Next Steps after Maricopa Audit

This video is a MUST WATCH for everyone concerned about Election Integrity (also see history below). The initial presentation of the Audit Results has been made by the AZ Senate (9/24). More will be coming out over time. It is critical to understand the information in this video in order to press our next two calls-to-action: 1) Indictments, 2) Getting Election Integrity laws passed in time for the 2022 election. We should also be able to enlist more help from concerned Arizonians to press these issues. So, please post this video to your Social Media platforms.

This video was produced for the  Participants are: Patrick Byrne, Joseph (Joe) J. Flynn, and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer.

Patrick and Jovan suggests some call-to-action items at the end (1:17:50):

  1. Press for Indictments
  2. Join/Donate to
  3. Learn the facts of what happened and how to “stand up” to them
  4. Look up how many voters are registered to your home address
  5. Sit down with those who have dismissed you and go over the facts revealed on “Transparency Day” (AZ Senate presentation of Maricopa Audit Results)

History: This video was initially posted by James as they labeled it: “Forensic Audit Aftermath: Top 12 LIES and TRUTHS.” He gave me permission to “relabel it” in order to attract a larger audience and make it easier to find.


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