Op Ed on 96-hour Thanks-A-Thon on FrankSpeech.com

Folks, this is not a Republican/Democrat issue. This issue is about the very SURVIVAL of our country.

From Wednesday 11/24 midnight through Sunday 11/28 midnight Mike Lindell presented even more mountains of evidence of fraud, deception, coverup, extreme threats to silence the truth, and other criminal activity surrounding the 2020 Election. The mountains of evidence are so overwhelming is seems so insane that Fake News is STILL getting away with presenting their Conspiracy Theory lies and those who have not looked at ANY of the evidence get away with parroting those lies as puppets of those destroying our country!!

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that EVERY citizen of our country at least inform themselves of the latest NEWS (not Fake News) of the UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE that AGs across our country are suppose to submit to SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States). And then, every citizen should keep the pressure on the AGs to follow through and submit the case. Please, keep in mind that the survival of our country depends on this.

This post just focuses on the SCOTUS case. However, there are recordings of most of what was presented in the Thanks-A-Thon. The more time you spend watching the recordings, the more you will learn about those trying to steal our country.

First, you can download the Complaint and the Exhibits (aka Tabs) at Fix2020First.com. Then, you can go to FrankSpeech.com, on the TV pull-down menu, select “Lindell-TV.” I think you will find most if not all of the videos recorded in the Thanks-A-Thon on that page. For your convivence, here are links to the recordings (on that page) that discuss the case to be submitted to SCOTUS.

I am begging every citizen to inform yourselves, then take appropriate actions to save our country. Keep the pressure on your AGs to submit this case to SCOTUS. This is most likely our last chance. THANK YOU!!