Records Show Arizona Woman Who Was Indicted For Illegally Collecting Ballots in 2020, Ran Sophisticated Ballot Harvesting Operation

Original article.  How will the Election Fraud deniers spin this one?  Note the 2nd video relating some of the mules to other crimes.
By Cristina Laila
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Guillermina Fuentes

As previously reported, Guillermina Fuentes, 66, was indicted in 2020 for illegally harvesting ballots for Democrats in Arizona.

A second accomplice, Alma Yadira Juarez, also pleaded guilty for her role in a local ballot trafficking operation during the 2020 primary election.

Local residents busted the Democrat operatives and exposed their ballot collecting scheme.

David Lara and Gary Snyder, who were featured in Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary “2000 Mules” recorded and photographed ballot traffickers stuffing ballot boxes on the day of the August 4th, 2020, Primary Election.

The evidence was presented to the Arizona Attorney General, resulting in a guilty plea by Alma Yadira Juarez. Guillermina Fuentes, who serves on the San Luis School District Board, faces four felony charges. Juarez admitted to prosecutors that Fuentes, 65 gave her the ballots.

According to records obtained by the Associated Press, Guillermina Fuentes ran a very sophisticated ballot harvesting operation in the border city of San Luis.

The Associated Press if finally catching up with TGP’s reporting on this story.

Fuentes used her status as a well-known Democrat operative to convince voters to give her their ballots or let her fill out their ballots.

AP reported:

An Arizona woman indicted in 2020 on accusations of illegally collecting ballots apparently ran a sophisticated operation using her status as a well-known Democratic operative in the border city of San Luis to persuade voters to let her gather and in some cases fill out their ballots, according to records obtained by The Associated Press.

Guillermina Fuentes, 66, and a second woman were indicted in December 2020 on one count of ballot abuse, a practice commonly known as “ballot harvesting” that was made illegal under a 2016 state law. Additional charges of conspiracy, forgery and an additional ballot abuse charge were added last October.

Investigators said it appears she used her position as a powerful figure in the heavily Mexican American community to get people to give her or others their ballots to return to the polls.

The alleged illegal ballot collection by Fuentes and her co-defendant happened in plain sight outside a cultural center in San Luis on the day of the primary election, the reports show. Fuentes was at a card table set up by supporters of a slate of city council candidates and was spotted with several mail-ballot envelopes, pulling out the ballots and in some cases marking them.

The ballots were then taken inside the cultural center and deposited in a ballot box.

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Original video.  This very short video reveals an important relationship.
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