Same-Sex Marriage. Child Brides. And Threats to Religious Freedom. That’s what WILL BE CODIFIED if HR 8404 passes.

Original article, also see previous article. See Mat Staver & Leo Hohmann interviews below. The entire interviews are worth listening to, but the HR 8404 subject begins about 15:57. The Ivan Raiklin interview is also very interesting (as usual) even though it is entirely another subject. The vote on HR 8404 was not taken yesterday (12/06) as planned, but is expected to occur any day now.

From the previous article:
Help us protect children and families, as well as protect your own religious freedom. Please, fax the House NOW. Demand they VOTE NO on HR8404! Then read on. — Mat

Dec 6, 2022

Final House Vote Today

TODAY the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on the so-called Respect for Marriage Act, HR 8404. This bill disdains religious freedom, as is evident from the fact that the Senate rejected three separate amendments, each of which would have provided religious freedom protections.

While, thankfully, (due to our insistence) the polygamy loophole was closed by an amendment adopted last week, the child bride loophole in this bill remains. In addition to same-sex marriage, the public policy this will establish is far-reaching.

This is our LAST CHANCE to STOP THIS TERRIBLE BILL! Read on. — Mat

Same-Sex Marriage. Child Brides. And Threats to Religious Freedom.

That’s what WILL BE CODIFIED if HR 8404 passes today.

HR 8404 forces every state to accept, honor and obey the crazy “marriage” laws of any other state. That includes California’s warped marriage laws that not only allow same-sex marriage, but which also allow 50-year-old men to wed 10-year-old little girls.

Because of the danger that children (who are frequently sexually abused) will be coerced into “marriage” at incredibly young ages, Florida (like most states) passed age limit protections. HR 8404 would allow California to override the other states.

If HR 8404 passes, perversions of marriage WILL be forced on your state.

Because HR 8404 changes federal policy, government edicts on marriage, schools and families WILL change, and all of America will be targeted by the never-ending LGBTQ political agenda.

Keep in mind that the Q in LGBTQ stands for “queer,” aka “paraphilia,” a condition described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) covering about 500 sexual perversions, including necrophilia, bestiality and even “minor attracted persons” (pedophilia).

And because this federal bill removes gender from the gender-based relationship of marriage, it undermines gender and opens the door to yet more policies that pave the way for child mutilation via “transgender” surgeries—all because some members of Congress naively think gender does not matter.

HR 8404’s so-called “religious freedom” provision ONLY protects a narrow category of nonprofit organizations “whose principal purpose is the study, practice, or advancement of religion.” ONLY this small group will have any protection for their religious freedom. The Senate rejected three good religious liberty amendments offered by Sens. Lee, Lankford and Rubio. The reason: LGBTQ lobby groups like the Human Rights Campaign detest religious accommodations.

The bill also directs the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate anyone else who dares to speak out against these travesties. It also specifically recommends private lawsuits designed to bankrupt Christian individuals who refuse to bow to the LGBTQ agenda.

Religious freedom was NEVER meant to be reserved only for those who work in a church. Religious freedom is for EVERYONE.

We cannot allow Congress to further pervert marriage laws, harm children and revoke our precious religious liberty.

Please, there is no time to waste. The vote could happen at any moment today. Send your fax NOW.

Targeting people of faith to silence them is part of the LGBTQ political agenda. We continue to defend former Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, who was specifically targeted because of her Christian faith and support of natural marriage between a man and a woman.

Liberty Counsel also submitted a powerful religious freedom amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in the “303 Creative” case, which was argued at the High Court yesterday. HR 8404 will provide no protection for creative artists like the website designer in that case.

We continue to defend every American against unlawful attempts to steal their religious liberty. Liberty Counsel won all four of the U.S. Supreme Court cases we argued, briefed or covered in the Court’s recent term—including our 9-0 win in the Christian flag case against the City of Boston.

Only YOUR support makes this possible! Please, help us defend religious freedom and have YOUR IMPACT DOUBLED by the year-end Challenge Grant.

All donations received by midnight, December 31, in your time zone, will be DOUBLED IN IMPACT. Please, give generously today.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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