Only Approved Speech Will Be Allowed: YouTube-Google Censor Judicial Watch and Newsmax over Biden Corruption Video — Lock Out Judicial Watch for a Week

Original article.  The truth is not allowed.  YouTube chooses to make their platform unreliable.
By Jim Hoft
Published May 8, 2022 at 6:24 pm  179 Comments

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton joined “Newsmax Daily with Rob Carson” on March 31 to discuss the latest on the Biden family corruption scandal and its threat to our national security.

During the interview, Tom Fitton discussed how Hunter Biden’s numerous foreign deals benefited his father Joe Biden. Tom asks, “What is the DOJ doing anyway covering up for Joe?… The rules are there has to be a special counsel when there’s a conflict of interest in the Justice Department to investigate a matter. In this case, the matter involves the son of the president and implicates the president himself. The idea that there hasn’t been a special counsel is just one more chapter in he worst corruption scandal in American history. Which is the abuse and targeting of Donald Trump by this Justice Department and all of these other agencies while people like Joe Biden and others, where there is substantial substantive evidence of criminal activity are protected.”

Tom also exposed the Democrat media, “This media is more interested in text messages between Ginni Thomas and Mark Meadows than they are in Joe Biden’s corruption, for instance, in Ukraine or his family’s corruption in Ukraine may have implicated or caused a national security crisis in the sense that Putin looking at what he needed to do, what he wanted to do in Ukraine. Saying I’m going to do it because Biden’s corrupt and I know he’s corrupt because look what Hunter was up to.”

There was nothing in the interview that was not public knowledge at this point.

Apparently, Google-YouTube did not like the accusations against the Biden crime family. They censored the Judicial Watch video and locked out their account for a week.

This video was posted OVER A MONTH AGO!

And now Judicial Watch is unable to communicate with their nearly half-a-million subscribers on the platform.

Tom Fitton tweeted:

Here is the link to the full video — It is still posted on Rumble where more and more conservatives are posting.

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