Opting out of HIO

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Please read in its entirety. Important information related to your health records.

Have you heard of Health Current and have any of your healthcare providers notified you that you can opt-out of this system? You used to have to sign a form for your providers to share information, but the laws below passed allowing your information to be shared without you knowing. I don’t remember ever receiving information about this from my providers.

This system is Arizona’s health information organization (HIO). People involved in your care will have access to your health information. This may include your doctors, nurses, other healthcare providers, health plan and any organization or person who is working on behalf of your healthcare providers and health plan. They may access your information for treatment, care coordination, care or case management, transition of care planning, payment for your treatment, developing clinical guidelines and protocols, conducting patient safety activities, and population health services. Medical examiners, public health authorities, organ procurement organizations, and others may also access health information for certain approved purposes, such as conducting death investigations, public health investigations and organ, eye or tissue donation and transplantation, as permitted by applicable law. Health Current may also use your health information as required by law and as necessary to perform services for healthcare providers, health plans and others participating with Health Current.

Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 38-3802 requires that HIOs provide participating individuals a number of rights including the right to opt out. Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 38-3803 provides further detail on what an individual’s right to opt out includes: The individual has the right to opt out by providing notice to the HIO in the form the HIO requires; an individual also has the right to opt out of a particular provider sharing his/her PHI through the HIO; and an individual has the right to opt back in by providing notice to the HIO.

You can find the Arizona opt-out form on my site under Forms: Health Current.

The national system is known as eHealth Exchange. You can find info for all other states here (Look for eHealth Exchange).

Please share this information with everyone you know. If they don’t have access to this data, they don’t have control.

“He who holds the data makes the rules” Twila Brase

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