O’Keefe: DOJ Prison Official Says Merrick Garland “Rolling Over” On Trans Men Impregnating Women in Prison – Paying Transgender Rapists Millions in Lawsuit Settlements (VIDEO)

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By Cristina Laila, May. 3, 2023 2:30 pm, 561 Comments

James O’Keefe on Wednesday released video of a DOJ official telling an undercover journalist with O’Keefe Media Group that US Attorney General Merrick Garland is allowing trans men to rape women in prison.

The DOJ official, Linda Noelle, said Merrick Garland is “rolling over” on trans men impregnating women in prison.

“If they want to have all the transitional surgeries, they go through the ACLU,” she said.

James O’Keefe stood outside of the Washington Women’s Prison in Gig Harbor, Washington as a follow up to his previous story on women being raped by trans men.

The trans men then play victim and sue the US government for a million dollars – people inside the prison are calling this “the million dollar baby.”

The DOJ is just settling without the courts involved and paying out huge sums of money.

“And the DOJ, unfortunately under Merrick Garland, it rolls over. It doesn’t want to go through the court so they just pay people off,” Linda Noelle said.

James O’Keefe spoke with a prison source who told him about a convicted pedophile and sex offender who is sexually assaulting women in the Washington Women’s Prison after being transferred from a men’s prison in New Hampshire.

“He is actively trying to make one of these million dollar babies,” the source told James O’Keefe.

The trans men who rape female inmates and impregnate them, then “play the victim” and sue for millions.


James O’Keefe confronted a prison worker and she told O’Keefe he wasn’t allowed on the property.


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