NM Voter Fraud Report

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Posted 10/11/21 by The Professor’s Record.


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This mix provides New Mexico voters vital information about fraud in their elections.


Welcome to the New Mexico Voter Fraud Report. In this “Mix” you will find the following:

Cell 1: Introduction (video 1:56)

Cell 2: Executive Summary of NM Voter Fraud Report (4 pgs)

Cell 3: The FULL NM Voter Fraud Report (261 pgs)

Cell 4: Video explanation of the use of algorithms that manipulate New Mexico’s votes (video 1:02:16)

Cell 5: Video dispelling common myths put forth by Dominion and elected officials (video 59:20)

Cell 6: How to join New Mexico Audit Force (1 pg)

Cell 7: Contact list for government officials (3 pgs)

Find out the difference between a full forensic audit and a risk limiting audit here: https://election-integrity.info/Post_Election_Audits.pdf