fake voters, in their state, now, than every funded voter integrity team has ever found – and take action.

Don’t buy the narrative!  ERIC and the national voter integrity teams will be replaced with real-time visibility.

By you!

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine and the underlying address and name matching technology for the TSA No-Fly List.  His team built the Undeliverable Ballot Database in 2022.  He can be reached at

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