POWERFUL NEW AD by Mike Davis and Article III Project on Ketanji Jackson’s Disgusting Child Sex Offenders Rulings

Original article.  It is about her judgement.  With her severally flawed judgement, there is no way she should be  a Justice on the highest court in the land.
By Jim Hoft
Published April 1, 2022 at 11:55 am  314 Comments


Ketanji Brown Jackson is the most radical Supreme Court nominee in America’s history. She defends America-hating terrorists for free, she’s soft on child sex offenders, she’s open borders, and has a history of promoting racist Critical Race Theory. Her views are way outside the average American voter.

Ketanji Jackson inexplicably reduced jail time for these crimes by an average of nearly half (47%) “100% of the time,” according to Cruz.

Ketanji Jackson did not just hand out lenient sentences on sex crimes, she wrote about it at Harvard!

Mike Davis and The Article III Project released a powerful new ad on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s disgusting child sex offender rulings.

** Call 202-224-3121 and ask for your US senator — Tell them you do not approve of such a radical activist on the US Supreme Court.

** End **

Here is the ad: