Republican Leaders Jim Jordan and Marsha Blackburn Raise Concerns with Jake Sullivan as Biden’s National Security Advisor

Original article.  It seems that being able to distinguish between truth and a hoax would be a required skill for a National Security Advisor.  What do you think?  Plus, if he was a key part of the hoax, he may not be available for the job for very long.
By Joe Hoft
Published February 15, 2022 at 8:37 pm  181 Comments


Republican leaders are beginning to wonder about the integrity of Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

The Daily Mail reports on Jake Sullivan being connected to spying on President Trump and Republicans are calling into question his integrity.

Clinton shared a statement from Sullivan, a top foreign policy adviser on her campaign, on October 31, 2016, just days before the presidential election. It was in response to an article in Slate covering a team of computer scientists who claimed to have discovered a link between Trump and Russia-based Alfa Bank.

‘This could be the most direct link yet between Trump and Moscow,’ Sullivan said. ‘Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.’

He added, ‘This secret hotline may be the key to unlocking the mystery of Trump’s ties to Russia.’

Top Republicans are now questioning whether the Biden official with a heavy hand in US foreign policy knowingly promoted faulty information while hiding his boss’s link to it. The timing of the matter raises particular concerns about Sullivan’s role in the US response to the rapidly worsening crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

‘Jake Sullivan pushed the Russia hoax. He knew it was a lie. He now works in the Biden White House,’ Rep.  Jim Jordan of Ohio wrote on Twitter Monday.

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee accused Sullivan of a ‘conflict of interest’ in his current efforts trying to de-escalate with Moscow.

‘Jake Sullivan’s involvement in the Russia collusion hoax is a clear conflict of interest, and he should not be allowed to speak on behalf of the U.S. as Russia-Ukraine tensions heighten,’ Blackburn said on Monday.

Years ago Sullivan laughed about his lack of integrity with another Obama goon Ben Rhodes.

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