America First Conservatism’s Most Powerful Media Voice Tucker Carlson Fired by Fox News This Morning (multipart post)

Original article. Fox News joined the Fake News crowd with the change of leadership some time back. However, since then, they were allowing Tucker Carlson to report the truth. Now they have decided they cannot report the truth concerning the government’s J6 false narrative. So, they got rid of two of their truthful reporters (Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino). Other truth reporters remain, but will they be compromised or fired? It is sort of like the Liz Harris situation in AZ. Toe the line or you will be expelled. Supporting constituents (doing the will of We The People) or audience is not important to them. Hopefully, our reactions in both cases will let them clearly experience what we think of them too.

Tucker has been a courageous fighter to combat regime media disinformation and has served as the biggest thorn in the side of the Deep State with the exception of former President Donald Trump.

The rest of the title post has been moved to the end in order to insert more recent updates here:

REPORT: Newsmax Offers Tucker Carlson Colossal Deal

Original article. Truth has its own rewards. Pursuing deception (seems to be the path Fox News is taking) has its consequences too. Is our nation’s news media coming to its senses? Time will tell.

By Jim Hoft, Apr. 29, 2023 11:00 am, 2364 Comments

Tucker Carlson spoke with the NELK Boys in March. (FULL SEND PODCAST / YouTube video screen shot)

On Monday FOX News announced that they had parted ways with their top-rated prime-time host Tucker Carlson.

This came as a shock to many of his devoted fans in the populist movement.

By Monday evening Tucker Carlson already had at least one offer. One America News founder and CEO Robert Herring extended an invitation to Tucker Carlson to meet and negotiate a deal to become part of the OAN team.

On Saturday TMZ reported that Newsmax is courting the top-rated cable news host.

According to TMZ, Newsmax is even sweetening the deal and offering him control over the entire Newsmax lineup.

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TMZ reported:

Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News, and now another conservative news outlet, Newsmax, wants him to be more than just the face of the network, and it’s putting on a full-court press to land him.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … the news channel is doing everything it can to sweeten the deal for Tucker to come on board — including floating the idea of letting him program the whole channel, not just his own show.

That would be a pretty enticing deal point … in addition to having his own primetime show, Tucker would have a say over what shows lead into and out of his show, which can be key in achieving bigger TV ratings.

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Why Fox News Fired Tucker Carlson & Rupert Murdoch’s Agenda | Dick Morris | Eric Metaxas On TBN

Original video. See links there. I think Dick Morris may have it right: “These media tycoons own their media empires as a form of self indulgence.” In other words, reporting facts and truth is not on their radar. They are attempting to purchase social acceptance with their money (“society to let them in” so they have political power). It is similar to actors thinking the world owns them a political platform. The bottom line is DECEPTION that they are selling. Also note the power of the corrupt courts in the DECEPTION game. They are all “soulless creatures.” It is all about the DECEPTION game. Their reality is not what you clearly see, it is what they tell you. Its narcissism on wealthy steroids!!! “go to hell with a smile on his face.” Great analysis.

Since this interview Biden announced. One of his campaign promises is that he would “finish the job” of destroying our country.

Eric Metaxas on TBN, 53.8K subscribers, 700,272 views Apr 25, 2023

Dick Morris joins Eric Metaxas to break down why Fox News fired Tucker Carlson, the news organization’s lean toward the left, and Rupert Murdoch’s desire to gain social status and political influence. Don’t miss this insight from Eric Metaxas on TBN!

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Cont: America First Conservatism’s Most Powerful Media Voice Tucker Carlson Fired by Fox News This Morning (multipart post)


APR 24, 2023

Earlier today, Fox News issued a press release announcing it has parted ways with America First conservative host Tucker Carlson. His departure from Fox follows news of the $787.5 million Dominion Voting settlement which Fox agreed to pay to the Communist Chinese financial holding firm owned company. Tucker was the foremost talk show host on Fox when it came to covering evidence of real claims of 2020 election fraud. However, Tucker himself never claimed the 2020 presidential election was stolen stating he did not know whether the 2020 election had been stolen or not and was notably critical of some of Trump’s election lawyers contesting the election.

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Reportedly, Fox News was insisting earlier this morning on censoring some of his stories in the wake of this costly settlement while Tucker insisted on maintaining sole editorial control of the content he discussed on his show. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Fox Corporation owner billionaire Rupert Murdoch made the final decision to fire him due to concerns about Tucker’s coverage of the January 6th protest and his claims that the FBI had multiple informants among the protesters who were working to incite the protesters to enter the Capital building and commit violence. The Times reports that his firing is not connected to the Dominion Voting settlement. Fox News has stated that interim hosts will cover Tucker’s time slot until a new host is named.

Regardless of the circumstances, this is devastating news for America First conservatives and represents a major victory for Communist China and the neocon warmongers in both major political parties who are going all out to start a nuclear World War Three with Russia and China. Laura Ingraham is now the only America First talk show host left on Fox. During his seven year tenure as the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, Tucker built up a reputation for being fearless in terms of his willingness to tackle controversial topics like massive Democrat electoral fraud, the January 6th protest, the FBI’s abuse of power in persecuting Biden’s political rivals and Trump supporters, Biden’s corrupt family business ties with Communist China, the fact that COVID-19 originated at China’s Wuhan biological weapons lab and many others. He will be sorely missed. He also called out Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for orchestrating a disinformation operation in getting 51 high ranking former U.S. intelligence officials to falsely claim that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation.

Tucker was the leading mainstream media TV host fighting against the sustained Biden regime and regime media disinformation and information warfare campaign against the American people. Tucker has established a strong reputation as a courageous patriot who questioned America’s commitment to starting and fighting new wars in the Middle East and Ukraine in opposition to U.S. national security interests, that left the U.S. much less safe and secure after admitting in 2004 that he was ashamed to have supported Bush’s invasion of Iraq the prior year after it had transformed into a total debacle.

But it was probably Tucker’s opposition to Biden’s war in Ukraine earned him the greatest ire from the Deep State cabal and a place along with myself on Ukraine’s blacklist of 35 prominent American political and thought leaders as noted in my article below back in October.

“The Real War” by David Pyne
Ukrainian Disinformation Agency Re-issues its Black List of 35 High Profile Americans including Tucker Carlson Accused of Disseminating Russian Propaganda Narratives
Following Russia’s formal annexation of four Russian-occupied Ukrainian regions constituting fifteen percent of Ukraine’s territory and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decree of full Russian military mobilization which will cause Ukrainian forces to be outnumbered and overwhelmed once they are deployed to Ukraine in December, the Ukrainian government…
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Far left Democrat leaders and even some neocon Republicans had condemned Tucker as “an apologist for (Russian President Vladimir) Putin” and prominent Democrats like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) had called for his ouster. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) demanded Fox News ban Tucker Carlson just yesterday claiming he was somehow “inciting violence” by exposing the fact that the vast majority of January 6th Capital Hill protesters had been non-violent and the L.A. Times article suggests that Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch caved to liberal Democrat pressure to either censor or fire Tucker. It is also possible, though perhaps less likely, that Murdoch may have been influenced by the PRC to fire Tucker as well given the fact that ex-wife, Wendy Deng, was identified by the FBI as a Communist Chinese intelligence asset and he accepted a $100 million loan from China. The Biden administration may have also pressured Murdoch to fire him as well given the fact that the Biden National Security Agency was known to be spying on him and accessing his texts.

Meanwhile, courageous conservative Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) called Tucker’s firing “a huge loss for Fox News.” Blaze TV owner and popular conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck predicted that Tucker’s firing would “kill Fox” News’ ratings. Fox News stocks reportedly lost over five percent of their value since the news of his leaving Fox was announced. Bloomberg reported that Carlson’s departure from the network wiped out over half a billion dollars in the value of Fox News today. A number of my conservative friends have said they are done watching Fox News following Tucker’s ouster and will migrate to other conservative media outlets. This could signal the loss of millions of viewers for Fox. Accordingly, the financial blowback for Fox for ousting Tucker from their news lineup could be massive. Fox News host Dan Bongino has also announced he is leaving Fox News.

Tucker Carlson was the most watched cable news talk show host by far with 4.35-4.6 million viewers per day and was being paid $35 million a year by Fox. He has been a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump inviting him on his show on multiple occasions. He often showcased Trump’s support for negotiating an immediate cease fire and end to the war in Ukraine to avert an unnecessary nuclear war with Russia over their border dispute with Ukraine over a swath of territory the size of Latvia or Lithuania. In so doing, he made a lot of enemies within the Deep State in both major parties. Neoconservative Republicans refused to go on his show for fear he would shred their credibility. As of the time of publication of this article, President Trump has not yet to comment on his firing.

While Tucker Carlson will no longer have a voice on Fox News, it is unlikely we have heard the last from him given his passion in supporting the America First conservative cause. Glenn Beck has reportedly offered him a job. I can almost guarantee that Fox’s main conservative rival TV network, Newsmax, will make him a generous offer to move to their TV network as well. Alternatively, Tucker may choose to follow former Fox News host Bob O’Reilly and broadcast his own podcast. Regardless of what he does he will continue to be very successful as the demand for tens of millions of Americans to get through regime news propaganda and speak truth to power.

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PROOF Tucker Was Blindsided: “We’ll Be Back Monday” (VIDEO)

Original article. Looks like we were right to move Fox News into the Fake News category even though they allowed Tucker to continue to present the truth. First, Dan Bongino, then Tucker Carlson. Who is next Hannity? Liven? It all started after Fox News made the deal with the devil (Dominion). I am still waiting to hear what they haven’t told us about that one.

By Anthony Scott, Apr. 24, 2023 3:30 pm, 0 Comments

As The Gateway Pundit reported Monday morning, Tucker Carlson and Fox News “agreed to part ways” over the weekend.

The move by Fox News was shocking considering Tucker Carlson had the highest-rated show on the network.

Tucker who has been at Fox News since 2009, aired his last show on Friday, April 21st and in that show, he made no mention of “parting ways” with Fox but rather he said, “We’ll be back Monday.”


Tucker on his last show was interviewing a pizza delivery guy who stopped a robbery.

When the segment concluded he did his normal outro and told viewers he would be back Monday, which reveals something big happened over the weekend.

Tucker who has been at Fox for 14 years deserves a fairwell show at the least but it appears Fox News is having none of that.

It’s interesting to note Carlson’s departure comes after Fox News was sued for over $787 million and just a day after CBS News aired an interview with Ray Epps.

Journalist Jack Posobiec thought the “coincidence” was bizarre too:

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Not part of the article, but I agree with this meme:

And, how appropriate. Tucker’s special on Fox Nation (click the image to go there):

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