President Trump Endorses AZ Attorney General Candidate Abe Hamadeh Who WILL Crack Down On Election Crimes And The Invasion Of Arizona’s Southern Border

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By Jordan Conradson
Published June 15, 2022 at 7:20 am  112 Comments


President Trump issued yet another endorsement in the red state of Arizona, a key swing state where the 2020 Election was proven — in multiple ways — to be rigged and stolen from President Trump. 

Massive evidence of multifaceted election fraud was discovered by numerous audits and investigations across the state. The current weak Attorney General has done almost nothing to hold these criminals accountable and deter these crimes in the next election.

RINO Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich received all of this damning evidence. Still, he did nothing about it until after True the Vote and Dinesh D’Souza released their bombshell “2000 Mules” documentary, exposing nationwide election fraud. Still, he did nothing significant. President Trump recently endorsed his opponent for Arizona Senate, Blake Masters, after seeing what a weak loser Mark Brnovich really is. “Mark Brnovich is such a disappointment to me,” said President Trump.

The Gateway Pundit reported extensively on the fraud in Arizona, the cover-up, and the failures of elected officials before, during, and after investigations proved mass voter fraud using mail-in ballots.

President Trump’s latest endorsement for Arizona Attorney General Candidate Abraham Hamadeh will not disappoint the people of Arizona like Mark Brnovich. He is the only candidate tough enough on criminals to work with Trump-endorsed Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake and Trump Endorsed Candidate for Secretary of State Mark Finchem to secure our southern border and Arizona’s elections. Unlike RINO Mark Brnovich, Abe will prosecute all who commit election fraud. 

This is an excellent team to restore Arizona’s Executive Branch!

“#45 #47,” abe Truthed in a thank you to the President.

Arizona’s Trump-Endorsed Patriots are going to fight back against the radical leftist regime that stole the election and opened the border to floods of illegal immigrants.
– June 14, 2022 –
Endorsement of Abraham Hamadeh
Abraham Hamadeh is a fantastic candidate running for Arizona Attorney General. He is a veteran, a former prosecutor and, most importantly, he’s tough and he’s smart. Abe Hamadeh knows what happened in the 2020 Election, and will enforce voting laws so that our Elections are Free and Fair again. He will go after the drug cartels to secure and stop the invasion of our Southern Border, and is committed to the Constitution, equal justice under the law, and our Military and our Veterans. He will stand up to “woke” Big Tech and the Radical Left. Also, he will protect our Great Second Amendment, which is under siege now more than ever before. Abraham Hamadeh will restore LAW and ORDER to Arizona, and he has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

Kari Lake congratulated Hamadeh on “receiving the GREATEST endorsement in history” yesterday.

President Trump’s endorsement is the most powerful endorsement in history. As The Gateway Pundit reported, Trump-Endorsed Russell Fry just beat the Hell out of Pro-Impeachment RINO Tom Rice in the South Carolina Congressional Primary.

From Abe’s website:


For too long, we’ve sat back as we’ve watched our country turn into a place we no longer recognize. While the left dominates every part of our lives, from sports and entertainment to business and government, and even education — the question we all should be asking is: who let them? It’s the politicians, the status quo, the elite, and those without a backbone who have surrendered to the leftist mob in hopes of being spared themselves, but in reality, you can’t reason with unreasonable people.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen what power the government will try to use to control our lives. They’ve told us that we can’t attend church, but can go to a casino. They’ve told us we can’t shop local, but can go to the big box retailers. They’ve told us that we can’t attend a loved one’s funeral, but the left can riot and burn our cities down. They’ve rewritten laws to let criminals out and defunded and demoralized our police who keep us safe. They’ve told you that you’re a racist without even knowing you. They’ve told you our elections were 100% safe in 2020, but just spent the past four years talking about election fraud and Russian interference. They’ve allowed big tech to censor our President, but have given our enemies and terrorists a global platform to spread radicalism. They’ve told us we must get vaccinated and wear a mask, but let thousands of unvetted illegal immigrants cross the border unvaccinated and unmasked — to take advantage of America’s generosity.

When do we say enough is enough? I say NOW. The United States we all know settled and pioneered the West, we embraced our founding ideals by ending the institution of slavery, we rescued the free world by defeating fascism in World War II, and overcame communism in the Cold War. But now they want us to squabble over preferred gender pronouns and provide safe spaces to shelter college students from being triggered by free thought. The radical left has overtaken every aspect of our lives because those we’ve entrusted with power have let them. The law is our greatest shield, and, in the right hands, the law can be our greatest weapon to preserve the American ideals that makes this country great.

As your Attorney General, we will fight back against the insanity of Big Tech, against the ‘woke’ left corporations who boycott states and condemn America but refuse to utter a word against China, and against Washington’s overreach into the daily lives of Arizonans.

As a prosecutor, I’ve defended the rule of law and put criminals away. As an Army intelligence officer, I’ve sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution over here and abroad. I’m not done fighting for our country – I’m just getting started.

Our Country demands free and FAIR elections. As Attorney General, I will rebuild the confidence of our elections by prosecuting election fraud to the fullest extent of the law. The day I take office in January 2023 we will prioritize the Election Integrity Unit and increase the number of prosecutors and investigators in order to be prepared and protect the 2024 election. Confidence in our elections is the cornerstone to our country – we must restore voters trust.

Border Security is National Security. Our borders are not protected, and they’re not secure. As Attorney General, I will enforce state laws since the federal government refuses to take action. Create a Task Force unit within our law enforcement agency to target border crimes. Drug cartels areinvading our southern border and even our neighborhoods; we must classify them as terrorists and protect our communities.

Abe is also endorsed by GOP Senator Rand Paul; Ric Grenell, President Trump’s Acting Director of National Intelligence; Robert O’Brien, President Trump’s National Security Advisor; Kash Patel, President Trump’s Chief of Staff for the Department of Defense; and Chris Miller President Trump’s Secretary of Defense.

The state’s Primary Election is on August 2nd.

Arizona’s Dream Team will put President Trump’s America First policies into action.

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