Ronna Romney McDaniel Reportedly Does Not Have Enough Votes for RNC Chair (2-part post)

Original article. I want to hear if/how Harmeet Dhillon would work with Mike Lindell to get rid of voting machines and stop Election Crimes/Fraud. Otherwise, she is not what we need either. Speaking against Kari Lake should alone have been enough to fire McDaniel. So far, Mike Lindell sounds like the best candidate. BTW, Yes, the McCain voters (Republican Establishment) are RINOs working with Demos against our party. Another of the problems that must be solved.
By Joe Hoft
Published January 18, 2023 at 7:45 pm 510 Comments

Ronna Romney McDaniel doesn’t have the votes to win the RNC Chair position again according to insiders. 

Mitt Romney’s niece, Ronna Romney McDaniel, is attempting to win the RNC Chair position again.  McDaniel took over the RNC after President Trump’s 2016 election win.  She was around for the 2018 losses in the House and the Senate.  She then oversaw the 2020 Election that clearly never should have been certified.  Then, in the 2022 midterms McDaniel oversaw another corrupt election with the GOP barely winning the House.

But McDaniel feels like her accomplishments are enough for another try.

Some supporters of Romney McDaniel do too.  One supporter claims that McDaniel did an excellent job with voter integrity and that’s why she should be nominated again.

On Monday, more than 150 major Republican donors threw their support behind Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel.

But this doesn’t appear to be enough.

Townhall reports:

Unfortunately for McDaniel and fortunately for the GOP base, that reelection bid doesn’t seem to be going great. The Arkansas GOP, for example, recently threw its support behind McDaniel’s competitor, Harmeet Dhillon, arguing in its press statement that McDaniel and the RNC had not effectively supported GOP candidates in the 2022 midterms.

Responding to the news with a quote tweet, Townhall’s Kurt Schlicter said “The tide is overwhelming against failed @GOPChairwoman Ronna McDaniel. I am privy to the whip count. She does not have the votes. It’s time to make a dignified withdrawal.

McDaniel’s actions and comments after the recent election disappointment were to criticize the candidates in the race as not being good enough.  When voting systems were not working in over 50% of the voting locations in Maricopa County, signatures were not verified, and thousands of ballots inserted into the election had no chain of custody, Romney McDaniel and her friends at the GOP were nowhere to be found.

Mike Lindell is also running for the position.  He hopes to bring the leadership of the party in sync with the base which supports an America First agenda and calls for actions against those who’ve committed criminal actions in elections and pushed for COVID vaccine mandates, just to name a few.

Americans don’t want a candidate running the GOP with a record of losses.   They want someone strong who will fight against the massive fraud and corruption from the left.  Anything less is settling for more of the same. 

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PATHETIC: Disgraced and Corrupt RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel Calls Kari Lake a Failed Candidate After Ronna Did Nothing in Arizona

Original article.
By Cullen Linebarger
Published December 23, 2022 at 11:20 am 856 Comments

McDaniel seems determined to anger every last Republican grassroots supporter as her RNC re-election campaign flounders.  Her appearance yesterday on Newsmax should serve as another crowning blow to her demise.

The three-time RNC loser went on the conservative network to speak about her quest to become the Buffalo Bills of party chairs. Then she brought up the Arizona debacle while absolving herself of all responsibility.


This little rant raises two pertinent questions for McDaniel:

Why did the RNC not push RINO Karrin Taylor Robson, the GOP gubernatorial primary runner-up, to support Kari Lake? Even establishment Republican Doug Ducey eventually got onboard.

What made McDaniel decide not to lift a finger as election irregularities were being uncovered in the Grand Canyon State?

Just making one of these moves likely would have been enough for Kari Lake to overcome 17,000 vote-deficit. Yet McDaniel sat on her hands.

Sadly, we all know what matter most to McDaniel: living large off the money of donors. Private jets, luxury hotels, and Broadway shows take precedent while Republican candidates continue to drown.

Unlike McDaniel, her main challenger Harmeet Dhillon has been a true warrior for the conservative base, Republican candidates, and election integrity. She has proven a great help in Arizona, for example.

She also thinks quite highly of Lake unlike the corrupt McDaniel.

Finally, she believes in bringing the RNC closer to the people. Some much needed common sense which seems in short supply today.

Dhillon summed up quite succinctly why she wants the lead the Republican party in one sentence:

“I’m tired of losing as a Republican.”

Time fire McDaniel and hire Dhillon. Republicans must start winning again.

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