Ongoing fallout from the Feb 23 AZ Senate/House Elections Committees (multipart post)

Due to the volume of information that continues to come out, this is a new multipart post to continue the coverage. On Feb 23 the AZ Senate Elections and House Municipal Oversight & Elections Joint Committees heard many presentations concerning the obvious 2020/2022 Election Crimes/Fraud. One of those presentations has stirred up the most controversy. One has to wonder why that is. If there was no corruption (as some claim) then there is nothing to worry about, right? We must have the requisite investigation and clear the matter up. However, it is instead obvious from the reactions that everyone knows there is massive crimes/fraud going on. The House is attempting to attack the messenger instead of doing the required investigation to get to the bottom of the matter. And they only have only seen a small portion of the documentation.

Unlike the previous post “SHOCKING: AZ Senate/House Elections Presenter Claims That Sinaloa Cartel Uses Bribes, Money Laundering, Election Fraud to Control Elected Officials and Traffic Drugs, Humans, Ballots in Arizona (ongoing multipart post, including Attorney Thaler interviews)” this post will be in reverse chronological order (latest at the top).

461: ARIZONA CORRUPTION EXPOSED – Attorney John Thaler, Jacqueline Breger, Christine Reagan! It’s Time To DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION Into Their Information IMMEDIATELY! Senator Wendy Rogers Has The POWER To Do It!

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