Shadow Gate, the documentary of the 2020 Coup Attempt

Original Part1. Alternate site. We only thought we knew what Fake News is. As Paul Harvey would say: Now, “the rest of the story.” Social Media Psychological Warfare. Also see 8/14/22: Millennial Millie Weaver & Husband Arrested Just Ahead Of Shadow Gate Documentary Release (Video) UPDATED
Millie Weaver, Aug 20, 2020

First, here is a two-minute teaser:

The tactical and operational roll the Shadow Government played behind the scenes carrying out the coup against President Trump.

Two whistleblowers, Tore and Patrick Bergy, who both worked extensively within the Shadow Government as contractors have come forward with revelations that may be part of the biggest whistleblowing event to date.

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This documentary is about real players behind the scenes who’s names never come up but should. According to these two whistleblowers, a small group of government contractors were hired by government officials to frame the Trump campaign, set him up for the “Russia Collusion” investigation, provided witnesses for the impeachment hearings, and provide administrative support services to the Department of Justice during the Mueller Investigation.

They also allege that this same group of contractors are behind the fake news in mainstream media, influence operations on social media, and the civil unrest nation wide pushing the defund the police movement.

These contractors have used their connections, power and influence to create an unprecedented international criminal enterprise where blackmail is traded and people’s personal data is gold.

Since the release of this documentary, several of the government contracting companies mentioned have been removing pages from their websites.



Jones Group International:

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Shadow Gate 2.0 – Full Movie

Original Part2. Alternate site.
Millie Weaver, Oct 14, 2020

The Fake News Industrial Complex

Full Documentary Below:

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The first installment of Shadow Gate demonstrated that the shadow government consists of government contractors; defense, intelligence, security, and so on.

When the first trailer was aired, a little known Anonymizer project called ION 2 was scrapped.

On the day Shadow Gate had an early release, a well planned targeted smear campaign by media outlets and social media influencers was launched to distract away from the subtle panic the military industrial complex was going through in the background.

The websites of Dynology, Jones Group International, and ClearForce we’re removed, modified, and changed in what appears to be a cover-up.

But why? What was so dangerous about Shadow Gate and our whistleblowers that the documentary created such a knee-jerk reaction? That is the subject of this documentary.

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