Pro-life activist Mark Houck details shocking Planned Parenthood encounter following acquittal

Original article. The FBI is the illegitimate Biden regime’s Gestapo. They terrorize Christians and their families to silence them. Anyone defending the life of a child is potentially a target of their wrath. See previous report: “Please, I Have 7 Babies in the House, I’m Going to Open the Door” – EXCLUSIVE Interview – Wife of Pro-Life Author and Father of 7 (Mark Houck) on His Arrest by 25-30 FBI Agents (VIDEO).

Maria Lencki

By Maria Lencki| Fox News

A SWAT team raided the Houck’s home in front of his wife and 7 children.

Pro-life activist Mark Houck shares what really happened in front of Planned Parenthood following acquittal

Pro-life activist Mark Houck speaks out after jury acquits him in Planned Parenthood incident on ‘Hannity.’

Acquitted pro-life activist and father Mark Houck is revealing the shocking details of his encounter with a rowdy Planned Parenthood escort that led to the FBI raiding his home and the Biden administration wanting him to face 11 years in prison. 

A jury acquitted the Pennsylvania dad who was accused of pushing a Planned Parenthood escort during an encounter outside an abortion clinic. The Biden administration alleged Houck violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which criminalizes using force with the intent to injure, intimidate and interfere with clinic workers, according to a previous Fox News report. Houck explained how he was defending his son from volunteer Bruce Love. 

“He is about a foot away from my son after already having one altercation with him,” Houck began to recall the incident to “Hannity.” “He’s making my son extremely nervous.” 

When Houck’s son moved behind him, he could tell his boy was “visibly scared” and insults continued to be directed at them. Then, the Catholic dad told Love to go back to where he normally stands. 


Pro-life activist and Catholic father Mark Houck speaks out after jury acquits him in Planned Parenthood incident on ‘Hannity.’ (Fox News)

“I walk him there and tell him to stop talking to my son,” the activist recalled. “He doesn’t have any permission to talk to my son. Next thing I know, he turns around and he’s talking to my son again and then you see the push.” 

Though the pro-lifer experienced many encounters over the years he let flow off of his back, this was the first time the volunteer “overstepped his bounds” and the boy became “bait for him.” 

A SWAT Team of around 25 people shockingly showed up at Houck’s house pounding on the family’s door. 

“They said they were going to break in if he didn’t open it,” wife Ryan-Marie previously told Catholic News Agency, “and then they had about five guns pointed at my husband, myself and basically at my kids.” 

Now the family’s ordeal is finally put to rest after the jury took about an hour to find him not guilty. 

“What we did was win a big victory for the pro-life movement against the Biden administration,” Peter Breen, EVP and head of litigation at the Thomas More Society, reflected. “They were trying to scare pro-lifers from coming out on the sidewalks and being active. Biden, that DOJ, sent their best prosecutor, the top guy for face prosecutions from Washington, to help deal with this case in Philly and that jury, once we finally got it seated fully, took about an hour to find Mark not guilty on all charges.” 

Fox News’ Bradford Betz, Jon Brown, Louis Casiano and Jake Gibson contributed to this report. 

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