Patrick Byrne and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Announce Latest Maricopa Audit Report

Original video.  Folks, the Maricopa County 2020 Election was a far bigger pile of garbage than has previously been reported.  This Blockbuster 2-page report just focuses on numbers that will blow your mind (download here).  And, there are more reports coming.
The America Project Published February 17, 2022 4,944 Views

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The day after the above video was posted, Patrick posted the following:

Locals video: More in the Randy Pullen/Ken Bennett Maricopa Slipperiness

People are asking for more details. I’m always afraid of boring people with them, but since you asked… Here’s a quick live stream to fill you in.

Locals post: Randy Pullen/Ken Bennett Slipperiness Part Deux
A little more detail that you will love.

post photo preview

Locals post: Ask Pullen to explain his discrepancies

post photo preview

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